Monday, September 26, 2011

[Album] Sacre Noir - 'Her Volatile Condition'

Was looking through my messages and realised I had accidentally missed one from an Edinburgh band called Sacre Noir. Like all artists that contact us I gave them a good listen, and well lets just say I'm glad I had a second look.
Immediately I had a further interest into hearing more as I like to listen to bands that do something a little differently and come up with defining sounds that seperate them from the usual four chord nightmares you hear playing every week. I should say though I don't think its everyones cup of tea, but if you have any sense and interest in real music I would at least give them a look over. The slow and powerful vocals from singer/songwriter Carrie Beattie shows they have a lot of experience and force behind there music that gives you a sense of confidence from the first listen and the deep bass sounds, haunting piano chords and flickering snares and hi hats make for a solid sound that can send a shiver down your spine and a thought to your brain.

''Sacre Noir is the brainchild of Vocalist / Producer Carrie Beattie. The sound has developed from a trilogy of demo recordings EPs featuring found percussion and field recordings, and has since progressed to an intense live show combining loops, live musicians and Carrie’s distinctive, sometimes haunting vocal.
 2010 saw the release of debut album ‘Her Volatile Condition’ - earning rave reviews and leading to a re-release in 2011 to include digital formats and a repackaged CD for the USA, Europe and iTunes markets.''

Make sure you check them out and if you like what you hear then purchase their latest album.

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