Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Release/mix] The Led - Sail

Friends of the blog The LED, have just announced that their brilliant and hotly anticipated remix of Sail by AWOLNATION has been released, and is available to buy on itunes, Amazon, Spotify and Nokia Music.

The LED in action
I first heard this track quite a few months ago and was instantly taken by it's unique sound. The original version of the track was already in good shape but this remix took it to a whole new dimension. We especially like the beefy bass wobble. We like beef here at Justice Never Sleeps.

The track was entered for the Red Bull Records remix competition back in August and was announced as winner in November. It has clocked up over 25,000 Soundcloud listens and almost 150,000 Youtube hits on the way! Very impressive!

Also from The LED we have their mix entry for the Ultra music festival in Miami. Help them win by clicking play on the link below (even if you only listen to it for a sec, we know some of you are super-duper busy) and also favouriting.

So good luck to the boys and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

[Event] Soundclash at the Newmarket

 Newmarket Bar, Thurso
Entry: Free
Doors 8pm

After the success of their initial gig at the Bothy in Inverness, Soundclash continue to juggernaut their BAsS SiCK tour though the hills of Scotland like a Highland cow on amphetamines.

The Newmarket bar is another one of our favourite venues and the people of Thurso always know how to party.  Get yourself along for the cutting edge turntablism, dubstep, breaks and electro from djs Teknique and Chaos Theory.

For more info, check out the facebook page here: Soundclash Facebook Event

[Event] Dave Clarke at the Ironworks

Ironworks Inverness, Saturday 3rd of March
Tickets £10,
Doors 10.30pm

This weekend sees "The Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke return to the highlands for another night of fist pump madness. Last time he was at the ironworks, Dave said it was one of the best sound systems he has ever played on. I can see why - the set up at the ironworks complements this style of music perfectly. Techno like this deserves no less.

Supporting will be Alan MacPherson and Michael Blyth. Excellent choices of support acts in our opinion. MacPherson who runs Audiolife, is one of the most accomplished and experienced techno DJs in the city. Blyth is a superb techno producer who doesn't play nearly as many gigs as he should do. Both of them are completely mental however, so avoid making eye contact.

for more info and tickets visit Ironworks website here: http://www.ironworksvenue.com/event.php?eid=251

Friday, February 17, 2012

[SINGLE] Capitals - Jealousy

New single preview from Capitals. It's good, and presumably will be available for purchase somewhere at some point.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Gigs] Annie Mac, Bounce + More!

We will be bringing you all the latest gig listings for the underground scene in Inverness and the North of Scotland on a monthly (or perhaps weekly if you touch me in special places) basis. 

P.S we hope to have a dedicated section for this shortly, stay tuna'd. >

Lets begin.

 Annie Mac, Ironworks Saturday 18th February

Support: Them & Us, Polymath, Count Clockwork
Tickets: £15 - Click here for tickets!
Doors 10pm

Awwww yeeeeaaaahhh! We are looking forward to this one like Whitney Houston would look forward to her crack pipe.

Annie Mac takes to the decks in the Ironworks for what will be an evening of sublime dance music. Annie's Radio 1 show began in 2004 when she was working as an assistant producer on Zane Lowe's show. Her bosses began to notice her huge talent and gave her a slot, a move I am sure they have no regrets about.

Head to the comments section for an epic "I'd do 'er" gentlemen's discussion

Annie's Friday night Radio 1 show attracts a huge following both in the UK and globally. It is the soundtrack to the beginning of the weekend and brings some of the best new dance music to the masses.

As for the support acts, it looks like "The Justice Never Sleeps League of Super Best Friends"! All the DJs on the bill are BFFs of the blog, especially Them & Us who contain none other than our very own Mackz, the JNS co-founder (Mackz, y u no already mentioned this gig in the blog!?)

The other half of Them & Us is a young whipper snapper with a taste for pumping electro, 16 year old Liam McLeod. Liam and Mackz have been making some cutting edge electro of late and their song The Bomb is the first signing for Netsounds Unsigned.

Also be sure to catch the mighty Polymath and Count Clockwork in action on the night. Polymath is soon to release the driving wanger banger sawpump on Vamp music, which is receiving support from the likes of SCNTST, Kissy Sellout and Malente. He has also just finished his remix of Mason's Superimposer gaining support from Fake Blood, Alex Metric and Digitalism!

Count Clockwork too are going from strength to strength right now with their "Troika" EP being released in March on Touche Records and their new "Like Clockwork" track already gaining huge support. They have also just announced they are going to be playing a boat party in Croatia in the Summer! All aboard the S.S Sesh!

Bounce, Portland Club, Friday 2nd March
Featuring: Twidget, Dirty Wee Decks, MJ Smooth and Baron Von Filth
Doors 8pm - 1am, Entry £4

Ahhh, where would we be without Bounce! I fucking love these nights! A once staple diet of the now deceased Cake Nightclub, the boys are now holding a monthly night at the Portland Club.

I went to the first night in the Portland, oooft, what a night. I can't remember leaving but I remember being at someone's house after, then I got more seshed and somehow got home. It's all a bit of a blur really, but thats what to expect here, a good old fashioned balls out sesh with plenty of face melting choons.

Carnage merchants Twidget, Trojan, Euan Cameron, MJ Smooth and Baron Von filth will be playing a fine selection of fidget hard electro and dubstep. This is a night not to be missed and at only £4 entry, you are getting maximum bass for your buck!

Preview coming soon for Dave Clare, Ironworks the 3rd of March
and Soundclash Bass Sick Tour, Newmarket Bar Thurso, 17th of March,

So until then, here's a guy getting chased by a flying stag that shoots rockets. 
Bye for now :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[mix] NT89 "Voices" Dj Mix

Hej - as they say on Soundcloud, here's a mix from one of my favourite techno trouts, NT89.

Some absolutely astounding tunes in this and its available for free download, what a treat! OM NOM NOM

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[EP] Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain

Feed Me's new EP is available to purchase at beatport should your internet be wide enough to allow such largeness to pass through it. No one does it like Feed Me.

Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain by youfeedme

Friday, February 3, 2012

[Fresh Beef] Meet Boomshank Redemtion - JNS's New Blogger

From now on, things are going to be very different around here... Well, maybe not. I've just spilt some beer on my keyboard and typing the rest of this might prove difficult if my keys start to derp.

Anyway... Hello, I am the Boomshank Redemption, how'd ya do? I'm a techno splooge DJ from a weird Scottish village/Tescos shop called Inverness - population 1663.92 including 24 goats and 73 sheep. Inverness is geographically located somewhere between the North Pole and Sweden. We've just managed to get this thing called internet (hence how I'm able to write this) and things are finally starting to progress. Here is a picture of me playing teckno musics in a nightklub:

I am absolutely delighted to be writing for Justice Never Sleeps. Over the last few years up here, there has been a huge sex explosion in the live music scene mostly thanks to things like the Rockness and Belladrum Festivals, as well as places like the Ironworks venue in Inverness with their power to bring in huge names that 10 years ago would have been unthinkable (Last weekend I supported Fake Blood there for fucks sake!). Last year we had the nightclub Cake, which was the first underground club the town had seen in a long time, and although it has now closed, the contribution it has made to the dance scene here is incredible. Somehow though, I feel the dance scene is not quite represented online as much as it could. Sure, there are some great sites for live bands, but nothing is really represents us reprobate technophiles.

That's where JNS steps in. By writing here I hope make JNS  a reference point to everything that is going off in the Inverness dance scene, as well as presenting some slick mixes and the biggest splurge that is going off in the dance scene.

So where better to start than with a mighty brofist to Soundclash who will be kicking off their BAsS SiCK tour, Saturday the 4th of February, at a favourite venue of mine, The Bothy (above Hoots, Inverness). The BAsS SiCK tour is looking to be a metric fuckton of fun, Soundclash have always been a huge source of inspiration to me way before I even touched a pair of decks.

Gigs in the bothy are something else, I love the place. It's nice, small and has the intimacy of Josef Frizl's basement, although without the fear of incestuous anal rape (just watch out when I'm about eh). It's going to be crazy and I'm looking forward to seeing the 4 deck mash up set. Absolute must for this weekend.

Check out the facebook event page here http://www.facebook.com/events/359742710720034/

So folks, that's it from me for now but I can't wait to get my teeth into this properly and establish myself within the blog. Any DJs/ Promoters, if you want you gig mentioned get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

I'm off to get drunk now, as it my good pal Polymaths birthday today. Shit gonna get real.

Boomshank out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[REMIX] Mason - Superimposer (Polymath Remix)

Another top tune from Justice Never Sleeps favourite Polymath, featuring a splendorous synth that may or may not have played the lead role in several straight to VHS action movies. Hit up the soundcloud links for a huge write up on the history of the tune and some other words about music. Or alternatively click the play button and hear sounds going straight to your aural nerve.