Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Event] Justice Never Sleeps @ Cake TONIGHT!

Its on people! Tonight is our first club night at Cake with an awesome line up its sure to be a great night. Spread over two rooms there will be Electro, Techno and House and don't forget shit loads of alcohol! The line up is as follows - 

Main Room:

TURN IT UP DJ'S                          10-12
CONNOR BYRNE                        12-00:50
MARK MACKENZIE                   00:50-1:40

Room 2:

LIAM MACLEOD                         10-11
ALOTTARHYTHMMAN              11-1
ALAN GRANT                              1-FINISH

Tickets are £5 unless you get in before 11 which will get you in half price. So make sure your in early so you can get yourself some jager bombs and get even more fucked up! We'l be there all night hopefully and I'm going to be DJing so come and say hello if you want! May also be doing another video for this one, so put on your nicest shirt and remember to trim your mono!

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