Monday, September 12, 2011

[Photos] Justice Never Sleeps @ Cake

Things didn't look to great. Ten minutes before curfew we weren't seeing the numbers we needed, all the regulars were at 'the rave' and the usual suspects had made there way to there usual choice of club. We had a last ditch attempt with some flyering, the reaction I got from some people was as if I had just taken a massive curling shit in there boots! One person told me to ''f**k off unless you play Afrojack all night'' and another one tried to make a terrible attempt at knocking the flyers out my hand while screaming 'NO!' like I had offered him a dead dog. Saying that there was a lot of nice people too... and one intimidating homosexual man who wouldn't take the 'stranger danger' scream as a hint that maybe his hands were a little too near to someones crotch.

But then like a miracle from the man himself people turned up !!! ... or maybe its just logical that people always turn up minutes before curfew.

Im not just saying this because its Justice Never Sleeps. It was an awesome night! The people that showed up just owned the place and everyone had a brilliant time. It helped that we all get thrashed and danced half naked but the decision to bring all the DJ's on downstairs was a good one.

I would like to say thanks to Cake, to the DJ's (Liam Macleod, Alottarhythman, Alan Grant, Ross Calder, Kyle and Greame from Turn It Up) and a special thanks to Ashley Payne (Boomshank) for doing most of the work in organising the other night!  Also thanks to Margret from Highland News and Jamie from the Inverness Courier for some great write ups in the run up to Saturday night. Our man Euan played responsible long enough to get some brilliant photos of everyone and so you can find them all here on Facebook if you wish to tag yourself or you can have a wee swatch off them here!

Keep an eye on the blog now for more nights which we are currently organising!

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