Sunday, April 29, 2012

[MIX] Retrend Rock Ness Comp entry

Here's my effort at getting a free ticket into Rock Ness this year. It's a bunch of old UK garage. And while we are it it, here's is the soundcloud page with all the submitted entries in.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Track] Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love

Just found this whilst derping about on the ol' youtube.

Nothing new here, track is about a year old but just thought I would share it's awesomeness. This is a delightful chilled out track from Danny Daze, house music at it's absolute best.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[NEW] Deadmau5 - Fn Pig

Remember 'Get In The Cart Pig'. Deadmau5 finally finished it. And its even better!
Starts like the first edit with some of the most heavenly sounds you'l ever hear and moves into a kind of commercial lead yet still keeping that deep melodic feel to track. Then it kicks in with some funky mau5 style electro. I was starting to loose interest in Mr Zimmerman but this saved it!

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice #10

Picture from

Holy wowzers! Did you know the last time I did a 'Serving Up Some Justice' post was in December!? Anywhore, I'l make it up to you all with this one. And here we are, the tenth feature, we should like cut up some cake and celebrate or something, or we could all just pretend we care like when someone tells you the dream they had last night. I mean that's right up there with 'other peoples babies' on my list of giving zero fucks. Other things on the list include other peoples colds and 'What... thinks I do' personal memes (Seriously the array of fucktards that I have witnessed posting those need to take a good look at themselves and consider castration).

'So what I have I been liking recently?' I hear you say. Well keen reader, I'v thrown together the usual compilation of bangers to hangers below for you to cruise through. Theres some chilled out treasures in this one as well so don't fap to loudly, or at least lay off the brazilian fart porn until you've listened to them all.

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh / DisoTecch Remix)

I've never caught on to Radiohead since I've never really felt the need to slash my wrists but jesus this is by far my favourite tune of the year so far! It was like a gift from God, I was in one of the worst moods ever then I was looking through some old notes on my phone. One of them was the title of this song. A quick youtube search later and I was floating. Put down the smack, this just came top of the hit list!

Gregori Klosman - Low Battery (Betatraxx Edit)

Was rating the original but this one seagulls all over it (Look that one up), good job!

Cool Kids - I'm Mikey

Straight off killer lyrics and simple addictive beats. These guys have more coolness than light up trainers. Got to say thanks to Polymath for this find!

Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah (Sinden Remix)

Love this, it takes just enough from the original and makes it a mover! Definitely one for the DJ set, would recommend a cheeky mix alongside Mr Spock!

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (RAC Mix)

We all know the original it enticing to say the least, well RAC turn this into a bad ass walking tune. Just... nice.

Grouplove - Tounge Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

'TAKE ME TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS HOUSE!' Burst many an eardrum this week by singing it full blast into unsuspecting friends lugs. Catches on quicker than herpes this one.

Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Hit The Club Re Edit)

Skipping beats, horns and low pitch vocal cuts.. just another banger from bailey except with a twist this time.

Foreigner - Cold as Ice (A.Skillz & Nick Thayer Bootleg)

When someone like these guys remix a classic like this I just pee a little with excitement.

Diplo - Get Free (feat Amber of Dirty Projectors)

Put this on full in your headphones and forget whats shit about life. Amazing track.

Gigamesh - When You're Dancing (RAC Remix)

Reminds me a lot of Scissor Sisters except less gay. Maybe a little nipple rub or something.

So that's just a taster of what Iv'e been listening to recently. I got a whole load of others that I'm holding back for JNS mix soon. Going to go all experimental in this one, maybe add some whale sounds and filter effects through a shoe, who knows! Thanks for reading and remember if you like any of the songs above make sure you purchase them for full quality!

May the force be with you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Event] Safehouse @Nova

Safehouse @Nova
Saturday 28th of April
£3 entry
10pm - 3am

Another Saturday and another great gig for Nova. This time it's the turn of local legends Safehouse to take command at the decks. Guesting on the night will be Double Barrel Darrell and Mike Fraser. Also worth noting (probably for your own safety) is that it's my birthday and I will be getting suitably FUCKED UP for this one! If you see me, you better buy me a drink!

Safehouse is a night run by djs Dave El and Ellis Dj who have been running the event from back in the glory days of Cake nightclub, Motion and Rags. They play mainly techno, but they have also been known to play other genres such as reggae/funk, with the odd curve ball thrown in here and there for good measure (anyone that has been to any of our nights will know that we LOVE a curve ball here at JNS!)

Line up will be Double Barrel Darrell from 10-11 playing a techno set, then Mike Fraser from 11-12 who will be playing a deep tech/acid house set. Safehouse will then be taking over for the rest of the night with techno and curve balls as previously mentioned!

Drink prices for the night will be carlsberg bottles @ £2.50 and sex on the beach/white russians @£3.00

 To see what you can expect from the guys, you can check out this mix from Dave El and also see them play a "new skool vs old skool "warm up set at Play nightclub this Friday.

Facebook event page HERE

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[FREE 320] Hussle Club - Night Society (PLS DNT STP Remix)

Free download of this dubstep banger from Designer Drugs dubstep project pls dnt stp. I'd like to see someone do a dubstep side project called one mre chn.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

[Pictures] Justice Never Sleeps @Nova

TECHNO FOR DINNER, OM NOM NOM!!! Mackz snacking on a tasty beat.
Well what a splendid evening that was, and an incredible start to our brand new night at Nova, Inverness!

Massive thanks to everyone who came along, drank the bar dry and grinded out sexy dances with our inflatable animals. Special thanks to Justa Pliuškevičiūtė for being our photographer on the night and to the awesome Polymath, our guest dj.

We will be back soon with another night soon which will be even brilliant-er, so stay tuned for dates!

Our special guest Polymath
Boomshank Redemption, crocodile biting his ankles

blurry memories
Mackz, with a transparent arm. Not many fucks were given on this night!
Polymath emitting high spectrum super sonic bass waves. 12 people got face cancer after the gig.
Boomshank Redemption and his lucky sex sheep
You got any Madonna mate?
yes, yes I do.
Polymath and Mackz
Sexy sax man
Drink needs topped up!
Retrend and his dirty chat up lines, such a sleeze ball
see y'all soon folkers

[Event] Audio Abuse @Nova

Audio Abuse @Nova
Saturday 21st of April
Entry £2

This Saturday marks the first night of Audio Abuse at Nova, Inverness, a night run by local djs Data-Pak and Drkneo. Expect a journey through varying styles from garage to electro, from dubstep to house and more.

Our very own Retrend from Justice Never Sleeps will be kicking off the night with a chilled and relaxed garage set to loosen up the crowd. Then Darren Morrison will be taking over from 10-11 with some electro before the Audio Abuse boys come in from 11-12, kicking up the pace with some techno and electro. Drkneo and Data-Pak will then play 1 hour sets each, playing dirty dutch and dub-step respectively. To round off the night, local legend Alottarhythm will come in and play some house, with what I'm sure will be a brilliant set as always!

This looks to be yet another meaty bass filled treat from the venue Nova who have had a great start to the Underground project they run, with previous nights Turbulence, Ruckus, Resurrection and of course, Justice Never Sleeps being a huge success. It's great to see someone doing something positive and daring to be different, and its even better to see it paying off for them.

Justice Never Sleeps at Nova last weekend. Blurry Memories

So be sure to get along on Saturday, it's only £2 entry plus various drinks promos with shots from only £1!

Check out this mix from the Audio Abuse boys!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Video] 48 Minutes of Itchy and Scratchy

They fight, and bite
They fight and fight and bite
Fight fight fight, bite bite bite...
The Itchy and Scratchy Show!

I was watching The Simpsons the other night when I suddenly thought "Gee wouldn't it be swell if someone somewhere had compiled ALL of the Itchy and Scratchy episodes EVER, into one video?" A few clicks through the magical interwebz and I was in mindless violence heaven. Enjoy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

[Track + Download] Disclosure - Tenderly (Kidnap Kid Remix)

This is the Kidnap Kid remix of the brilliant track Tenderly by Disclosure. I stumbled across this the other night and I've been listening to it SOLID ever since, never mind watching this video and drooling all over my laptop like a brain damaged sloth with a hard on.

Even better-er, you can download this track for FREE from the Kidnap Kid Facebook page. Follow this link: clicky clicky and click like on the page, then you can download the track.

Don't miss the original either, which is such a beautiful track:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[Article] That's enough of 'Levels' already!

I'm going to tell a little story. A true story that I think sums up our musical culture today.
I was walking across Glasgow's city centre on my way to see my gorgeous 'blog reading aware' girlfriend last month who lives in the opposite part of Glasgow (the posh part). It was a Friday night. Off course it was, it wouldn't be a friday night if I wasn't spending it treading across town with my headphones in hating the world that I was unwillingly pushed into. So halfway there I'm walking down Sauchiehall Street, if you don't know Glasgow this is not the place to be sober on a weekend. I've got my headphones on full blast, a simple technique  adapted with a 'look the opposite way' stare that is bullet proof for fending off scroungers and loud drunks. 

Then, like a beautiful array of sunshine I hear this sound, and it makes me stop. I pull out out my plugs and turn around to search for it and on the other side of the road there is this busker. 

He had just started to strum on his guitar then he whales out 'No Woman No Cry' almost heavenly. I was immediately fixated with overwhelming feeling off happiness and warmth, his voice was as near as you can get to the Marley man, something which I have found to be almost impossible with buskers these days.

 In this small time that I was exposed to the pure heaven of hearing that song sung perfectly I had begun to think about the world I had been blessed with, I thought about loving music again, I even thought about handing over my useless change. Then like a terrible plane crash I was brought back to earth by the screeching of two 'drunk waste of space probably art students or working in Next to save up for what will be a pointless life in the depths of your sadness when you realise your degree was a waste of time and that your parents wish you never born' singing this: 'WHOOOOOAAA SOMETIMESSSS I GET THE FEEELING ARRRRRGH!!! DAH DAH DAH DA DA DA DA''.

If you can't tell, this was suicidal sound of a immature 18/19 year old girl with her camp boyfriend skipping arm in arm trying to screech their own rendition of the extremely overplayed Avicii's 'Levels'. 

The feeling of happiness I had shortly allowed into my head was now replaced with extreme hatred and an urge to murder both of these lightweight mindless creatures. Whats worse, the busker stopped put down his guitar and sat down as if to say whats the point. I pushed my headphones back into my ears harder than I ever have before and just carried on walking.

If you had been there you would have felt the loss in faith for this generation as much as I had.

What gets to me about nowadays is not the terrible music that makes its way into the charts, in fact when I first heard Levels I thought it was great, I played a couple of times then I moved on to finding something better. Whats gets to me is how long a song drags on these days! Levels believe it or not has been around since summer last year. I remember listening to it when I moved to Glasgow in August. So why is it still being talked about like its something that came along last week? Ok, 'No Women No Cry' has been around a lot longer but come on.

Whats more, the remixes are still coming in! Who are these people who still want to hear those four chords repeated over and over again with that one basic vocal line? WHO ARE YOU! Whoever you are stop it. There is a whole world out there available at your finger tips with songs about a million times better waiting to be played. 

Anyway, I heard this awesome new remix today. I think its really great and it has this really catchy line in it that makes me want to go out an stuff. I should post it about a million times on Facebook and sing it down others throats but I thought I would just humorously post it under my rant.

Download Avicii Levels (RebelRebel Remix)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Event + Interview] Filth @ Play, Inverness

Making my opinion clear to those who don't want to hear it is one of my favourite things to do, so it makes me sad to see how long it has been since I last made a post on here. But since then there has been a lot of change, a lot of posts and a lot of music. And for once I am actually happy. So happy that I'm not even writing on here to tell you how god awful the music scene is here (which I have never done but according to certain subjects I seem to have grown magical writing fingers that want to piss all over the reputation I have spent my entire teenage years building). Anyhoooo!

There is something happening this week. Something so revolutionary it has turned the word underground on it head. The once commercially obsessed Love2Love has opened its doors to something worth listening to!

Anyone who is anyone in the electronic scene here has heard of Filth, if you haven't your about to. Its a night ran by two well respected ladicals by the names of Ross Lyall and Andrew McGibbon. A night that has brought some of the biggest names in filthy house and electro to the Highlands and introduced the likes of myself, Boomshank, Alan Grant as well as many other locals to the scene. Their nights are pretty ancient as far as aging goes, Ross himself is turning eighty three next year (I kid!) but somehow they manage to withhold an untouched reputation for some of the best nights this place has ever seen, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

There latest night see's them convert the reputation of now renamed 'Play' nightclub. I was really keen to speak to the guys about their intentions for this, mainly because the recent club switches have been 'talk of the town'. So I frisbeed a few questions their way and like true sportsman they threw back some answers.

For those who have never been before could you sum up a night of Filth in a couple of words? 

Music and Friends

How did Filth come together? Was it ‘Love’ (had to get that one in there) at first sight?

We knew each other for years before we started Filth. We were both DJing regularly in Motion nightclub a few years back and were at a bit of a loss when it finally closed down. It was a spur of the moment decision to start a club night. If I remember right, I sent a text to Ross one day saying “we should start a night ourselves.” That was the first we had ever spoken about the idea. We had no venue and no name, but once we got that sorted things just grew from there... and it seems to have turned out pretty well so far!

So you have made the move from a large ‘box office capacity’ venue to a somewhat smaller sized club with what is known to be a very popular walk in crowd. Was this a hard decision?

Yes and no. We had a great few years in the Ironworks and have a lot to thank them (especially Steve) for. The sound and lighting guys there are excellent so you never have any worries with the equipment (and the soundsystem in there is amazing!). However, we felt it was time for a change as we missed playing in smaller venues where you are closer to the crowd. 
We have a feeling that Play might be a hidden gem when it comes to a club night. It’s designed as a nightclub so should suit a club night pretty well you would think! It has a good capacity, good sized dancefloor, accessible bars (with drinks promotions), DJ booth close to the crowd, etc. etc..
Have we made the right choice? We just do this for the love of it, so if we can play some tunes and enjoy ourselves while other like-minded people join us for the party, then it works for us!

For the opening night you have talented local DJ/Producer Alan Grant as guest DJ, will local DJ’s be a permanent feature for these nights at Play?

We’re really looking forward to having Alan DJ with us in Play. We have more of an opportunity now to do our own thing... so one of the first things we wanted to do was get more local DJs playing at our nights. So yes, you will see this happening more often!

Some huge names have played Filth before (Audio Bullys, Alex Metric, Erol Alkan, Jaymo & Andy George, Dave Spoon) should we expect to see names like these again?

It’s great to play alongside these big name guests that we’ve had (thanks to the Ironworks) at Filth in the past. We hope to do something like that again soon but at the moment we’re concentrating on doing some of the nights we always set out to do back at the start. Keep the costs down so the door price is cheap and play the music the crowds love to hear.
Of course it’s nice to have something big now and again and that’s something that we have been talking about. A few ideas are being thrown about but it’s early days yet! 

You have said on your flyers ‘expect electro house and techno all night long’. Does that mean you won’t be taking any requests for some Jason Derulo or Rhianna?

If someone asks for a tune at the right time that would work into the set we are playing, then you never know. There might be a bit of a wait to hear an opportunity to mix it up wth a bit of Justin Bieber though!

With the closure of Cake late last year and this new open ‘underground’ attitude within the commercial clubs, do you think the Inverness electronic dance scene has moved forward?

I think it’s always moving forward. Venues come and go as do club nights but when one disappears or takes a break from the scene there always seems to be something or someone else to take the place. 
What is really good to see now is the amount of success we are seeing from local producers. Lots of Radio airplay, gigs and support from the big names. Polymath, Them and Us, Count clockwork and The LED to name but a few! That is definitely a forward step!

So does this mean you and Andrew will be drinking Blue Wkd’s from now on? Maybe get a spray tan and post more hash tags? 

Blue WKD? Unlikely... Spray Tanned? Maybe after a couple of Blue WKDs... #theonlywayisfilth

What’s ahead for Filth this year, any festivals or more club nights?

We’re delighted to be back at Rockness again this year! We’re playing on the Sunday night but don’t have much more info on that yet. 
Club nights? Watch this space! We don’t have a masterplan at the moment but after an amazing Filth night at the Picture House in Dingwall a couple of weeks ago, we’ll definitely be back there. We may be venturing outside Inverness elsewhere too if we can and if all goes well we’ll be allowed back to “Play” too!

So there you have the wise words of the Filth lads! If your in Inverness this friday make sure you go, and anyone from too far north do not be disapointage! We have our JNS night in Thurso this Friday where we will be bringing the filthiness also. Have a good one folks!

[Event] Justice Never Sleeps @Nova


Justice Never Sleeps @Nova
Saturday 14th of April
Entry £2

Get down to Nova on Saturday the 14th of April for all some house//tech-house//techno/
/electro from the boys at Justice Never Sleeps blog + special guest Polymath.

Some really great bar promos for the night to be annouced shortly and we will post them here as soon as we know.

Playing on the night will be:

Mark Mackenzie
Boomshank Redemption
Connor Byrne

This forms part of the new and exciting Nova Underground Project, the event run by Nova that will present all the best, both experienced and fresh DJ/Producer talents from the city. New speakers have been fitted, and the place is now sounding like a proper club with chest thumping bass.

So invite everyone you know and lets make this a venue that really works for the DJ/Producer scene in the city!

Facebook Event Page: Here

Nova Underground: Here

Nova: Here

Monday, April 2, 2012

[Track] Boomshank Redemption - Tundra

New minimal/techno production from The Boomshank Redemption, available for free download!