Thursday, January 17, 2013

[Free House Music] So Standard

Just discovered this guy on Soundcloud, the name's about a few months old and he only has around 16 followers. I'm surprised the name hasn't blown up already. Anyway So Standard has that feel good UK Bass House vibes going on and every song of his available for free download so grab it now!

So Standard

Monday, January 14, 2013

JNS Live Electronic Night @ The Eagle

Continuing on with our New Years resolution (''doing something new'') we thought a wee change up was in order. As many of you who read the blog will know we regularly run club nights at our favourite nightclub Karma Lounge, and I'd like to make clear that we are still doing that! However this February we're switching it up with our very own LIVE electronic night at ones of the cities newest music venues.

So here's the deal - NO DJ'S will be playing, we will be having a strict no deck policy on this night. This is strictly live electronic music right down to the residents and for your entertainment we want to make things exciting by making sure each of the acts involved gives you as unique experience as possible. No set the same.

Being a local I know many of you electronic music fans won't have been to many nights upstairs at The Eagle yet. If you haven't been its a very small venue (cosy might be the word), good sound system and decent priced drinks.

This being the first out of potentially many more live nights that we'll choose to host we wanted to bring you thee best live acts from the Highlands. So we proudly present the following four acts -


It's very rare We See Aliens venture onto the stage to perform nowadays. The duo well known for their live setup are looking to get on the go again. By far the most intricate live setup I have seen in the flesh with the only thing stopping you from moving your feet would be the urge to stare in awe as the music unfolds and develops in front of you. This is because there is no softsynths involved in a Wee See Aliens set, only hardware. ''All the drums sounds used in the live set are hits from my own collection of analogue drum machines' says Robbie Dunsmore, one half of the Inverness duo.

Although rare appearances are made they know how to pick them, supporting the likes of Fake Blood, Erol Alkan, SLAM, Tom Middleton, Altern 8 and The Japanese Popstars they haven't been messing about.


As part of the late 'Count Clockwork' (They're not dead, just separated) , Louis as he is known to his friends has continued producing under the re born alias Lucky Cub. In his short time under the fur he's already gained the support of Radio 1 DJ Ally McCrae - a play which had me personally letting Louis know at 1am in the morning that his tune 'Zee' was receiving radio 1 air time to his delighted shock - also heavy backing from John Roman and love from names like Etnik, Modek and Dem Slackers has made the Cub a household name and someone to keep an eye on for the future. This will be Lucky Cubs debut performance so definitely not one to be missed!

Lucky Cub on Soundcloud


A man who likes to use his humorous whit to invert facewear such as shades, John Lees a.k.a Esbjerg is the newest addition to the Justice Never Sleeps family of residents having joined our last line up supporting Ado at Karma Lounge. Esbjerg however is not just any resident DJ, having already played the likes of Sub Club, 520, Buff Club and supporting Polymath, Clouds and Funk D'Void john has been churning out some of the best techno tunes of late and his new developing live set is something to keep a close eye on. Again we got ourselves a fresh one as this is Esbjergs debut 'live' performance.

Esbjerg on Soundcloud


A side project from the Highlands, this new alias remains scarce with its background story although recently uncovered in the Highland News it's known to be one half of electro duo 'Them & Us' (And incredibly handsome I hear). However those who believe this to remotely be within the same genre are completely wrong - instead DBP takes a completely new approach at electronic vibes - laid back and without much care to the laws of conventional musical construction. Still in it's early days there is still much to come from the contaminated party go-er. Having debuted his live set at Hootananny's Digital Love night DBP is building pace, slowly.

Dounreay Beach Party on Soundcloud

So there you have it. If that hasn't sold it to you then maybe your just a nazi or boring ass fartface.

Further details regarding ticket pricing, time of entry and closing will be released closer to the time.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Justice Never Sleeps LIVE on Soundclash Sessions

Well now that's the busiest time of year over we begin a new one fresh. We like fresh starts, mostly because we haven't got the attention span to finish something we started.
Part of our new years resolution is to do something different. The term 'different' loosely used to describe a change from writing and clubbing to live performances, not 'different' as in we'll be selling meth to kids (addicted to Breaking Bad right now, seriously if you haven't seen it start now!). More on this will be revealed next week when we let you all know about our newest event. However next Friday (18th Jan) we'll be stealing the show at Karma for the Soundclash Sessions as part of the Underground Music Project. If your not familiar with the sessions then find a smaller rock to live under because your missing important shit. It's a live stream from the Karma Lounge in Inverness with a selection of varying DJ's playing lengthy sets from techno, house to hip hop. Each week the line up is changed and someone else takes the hosting position. Next Friday Justice Never Sleeps will take over with sets from residents Boomshank Redemption, Retrend and Mark Mackenzie.

If you need an example of how the show works they now have recordings of the shows on YouTube to watch back whenever. (Cameras start about 2 minutes in)

So make sure you have that down in your little diary. Whether your warming up for drinks or spending your friday night indoors tune in. If not Karma Lounge is open all night for drinks, chat and music.

Soundclash Sessions Facebook
Soundclash Sessions Twitter
Underground Project Live Stream Link