Saturday, September 3, 2011

[Scottish Rap] Scotland Stand Up Vol 4

Scotland Standup Mixtape 4 Cover Art

Your Scottish, worse, your from the Highlands where a four floor building is considered a sky scraper and church obsessed oldies run the high street stricter than any blood or crip and to top it of you can't even say butter properly... so this means you'l never be a rapper right? wrong! Scottish Rap has to be one of most sketchiest of genres around. I know for a fact that anyone who presses play on a Youtube video made by a Scottish rap artist is cringing before the loading line even makes an appearance. However, every so often you get someone who raises the bar. The problem is that there is not enough market and exposure for these people yet, which is real ashame considering most of the good rappers spend years perfecting there lyrics and flow and have a real pride in what they do to then be shot down by some ignorant arsehole who doesn't know his Big L from his Lil Wayne. Thats why I have great respect for sites like . If you love rap the truth is you'l always be happy if your getting some substanstial feedback on your tracks, but many give up hope on the dream of becoming famous. Now not to put anyones hopes up to far, this could all change very soon. Years back I can remember people slagging London grime off something rotten and the UK rap scene was in termoil. Then the US threw us some favours when all they could come up with were some commercial born ghetto faking trainer and gold wearing excuse for rappers who only rapped when Gaga was done her second chorus. It was like some poorly executed tribute to Biggie where they forgot the lyrics and natural swag. And so when London Grime became commercial we saw the likes of Wiley with Roll Deep, Tinchy Styrder and Tinie Tempah hitting the top 40. When people got bored of there brag injected US inflicted pop music, people started looking north for the answer and so acts like Kid British and Rizzle Kick started rolling in Youtube gold. My point is, if Scottish rappers play there cards right and start working towards attracting a larger audience you may get the success further down the road because this scene is constantly moving and looking for new things. But when it comes along you better make sure your ready because in good old Scottish style they'l take what they need and leave us with nothing before you can even say contract.

Back to what I actually intended on writing in this post! A mate of mine who I've done some recording work with has managed to get himself featured on the Mixtape formentioned above with his track Evident recorded with KD. Paul Scott is from Inverness and has been recording raps for years now. Its a great achievement for someone from this far north to get on this and hes not the only one from Inveness to do it. Sherbit Mgoff and Brude also feature on the Mixtape. So follow the link and download the whole album for free or just the guys tracks, its up to you.


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