Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Introducing] Interview with ''Count Clockwork'' + EP Preview

Last night was the Boomshake Festival themed party at the Bothy. Among the mist of upside down tents, glowsticks and freshly face painted drunks was the Producer/DJ duo ''Count Clockwork'' taking to the decks. A night which i have to assume from the pictures was a brilliant one! (I couldnt get in because the place had reached full capcity just before the curfew!) Coming across their soundcloud just a couple of weeks  back, I was surprised to think this was the first I was hearing of them. Desperate to find out more about them I challenged them to one of our interviews! 

Q: Where does the name Count Clockwork come from?
''General drunken banter, Louis came up with it for a laugh and it eventually stuck.''

Q: If you had to describe your sound without saying what it is what would you describe it as?

Q: If people come to see you guys DJ, what sort of music should they expect to hear?
''A mixture of everything really, gritty beats with savage drops''

Q: What was the first track that got you into electronic music?
''Da funk''

Q: What is the track that has the potential to put you off electronic music?
''Hearing “Dirty Bit – Black Eyed Peas” is cringe, not sure if it’s enough to put us off electronic music but it is definitely a hated tune.''

Q: What is your Production Setup?
''Only a computer with FL Studio 9 Producer Edition XXL for the moment, gradually buying more equipment.''

Q: What is your DJ setup?
''Laptop, with Traktor 2, hooked into a Numark Mixtrack Pro. Sometimes we’ll have a mixer with effects on it just so we can really go to town when we’re playing. Hoping to invest in something we can use to create our sounds live too.''

Q: What is the best night you’ve ever played and why?
''Probably the Millburn Academy afterparty in the Ironworks. Mainly because the sound system was brilliant and the place was packed with all of our friends from school, also because everyone enjoyed the night and the atmosphere was great!''

Q: What are your views on the music scene in Inverness? (Specifically Electronic music)
''The electronic music scene in Inverness is growing! Its standing pretty good at the moment with a few producers making names for themselves such as Polymath and The L.E.D who are both doing really well. Having “Rockness” so close by is good too as it gives local producers/DJ’s inspiration.''

Q: If you had the power to change one thing about Inverness nightlife what would it be?

Q: What do you both plan on doing for the next year?
 ''Well we hope to have a bigger name for ourselves, we’ll be based in Edinburgh and Glasgow by next year so hopefully that will give us more opportunities to get more popular. Also hoping to do more work with “CrackHouseRecords” in Paris as they have recently signed us so we’re both looking forward to that! But mainly just keep partying and enjoying life as it comes.''

Q: Anything we should be looking out for soon? (E.P, Album, Parties?)
''The new ” Whorehouse EP” is getting released through CHRecords very soon! Our first EP which we are excited about. A big summer fest party which we are in talks with right now, cannot reveal any more on that at this stage.'' 

Q: What’s your favourite milkshake?
 ''Kelis’s milkshake is the best. It always brings us to her yard..''

Keep your eyes peeled for the new EP 'Whorehouse'' from Count Clockwork and heres a wee preview courtesy of the guys to get you excited!

Ambiance @ Cake Tonight

Its Sunday, your probably suffering a major headache and smelling of self pity and regret while aimlessly watching Bargain Hunt. Maybe the last thing you want to do is go clubbing. However fear not! Your Sunday is has now been saved! Tonight is Ambiance night at Cake Nightclub presented by Alottarhythm and NorthSoundScape. What better way to spend your Sunday than get drunk and chill! Kicking off the night with Chill & Dub then progressively moving through to some house then Psy and Goa Trance its bound to be a good experience! Line up includes Pluto, Aurora, Alottarhythm, Mark Mackenzie (Myself) and Lithuanians Juste Stina & Eron Severrinov with a Psy Trance Special!

So heres some examples of what i'l be playing tonight

Doors open 7pm and close 3am

Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Exclusive] Interview with 'ADO' @ 'Get With It'

If there is anything I like doing more than being smashed out of my tits two step raving in Cake, its being smashed out of my tits two step raving in Cake to the blistering electro sound that is Ado. Inverness was turned up to eleven last night as the 'Get With It' night commenced with Scottish Producer/DJ Ado headlining. ADO (pronounced Ayy Dough) runs the massively popular 'Ctrl Alt Defeat' night in Dundee, his face melting electro style tracks and remixes have caught the attention of some of the worlds biggest DJ's including Fake Blood, Kissy Sell Out, Count & Sinden, and The Subs. So I managed to catch up with him after his set and fire a few of the standard questions at him.

So what did you think of tonight?
Ado: ''Good fun man, good fun, i was told earlier on that people up here in Inverness like their music harsh, so I got to play a lot of my own music you know because a lot of my own music is very tough. In some cities you'v got to watch what you play but when you come to some of the smaller cities you always seem to play harder like...
Polymath:  well when we were talking earlier on you were saying that when you play at home usually you got lay off a little..
Ado: Yeah, yeah thats right but it was good, i got to play a lot of new stuff and test some new stuff out.

Alright. So if you had to describe your sound with out saying what genre it is what would you call it?
Ado: ''ehh stupid! stupidly heavy electro! no, (laughs) thats calling it a genre.. i would say stupid.
(Polymath jokingly argues with Ado about the kicks in his music which somehow brings us on to Rockness)

So your set for Rockness, do you think you'l be playing a very similar set to what you've played tonight?
Ado: Nah, well I mean it depends. Because im playing the VIP tent so it depends on the venue im playing and the crowd that im playing to. If people are digging it il play more of house set or a groovier set you know rather than a full on... im surprised actually that I got to play the stuff I played tonight all the way through the set, people get up to dance not just to bang their head on the dance floor. But yeah I imagine it will be a more house, techno .. and groove based set.

Well done on the newest EP with Wax:On, is there anything you can tell us about stuff your doing now or in the near future?
Ado: Thanks (laughs) yeah theres a lot of stuff I can't say anything about yet but i'm doing loads of remixes just now and working on a lot of original stuff as well with a couple of awesome labels that i'm looking forward to working on but its not set in stone yet.

So for anyone reading this who is looking to get signed as a producer, have you got any advice for them?
Ado: emmm well I don't know I mean i'v only just been signed myself but if I had to say anything it would be just bust your arse in to gear you know. You've got to put the time and effort into it to get anything out of it.. i've been at this for some time now around 15 years and i'm only starting to get more offers now, so yeah just bust your arse seriously work hard put the time and effort in. And also love it, because if you enjoy it then thats half the battle.

And finally, whats your favorite milkshake?
Ado: awww man, vanilla! just plain Vanilla.

You can listen to Ado's latest work on his Soundcloud page and catch him playing at the Rockness festival this summer!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Fresh Big House] Teki Latex -Dinosaurs with Guns (Cochise Remix)

I love this guy. What is there about him that doesn't say Swaga! apart form his t-shirt.. anyway this man is large sex faced legend Teki Latex, i'l be honest i only just found his stuff today, but man its nice! What really caught my eye was when a friend directed me to a remix by Cochise of his song 'Dinosaurs with Guns''.. i know i can imagine it too!  So iv asked Cochise for a copy his mix but until he replies youl just have to enjoy the soundcloud stream!

  Teki Latex - Dinosaurs with guns (cochise remix) by cochise

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

VOTE For us to play Rockness!

Hey guys, just a one of favour to ask of everyone! If you could check out me and connors entry for the Rockness DJ competition and rate it 5 stars (if you agree thats what it deserves!) that would be awesome! There pretty neat mixes to be honest! And if one of us makes the competition we'l make sure to get some sweet interviews on the day from the huge artist selection!

Vote Mark Mackenzie's Mix

Vote Connor Byrne's Mix

Also keep an eye out for any other local DJ's and give them your vote! The more Inverness DJ's in the top 20 the better!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Mix] Vanity Vol.2 by A-Jamz

 I was looking through some blogs that had featured my Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Mackz Bootleg) and I came across this from Vanity nightclub resident A-Jamz. Not only is it a pretty good mix (prefer mainly the second half because the first half is quite commercial) but it also features my track at around 1 hour in which makes me pretty chuffed because although i get told about my stuff being played in the US I never get to hear the mix and to hear it first time in a 'Vanity' mix is awesome. You can check out A-Jamz Soundcloud here
  Vanity Vol. 2 by A-Jamz

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Serving Up Some Justice 2.0

Since we'v been posting a lot of events and interviews to get the page running i thought it was about time for another 'Serving up Some Justice' post just in time for the weekend. I've been listening to a shit load of fresh electro and a little dubstep recently so hopefully this post will filter out all the crap ones and leave you only with the HOLY SHIT WHATS THIS!! tunes. So turn on your swag, grab a bitch and have a good weekend.

Thought it was a reference to the Power Rangers kids program from years ago which actually made me and my mates watch the whole of the first episode before heading out. I dont think it is.
Skrillex - Disco Rangers 2011

Take that old 'Boogie Nights!' hook from the 70s and add some lung wrenching bass and you get this! Those flare wearing white afro bearing disco heads would be turning in there graves I tell you!!
Alex Mind & Far Too Loud - Bring Back Boogie (Original Mix)

Every so often i let a dubstep tune back into my life, this one made it because its... well.. bass power.
Bass Power V.4 (The Frim Remix)

Dirtyloud doing there usual by making me rape the shit out of the download button.
Dirtyloud ft Sirreal - Needle (Original Mix)

Never heard of them before... but i'm glad i have now!
Dskotek - Machine (Original Mix)

The Wolfgang Gartner one man tribute band with another banger.
Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze (Original Mix)

Ado was giving this one out free because he reached a thousand followers on Soundcloud, like they say, the best things in life are free.
Ado - Multiply Me (Ado's Total ReReReCall Mix)

Not a killer but something catchy, like herpies. Except its a really good song.. maybe should have just said that.
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix)

And a HQ radio rip which i don't usually post but the original of this track was always a favorite of mine plus Nero has put a twisted dubstep feel to this one, not your usual wob wob shite feel but a go insane and punch a seal in the face feel.

Justice - Stress (Nero Remix) HQ Rip

[Event] Boomshake @ New Market Bar, Thurso

Boomshake is a night setup by Boomshank Redemption and Mastershake hence the name.. Boomshake. The night usually takes place at Hoots upstairs sweat pit 'The Bothy' which is a brilliant wee venue, however this week see's them taking the night to Thurso Market Bar. Iv heard the venue isn't anything special but I do know that these nights with Boomshake are full of more nasty beats and bass then you can shake your very own stick at and whats more.. its free!

  Boomshake Promo Mix by The Boomshank Redemption

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Introducing] Connor Byrne Interview + Exclusive Mini Mix

Whos this twazik? Well its only Connor Fucking Byrne! Connor Byrne is a producer/DJ from Inverness although he currently lives in Glasgow studying Sound Production and running his club night 'Why Not?' in Glasgows Nice'N'Sleazys. Hes only just turned 18 and yet he has already played the best clubs Inverness has to offer and his production skills are seamless So i fired a few questions at Connor and he made this banging mini mix exclusively for this blog!

If you had to describe your sound without saying what it is what would you describe it as?

Erm.. Bass driven ass shaking fist pumping here we fucking go? The next sub genre craze.

If people come to see you DJ, what sort of music should they expect to hear?
Erm, a good example I guess & one of my favourite tracks at the moment would be
Krafty Kuts - Sporty o lets ride (Ados wild style remix)
Or just check out my mix for an idea on what to expect

What was the first track that got you into electronic music?
Green Velvet - La la land. When I was young I used to sneak into my older brothers room when he was out to listen to his music and I found it, still a favourite of mine.

What is your Production Setup?
Two KRK Rockit 6 monitors & Sennheiser hd-25 mkII headphones, m-audio Oxygen 8 Midi keyboard, Flstudio 9, Reason & a wee bit of Ableton... oh yeah and a laptop!

What is your DJ setup?
Cdj 400's Numark 12'' mixer & again Two KRK Rockit 6 monitors & my Sennheisers.

What is the best night you’ve ever played and why?
So many to choose from but one of my favourite nights was the Culloden after party! Clubs and that are cool, but Decks, big ass soundsystem, some lights, an airhorn & about 400 bodys packed into a sweaty outdoor marquee?  You’re living the dream.

What are your views on the music scene in Inverness? (Specifically Electronic music)
Not very good the scene is there it’s just struggling to break through there's not many clubs in Inverness and what few clubs there are? There a bit pish. Cake & Ironworks are all Inverness have left off a true electronic music scene.

If you had the power to change one thing about Inverness nightlife what would it be?
Only one thing? It’s between shutting love 2 love down or Removing the curfew can't decide.

What do you plan on doing for the next year?
Working on some collabs as we speak more info will follow, going to really focus on getting my name out & just working hard in the studio maybe focus more on some remixing instead of my own productions except for that I have no idea what next year has in store... oh and possibly putting some big electronic music events on possibly throughout this summer or next.

What’s your favourite milkshake?
Butterscotch ... no wait strawberry! Shit I dunno!

The first release from "Freeze the Atlantic!" the EP "Colour By Numbers"!

If you guys have no idea who they are then let me fill you in a little, featuring Jon Pearce and Guy Davis from the almighty "Reuben" AND Andy Gilmour from "Hundred Reasons".... and if that's not enough also has Chris Knott (Formerly of Twelve Titans) "Freeze The Atlantic" are one Fucking awesome band! Their New EP "Colour By Numbers" is out and let me tell you, it will tear your genitals off! Check it out!

Also! if you buy the EP you get to colour the case in by numbers with crayons! SHAWEEEEEET!

[Event] Get With It .. Ado! ? (Wax:On, Ctrl Alt Defeat) @Cake

This one, I am looking very forward to. Ado to my understanding is from Dundee. His stuff has been in pretty much all my sets with his solid electro bangers and you'l find it hard to not come across any of remixes on the blogs. His label describes his new EP as being a ''Ketamine trip soaked in Red Bull'' .. thats got to be good. The support line up also looks very good including Producer/DJ Polymath who has been getting numerous plays on Kissys Radio 1 show recently. Bottom line.. if you like hard hitting electro and you live near Inverness, you will kick yourself in the face with your own fist if you don't go. Or i will punch you in the face with my foot.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cake Video (Boomshank + Friends Birthday Carnage)

Last Friday i played in Cake Room 2 for Boomshank Redemption + Friends Birthday Carnage and it was insane! Eight DJ's throughout the night and a packed tiny room full of wankered rave enthusiasts. Anyway myself and Connor Byrne were supposed to be getting filmed for our new budget music video however the camera guy couldnt make our 1.30am slot. So i thought I would take my camera along and get some footage anyway and after 18 crashes, two late nights, six cans of red bull and a 3 hour upload wait i have what is a pretty decent promo of night that too place! Carnage is one way of describing it.
Also i would like to let any of my regular listeners know that Myself and Connor Byrne are working on a E.P for release in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled for the release dates and i will be sure to let everyone know when we have something of value ready.

(New) Deadmau5 - Catbread + HR8938 Cephei

Whether you love him or hate him you have to admit Joel Zimmerman has been an inspiration for many producers and has been a superstar DJ now for many years, however from the majority of critics i hear talking about his last album 4x4=12 they seem to think he has lost his touch. I bought the album and although i wasn't too keen on the dubstep turn towards the end (progressive electro artists shouldn't make dubstep) I wasn't to fussed by it although it lacked what 'Random Album Title' and 'Lack Of Better Name'' had and that was songs which you could attach emotion to (gay i know). His new material (which im guessing is part of an upcoming album this year) has got that feeling back. Looks like hes not just showcasing his new sounds but actually writing music, something which is hard to find in electronic music nowadays.

Catbread is your average Deadmau5 Electro banger, not up with Ghosts N Stuff or Some Chords but its representing some pretty catchy rift throughout!

HR 8938 Cephei is the type of music people grew to love Deadmau5 for. He made this after finding out about the incredibly huge star named HR blah blah cant be bothered writing that shit again haha. Wasn't really catching on to this at first but iv come around to appreciate it now.

Friday, May 6, 2011

(New) Afrojack & Quintino - Selecta (Original Mix)

Afrojack is someone that pisses me off quite easily because of a few things: He constantly releases songs which sound the same, he is a commercial act, he stole ''Bangkok'' and made it into his blatantly called ''Bangduck'' as an original (should have been a remix) and wherever I go constantly find him/someone else milking ''Pacha On Acid''. However every so often I stop being a grumpy cunt and realize its all just music at the end of the day, so heres the new one with Quintino which i was kind of digging today.

Afrojack & Quintino - Selecta (Original Mix)