Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Watch] The JNS Live Flat Session

Wowzers Friday night got mad. For any of you who don't know Friday night was our Live Rockness Ticket draw here in Glasgow streaming across the world to those who entered and to some who just wanted to hear some Friday night beats. With no set times and no sight of our residents from Inverness until the back of 9pm we jumped into what would be a long night of partying, loud music and badly spoken Invernessian presenters... mainly myself.

Video streaming by Ustream

Anyone who tuned in early (10pm) were treated to some tasty music from our man Retrend with some midly drunken banter from our 'fake DJ' Nathan (3 minutes into Video 1). Connor Byrne soon kicked up the CD'Js and the numbers started to arrive. Soon the room filled with empty cups refilling and amongst them we're confused Glaswegians. As the draw got closer we realised we were not as prepared as we thought, so myself and Boomshank took to cutting out the 500 plus names entered for the ticket with the help of my girlfriend who wasn't amused at the gig that was now going on in my bedroom. Glasgwegians became more confused when they arrived at the party to find what looked like an Arts and Crafts class in the kitchen as we snipped our way through the likes.
We then added to our list of DJ's for the night as Sub Rosa's John Lees (Esbjerg) made an appearance along with Sonar FM's Reckon and Feedback Junkie, if that wasn't enough we still had sets to come from Polymath, Boomshank Redemption and sadly myself.

The names now cut up and thrown into an empty Becks crate (classy we know) we moved onto the draw and a lucky man named Gareth Wilson was the winner of our Rockness Ticket. Gareth, if your reading this you need to reply to us with your address so we can send this bad boy over to you.

After 10 minutes of chaos and random equipment changes we resumed our live DJ sets starting with myself (Mackz/Mark Mackenzie). A short set at just four songs because I had to keep control of what was now a full party in my flat which consisted of stopping someone from peeing on my cupboard. Taking over was an obviously drunk Boomshank Redemption, looking back over the footage at his dance moves was a highlight.

We then had Feedback Junkie and Reckon back to back, with Polymath and Esbjerg also taking turns on the decks to finish.

Video streaming by Ustream

So we'd like to thank everyone who tuned in at home, we weren't expecting much because it was a late friday night but the numbers were great. Those who enjoyed will be glad to know we will be running more live streams in the future, the big prizes might have to wait.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Event] Boomshank Redemption vs Alan Grant

Alan Grant
Boomshank Redemption vs Alan Grant
Saturday 26th of May
Sammi's Bar, Inverness
10pm - 1am
Free Entry

This weekend get down to Sammi's for a royal rumble between Alan Grant and  Boomshank Redemption! The guys will be squaring up and playing back to back with house, techno and electro as the weapons of choice. Look out for Boomshank's special lunge grapple moves.

The whole gig is absolutely free too which we think is rather splendid. Also, Sammis are doing Jager bombs for £1.95 and shots for £1.50, so we can all expect a few knock outs I'm sure.

It looks set to be a roasting hot weekend and things may get a bit steamy, so for dress code on the night we recommend minimal amounts of clothing. Perhaps go for the look Alan Grant is sporting above.

Check out some of the mixes and tracks from the guys below.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Track/video] Gtronic - Sergent Bass

Have a swatch at the brand new video for Gtronic's Sergent Bass which was released on Dim Mak Records earlier this month. A real backs to the wall, balls out track that makes you want to steal a tank and go on some sort of amphetamine fuelled rampage on a trout fishery.

We like it. We like it a lot.

Buy the EP on Beatport which is a very strong release with the huge tracks March of Evil and Bubba adding some nice backup beef.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Pictures] Get With It @Nova

Pictures from the last Get With It night at Nova Inverness. Great sets from Abraham Thunderwolf, Boomshank Redemption, Polymath and special guests Count Clockwork had the place jumping all night. The new sound system was also a MASSIVE boost so kudos to Nova for getting it all rigged up sweetly for us! Many thanks once again to Justa Pliuskeviciute for the brilliant pictures.

You can catch the next Get With It on Saturday the 25th of August, with a very exciting guest that will be announced soon!

Abraham Thunderwolf
Boomshank Redemption & Polymath


Abraham Thunderwolf
Boomshank Redemption

Boomshank Redemption

Count Clockwork and some nice fist pump action

the stripper we ordered was a bit of a disappointment

Picture of Boomshank Redemption. I used my skills to edit in a cat. I like cats.

Polymath getting sweaty with a 180 bpm Schranz set

Count Clockwork in full swing

Boomshank Redemption

Count Clockwork


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Mix] Justice Never Sleeps Mix #2 Connor Byrne

Continuing our new feature - the official Justice Never Sleeps monthly mix, we have our man Connor Byrne with an absolute belter of a house mix!

P.S anyone know what track number 4 is?

Track Listing:

  1. 1:Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Remix)
  3. 2:Filthy Rich - Revival (club mix)
  5. 3:Daniel Steinberg - Cry All Night (original mix)
  7. 4:Unknown (some cd that ended up in my cd wallet by accident!)
  9. 5:Format B - Country Girl (original mix)
  11. 6:Tiger Stripes - I Found You (Keller Kind Remix)
  13. 7:Paul Ritch - Common Sense (original mix)
  15. 8:DJ DLG - Funkstar (original mix)
  17. 9:David Amo & Julio Navas - La Mosca (original mix)
  19. 10:Jerome Robins, Mc Flipside & Dj PP - Dirty Beats (Jaceo Remix)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Event] Simian Mobile Disco @ Ironworks

Almost everyone has heard of Simian Mobile Disco, unless your deaf or unconscious then you have no excuse, in fact even if your unconscious theres probably a little voice in your head doing it's best low tone impression of 'audacity of HUUGE!'. SMD (as there more easily pronounced) is made up of two funny looking chaps called Jas Shaw and James Ford, members of the band 'Simian' best known for creating the infectious 'Never Be Alone' more popularly known as 'We Are Your Friends' which if you haven't lost a lung singing it drunk with your mates before, then your probably doing it wrong.

Jas (right) rustling James's Jimmies
So how do I describe their sound? Well as far as having a hard on for analogue equipment goes these guys have sploodged their load into some mind tingling tracks at the cost of a banjo string or two (not referring to the musical instrument).

 'But enough cock innuendos Mark, where can I see them and what can I expect?'

Well where else but Ironworks, starts at 10:30pm ends 3:00am and at £15 + booking price a ticket you'd be mad not to buy one! Seriously, everyone I have spoke to that has seen them before says they were amazing and anyone that hasn't says they're going. If thats not enough check them out on the cover of Mixmag this month!

SMD looking terrifyingly sexy!

To add to night 'The L.E.D' and 'Them & Us' both play support slots completing a line up fully made of happy production couples, no 'promance' jokes please. You can check out the L.E.D here and check out my production duo Them & Us here.

[Cool Story] When I told my mum I was in the line up to support these legends she came out with 'but I thought you said you don't call them discos anymore?' bless you mum.

I leave you with something huge and something new. See you all there!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Event] Get With it @Nova With Guests Count Clockwork

Get With It @Nova with Count Clockwork
entry free before 11pm, £3 after
Shots from £1!

Get With It, the famous bi-monthly night that was run at the now closed Cake, springs back to life this weekend at Nova Inverness. Elbodrop, Ado and Clouds are just some of the names to have guested at the nights in the past, and this time we have the exciting electronic duo Count Clockwork coming up to play alongside residents Polymath, Abraham Thunderwolf and myself, Boomshank Redemption.

It's been way too long since the last Get With It and like with most nights in the city, the closing of Cake left a goastse sized gap (DO NOT google that if you don't already know what that is) in the Inverness scene. Luckily a new venue (Nova) has opened and filled that hole in a 1 man 1 jar manner (DO NOT look that up either by the way).

Styles to expect from the lads will vary from house to crazy techno vibes. Abraham Thunderwolf will be opening from 10-11.30 with his choice selection of housey techno delight, be sure to take advantage of the free entry before 11 to catch this man in full flow pumping out some sweet tunes. Next will be the Boomshank Redemption from 1130-1.00 who will be playing some tech-house and gradually working up to some hard hitting bangers equivalent to an arrangement of fuck that has been beatmatched and served with a slab of techno beef. then our special guests Count Clockwork will take command from 1.00-2.00 with their unique electronic sound combined with cutting edge electro that's sure to get the place bouncing from wall to wall. Then from 2.00-3.00, Polymath has just informed me that he is planning a slight change from his usual pace; a 150bpm and above techno/schranz set, so buckle you facebelts and brace for impact chaps!

Check out Count Clockworks stuff here:

Polymath's tapps aff bangers:
Thunderwolf's jazz groves:Boomshank Redemption's power technos:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

[Competition] Rockness Ticket Give Away!

Rockness is just around the corner and Justice Never Sleeps blog is giving you the chance to win a ticket to see the likes of Justice, Deadmau5, Gesaffelstien, Annie Mac and much more!

To win, all you have to do is simply like the Justice Never Sleeps facebook page and that's it, you will be automatically entered into our prize draw on May the 25th! Already liked the page? Then don't worry, you will be automatically entered!

The draw itself will be streamed live on ustream from a sweaty party in Glasgow, we will be playing live and will have girls in bikinis drawing the lucky winner. We will keep you all updated with links to the stream via our facebook page and the blog itself.

Good luck everyone!
facebook page
Justice Never Sleeps blog
Rockness Official page