Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Release!] Sonny Marvello!

Hey Guys! Long time no see I know! but I have only recently got internet and I've been turning necks and bouncing checks since my move to G-town, so its all been a bit balls to walls of late! but this post has certainly been worth the wait!

Our Friends at Ignite Records are delighted to announce "Sonny Marvello's" d├ębut Music video for their song "Tiny Little Sparks"! Having just been released tonight! you'll be some of the first people to check the video out! for fans of "The Beatles" or "The Blur" you'll love them! Also Its worth mentioning that Ignite Records are hosting a jizztastic Gig in Inverness on the 7th of October at Hootanny's! with Sonny Marvelo, Cities and Skylines and Stations! so come along folks because its going to be a mad one!

For a link to the video follow this link here

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