Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Tracks] Soothing Sunday

A trail of destruction, a pounding headache and a sickening smell of last nights kebab topped by a sweet feeling success and regret.  Its fair to say you didn't waste the weekend although you spent it wasted however what to do with your sunday night? Well you could lead by example, buy another bottle of poison and front the pussaaay patrol! Although I've seen a sunday line up and ain't pretty... or you could make some munch, a cup of tea and download these head soothing miracles they call music. And trust me... I will be gentle.

 Got to love a bit Siriusmo, just stumbled back across this one tonight.

  Blaue Sonne by Siriusmo

I love this song, the original was amazing and this edit just reminds me of christmas last year. Its a tricky tune to remix because you don't want to spoil the feeling but this one just gives it that soft touch and no more.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) [DL LINK IN COMMENTS] by Das Kapital

Glasgow Producer Koreless is someone Iv recently discovered and Feedback Junkie below also both killing it with some awesome kick back tunage.

Jacques Greene - The Look (Koreless Remix) by Koreless

Stranger (vocal version) by Feedback Junkie

And especially for this post I've uploaded a remix I've kept to myself for a while, this song is one of my favorites of all time and I had to make an attempt at an edit so don't say I aint good to you. You can only download it from here. Its rare that I make tracks like these because of the DJ'ing and incorporating my music into my sets but a friend told me I should get back into making some experimental stuff and so don't be a dingbat if I come across all 'Free Tibet' on yous in the next we while.

Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyns Bittersweet vs Mackz's Festival Morning Mix) 

I thought to finish we could all use a bear hug.

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