Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Coming Soon] Feedback Junkie 'Evil Logan' EP


Feedback Junkie a.k.a Thomas Livingston is someone I met down here in G-Town. From the first song I listened to on his soundcloud I knew his production style was something I was going to like, its different but not in that ''emmmm it different sort of way.'' but different in the sense that every song has something unique and exciting to listen too, his synth work is flawless and an obvious attention to detail in his drums and effects has resulted in an overall very satisfying listen. So last night he told me he has been working on a new EP that he is hoping to release sometime soon and I was very anxious to get a snippet of it so he has kindly made this 30 second sample for JNS that will set the pace for this new release. We'l keep yous up to date with the release as soon as we know.

Also I recommend checking out the tunes he already has on his SoundCloud because some of them are pretty awesome plus there is a few freebies in there!

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