Sunday, July 31, 2011

[Mix] #002 Clyde Rouge Mix

Left this months mix very late... infact till the last day of the month! Don't panic though, Clyde Rouge has saved the month with his 'Sinead Does The Decks' mix. This 2 hour long mix moves from House to Tech to Progressive Trance, all very sly and nicely done. Clyde Rouge is one of the The Turn It Up DJ's from Elgin who regularly hold their own nights around the Highlands. So kick back, turn up your speakers, play this mix and show some love by following him on Soundcloud!

  SinĂ©ad Does The Decks by Clyde Rouge

Saturday, July 23, 2011

[Music Video] Push T ft Tyler, The Creator - Trouble On My Mind

The new music video for one of the best Rap tracks this year. You got to appreciate this type of rap, its been about 10 years since we heard some good shit from America! Theres something about Tyler, The Creator that makes his raps so addictive and his videos so watchable, got to say I laughed a lot watching this!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Justice All over your Face!

When it comes to electro music, they have SoundCloud which lets be honest.... is SHIT HOT!... with bands, we keep going to back that ole' nutshell..... Myspace, 3 Years ago they told us "Its going to be dead in 6 months", and guess what, still ain't dead. So I apologies in advance that the best I can give you are links to some awesome bands that I and hopefully you soon, can't live without!

Mutiny On the Bounty - this 4 piece hailing from Luxembourg are AWESOME! they describe themselves as "straight mathy, time-signature-laden indierock/post-hc combining organic angularity with a taste for captivating melodies" and they are just about start to recording their Second album, so its about time you check out their first album! with songs like "Call me Cheesus" and "1,2,3,4 I declare a thumb war" they've got awesome taste of titles!

Disco Ensemble - Another 4 piece form Finland make the shit craziest sounds with their Guitars, their songs ranging from Hardcore Rock to disco poppy choruses there's something there for everyone! They have one album out called "Magic Recoveries" and have announced some plans for a second but there's a ton of new songs and singles available right now! I reckon their on their way to becoming pritty big so don't forget, you heard it here first!

The Devil Sold His Soul - Feel like stamping on puppy's? or maybe or taking a baseball bat to your next-door neibours cat? Well I have just found you a Soundtrack! these are 6 angry men have made some powerful music! I can't get enough of it! From the South of England they have just released a Album and are touring extensively right now! Their sound is huge and epic!

This Town Needs Guns - A long time favourite of mine! Oxford based Quartet who I can happily say, Sound like nothing else I have ever heard! Nothing to angry hear it pretty laid back and chilled but I think the guitarist is possibly one of the most awesome musicians I have ever heard! and their album "Animals" has all if its tracks named after animals! Check out "Elk" you won't be disappointed!

There's four for you now! I'l get some more for you shortly! If you want your band on here, drop me a email!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[Event] 'Whorehouse' EP Launch (Sponsored by WeOwn) @Cake

This Friday will be carnage! Cake is the venue for what is sure to be one of the best parties of the year for electro duo Count Clockwork's new 'Whorehouse' EP launch. Joining the party is the fast growing WeOwn clothing label who are known for bringing some of the best dance acts in the world (Afrojack, Pete Tong, MightyFools..) to there packed out nights in Edinburgh! They will be sponsoring the event and bringing that WeOwn feel back up North with them. On top of that there is a great line up of support from Polymath, Planisfear & Esbjerg and Mark Mackenzie. If you do anything this weekend.. make it this! Its not to be missed.

Facebook Event Page

To help you get warmed up for it some background into the full line up for the night:

Count Clockwork are Louis Buick & Khalid Hussain. Their brash loud style of electro has been gaining them success in the area and has seen them playing some of the best local gigs this year. Suggesting you buy the EP (which you will) you can expect some pretty big bangers! Check out our interview with them here

  You've Got The Swag (Original Mix) by Count Clockwork

  Whorehouse (Original mix) by Count Clockwork

  Charlie (Un-mastered) by Count Clockwork

Count Clockwork Soundcloud
Count Clockwork Facebook

Polymath is an Inverness based DJ best known for his success as a producer as well as his long running residency with Cake which makes him best suited to venue, knowing what makes the crowd want to stay on the dance floor keeps him a top name amongst DJ's. You can also read our interview with him here

  Curve by POLYMATH

Polymath Soundcloud
Polymath Facebook

17 year old Planisfear comes back North to play alongside Glasgow based DJ John Lees. Both fast growing talents in the producing game, a back to back from them looks to be a great combination.

  Dr Gonzo - Carcola (Planisfear Remix) by Planisfear

  Esbjerg - Eightynine by esbjerg

Esbjerg Soundcloud
Esbjerg Facebook

Planisfear Soundcloud
Planisfear Facebook

And finally Mark Mackenzie (me), and as I'm not really into bigging myself up for this I will just leave you with my music and details!

  Fight Club Is Closed (Mark Mackenzie Remix) by Mark Mackenzie

Mark Mackenzie Soundcloud
Mark Mackenzie Facebook

I hope this is a good enough warning as possible. Don't blame me if you missed out!

Friday, July 15, 2011

[TLTG] The Life Time Guarantee

Hey people, just in one of those listening moods and realised times like these are the perfect time to give tracks a real chance, especially If your a DJ. If you think about, your first impressions of a track can ruin it for you, if your like me and to stubborn sometimes to overcome you hipster ego (I was hipster before anyone knew what a hipster was btw!) then it can be a real shame to miss out on songs which may give you something to remember in a couple of years time. Its all fine and dandy to listen to bangers all night long but nothing beats feeling of hearing a song that reminds you of a great time in your life. And so I present to you the ever lasting list of songs which I think will last a life time!

To start it of I thought I would ask some members of my family what there everlasting song would be

My 20 year old brothers choices:

Alien Ant Farm - Movies

 The Killers - Mr Brightside

Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar

My Dads choice:

Simon And Garfunkel - The Boxer

My Mums Choice:

Freda Payne - Band Of Gold

Some of my Choices:

The Waterboys - Fishermans Blues

Linkin Park - In The End

Sum 41 - In Too Deep

The Prodigy - Charlie

More follow up posts to continue including 'Soon to be TLTG'. If you want your most favorite song of all time to feature in the post then holla!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 4.0

Its not the start of the weekend for this post so I apologize for that but I do have some tasties here! Haven't been updating the page lately but I can promise you all its for good reasons, the new designs should be ready soon and I don't want to put too much up here before we get the site looking all shizz biz! I'l try and talk through as much of the tracks as possible.

First up I got some local tracks. Planisfear is a DJ/Producer originally from Inverness who I believe is currently studying in Perth. The first time i heard of him was when I picked up his 'The island' edit for a set of mine, since then he's improved lots and his remixes are gaining support radio 1's Kissy Sell Out, Rynecologist and Polymath. Although I still think he's still got a lot left in him for future originals.. he's still setting the bar for local producers. So here's a free remix from Planisfear and while you listen follow him on soundcloud!
  French Fries - Charlotte (Planisfear Remix) by Planisfear

Something I have to let you all know about is the release of Polymaths new E.P Curve. You can find out more about local DJ/Producer Polymath in our interview with him here but to put it short.. Its worth buying! I got to admit it took me a while to grow into this style Polymath has going on, but until you hear this stuff going off in a good sound system you can't judge. He's found his own unique sound at the moment and its working! If I could honestly be bothered writing out all the important names that have support for this I would but I don't have the time! So heres the preview for the E.P!

Before I start face fucking you with some japs eye splitting electro madness I want you to listen to these guys!  You may have heard of Rizzle Kicks already, they should be massive right now, but even I am confused as to how I only discovered through my brother last week! since then I haven't stopped playing their stuff. This is how I see it: I get sick of hearing 'grime' artists who rap about being brought up on the streets of London in a 'rap game', they rap about the same old shit whether they know it or not.. money, woman, cars and crime. And they make it all about how they had it hard..... and being from the Highlands where an old woman tripping over the first step in the Poundstore makes the front page of the news.. that can be hard to relate to! But Rizzle Kicks are your average guys from Brighton making witty songs that make you go ''yeah thats true!''. Catchy and likable makes every song of theirs a hit, and it won't be long before we see them topping the charts! Rizzle and Sylvester.. Thank you for bringing back UK rap as it is!

Anyway back to some electro!

I know I hate the original too. I heard a couple of remixes and I was willing to accept the fact that even the remixes were not worth listening to anymore then out of chance I accidentally downloaded the Porter Robinson remix off Chemical Jump and thought 'hell I like Porter Robinson I'l give it one more try'.. and Shiiiiiiit am I glad I did! This is the best remix of this track I've heard. It actually made me like those insanely annoying vocals and the bass, well take a listen! I will be playing this out.

Lady Gaga - Edge Of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix)

If you want to get Euan Coe the 'Coe' owner of this site excited (get it!) all you have to do is mention Alex Metric and so I thought I would post an fairly old song of his but still its a belter! This track is a great listening song and something I would be interested to see going down in a club. See for yourself.

Alex Metric - Gusto (Original Mix)

If you were into your electronic music last summer you'l know that the talk of the town was 'Coma Cat' a track that took everyone surprise.. I was not one of those people. I never got it and it annoyed me that everywhere I looked people were wearing it like a WeOwn t-shirt.. like they were they were the only people who had heard of it and understood it. Well now.. I get it. The little hook melody, its soooo catchy and just makes you want to adopt a panda and feed it your scrotum. It was the Will Bailey bootleg that reached out to me which you can download here free.. Who knows maybe I'l buy a WeOwn t-shirt this year!


A mix now! This is the latest mix Iv'e listened to. Royal K is a South African DJ/Producer who I can remember for his bootlegs back in the day. I was surprised to hear the professional qualities in his new tracks nowadays which you can hear here on his soundcloud. He's one of the kings of Fidget so please I hope you enjoy this mix of his!

Royal K - Turbo Disco Shit (Mix)

To round off the post im just going to leave a load of downloads. These should be to your satisfaction.. if not then come back when you'v popped your J.N.S cherry!

Lazrtag - Guess What (Aniki Remix)

Lazy Rich ft Karli - Feel That Beat

Avicci - Fade Into Darkness (Alex Prigenzi Edit)

Pretty Lights Vs Summertime

Rocca - Party Boppa (Mowgli Remix)

Justice - Stress (Liberty Redux)

Candi Station - You'v got The Love (Kelevra Remix)

Enjoy! and remember.. Justice Never Sleeps

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[Introducing] Interview with Ignite Records

I would like to introduce you guys to Fionn Patrick, the owner of Ignite Records. He's a friend of us here at Justice Never Sleeps and its about time I show you what a nice fucking chap he is! So here's a little interview with him and his successful Record Label.

Q: So my friend, what made you want to start a Record Label?

I'd been on a few labels and started a few with other bands so I'd already dabbled and gained some good experience. I set up Ignite Records to release my own music originally.

Q: You've moved on a lot since then, what prompted the sighing of bands and other artists to your Label?

I began to realise there was some real quality music that my friends bands were needing help releasing. It was a good opportunity to test drive the process and some of our campaign formats. I began picking up bands through chance meetings and gigs I would never normally go to. When I was in these situations It was a bit like, "Why is this band not huge!" So of course I'd sign them and we'd start working together. It's amazing how many bands really struggle to make a good job of releasing their music!

Q: In the last year you've certainly made a lot of progress and had some big successes. What do you put this down to?

If the music is quality and you are dedicated to getting it out to the right places/people, it will get picked up. There's only so many things you can do in a short space of time, the art is only doing the right things that will be worthwhile. That comes with experience of every release I've ever worked on. A good way to think about it would be to work out who your audience are and if you were them, where/how would you like to come across your music.

Q: Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? Anything we should look forward to!!!????

The most exciting thing we have coming up will be our crossover releases with Ignite Records in the US. Hopefully this will gain our artists some really good exposure overseas.

Q: What advice would you give to upcoming bands and emerging artists?

Always keep an eye on the bigger picture. Take constructive criticism on board and have the fight to prove your worth.The bands that eventually make it are usually last men standing. Do you know how long it took Biffy Clyro to make anything of themselves??

I remember going with my older brother to see them at the Raigmore Motel in Inverness in like of 12 people!

Q: What’s the best and worst thing about the UK music scene right now? And if you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

I think it is the people that are the music industry. You'll find they either can't play an instrument or a poor musician. And we've got to ask ourselves, if we didn't have radio or festivals would we still have bands? Of course we would. I think this needs to be remembered. These things were invented so people could enjoy music more collectively. Bands should never have to bow or grovel for festival slots or radio play. They should be given these opportunities on the basis that they produce good music and not because they are at the mercy of radio DJ’s with poor personalities or festival promoters who are more interested in making their bucks. I think there is little respect for bands when they are starting out and they usually have to do a lot of running before they'll get noticed or be perceived to be worth talking to. We're all human, we're all equal. No radio DJ or festival promoter could argue otherwise

Q: You feel very strongly on this subject, how would feel would be the best solution on fixing it?

I think all it needs is a change in perspective. I could say that about a lot of the problems we have in the world today. The bottom line is that the reason you're in the music industry is because you are a fan of music and you wouldn't be the person you are today without that. For the music industry folks that fall into neither categories, I'd probably recommend they worked somewhere more suitable to their desires (like a bank!!).

Q: And finally, if you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Ah, there's always the booby question. Errmmm....I would like to be able to control time. There aren't enough hours in the day!! Plus I could go back and change the few things I could have done a lot better

Monday, July 4, 2011

[Exclusive Interview] Gary Beck @ Cake

Gary Beck from Soma, Bek Audio, Edit Select, Saved, Figure, Electric Duluxe
Well this weekend was something else! Cake was the venue of choice this weekend as roboTone and Audiolife presented underground techno maverick Gary Beck. I had the responsibility of you bringing you all an interview with the man even though I was out celebrating my birthday (So I was drunk as usual), I ended up DJ'ing for a bit in room 2 which was great fun, so I missed a small part of his set but for the majority of it I was there and so I can safely say it lived up to my expectations! For someone who had been supposedly hassled all night for interviews he was a good sport and gave us a few minutes of his time to do this small on the spot interview.

Q: What did you think of tonight then?
A: ''Tonight was good apart from a few problems at the beginning, needles jumping..emm half a bottle of Buckfast on my laptop which made it crash! *(laughs) but yeah it was good fun, the crowd were right up for it and so yeah i enjoyed it.''

Q: So a good first impression of Inverness?
A: Well I've played Rockness a couple of times before but yeah I guess you could say that.

Q: So is there anything coming out soon that we should know about?
A: E.P on Drumcode coming up in two weeks, also just making some releases on my own label, plus I got a single on Soma coming up which is like a big cheesy track *(laughs) so that's coming out on the 11th of January *(not too sure if the date is right, too much noise in the recording) 

Q: So do you mind if I ask, whats your production setup at the moment?
A: Yeah man, I love my microKorg at the moment, its such a basic thing to use but it really makes up with the basslines you know, really got it the way I want it. I've got a lot of hardware because I only use a very basic software program, I've got a Roland RS70 which really works well with tribal noises

Q: Nice, so whats your favourite equipment for DJ'ing live?
A: (about 30 seconds of laughs as some drunk guy gives us what is possibly the greatest display of someone falling over and over again!) haha eh yeah where were we.. yeah traktor scratch, laptop with vinyls and controller..
yeah, some controversy over laptop setups, heard a lot of good about Traktor though.
well i love vinyl, you know just the feel of it but Traktor is good because it doesn't jump

Q: Ok, if you could give advice to people who want to get where you are, what would you say?
A: Just produce, you'v got to produce nowadays. It seems that you won't get any big gigs now of you don't produce music. And just, even the most basic software can work you know, don't feel that you have to use your abletons and all that. Just remember that really but you have to produce.

Q: and finally.. Whats your favourite milkshake?
A: Awww chocolate! 

Thank You to Mr Beck, and you can check his latest releases and tour dates here on his myspace.