Friday, September 9, 2011

[Introducing] Interview with Esbjerg

Louis Buick (Right)

Say Hi to our new writer Louis Buick from Count Clockwork! Hes already paid for himself by grabbing this interview with Producer DJ John Lees a.k.a Esbjerg. Until we have Louis's account up and running I will be posting his post... if that makes sense! I'l leave the introductions to himself so for the moment read the interview!

John Lees a.k.a Esbjerg

  Where did the name come from? Esbjerg is a danish town my dad visited a few times, and a fairly uncommon username online. Thought it sounded prety cool too haha.

How would you describe your sound to anyone that hasn’t seen you live? Well I guess it varies depending on the people there and suff, but ideally it's heavy electro a (I know planisfear hates the term electro) and just big kick drums and basslines, keep people up and moving!

What’s your current set up for producing/DJing At the moment it's just cdj's, but one day I will have a live set up for some events!

Favourite producer at the moment? Even if he is one of my best friends, Planisfear is going to be huge, Etnik is also a massive favourite of mine. The collab they have going sounds massive and can't wait for the full version.

Biggest guilty pleasure? It's probably the Afrojack remix of kickstarts. Always gives people a massive surprise.

If you could only listen to one genre for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Really into acid house right now and have been for a while, 303win!.. But having said that, into metalcore and stuff like that right now.. Bit strange but it's pretty different!

If you had the chance to play any festival which would you choose and why? Would love to play I Love Techno. Loads of people into the same type of music I'm into seems like a whale of a time.. One day!

Is there that one track that you have to play every time you dj? Ooh.. That's kinda hard, but I guess I always do end up playing some Gesaffelstein somewhere. Fanboy of Hatred I guess!

Plans for the year ahead? Going to try and get as much play time as I can this year I guess, going to get serious about producing too, get my stuff out as far as possible.


      Esbjerg - Run (Original Mix) FREE DONWLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD

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