Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Rox 'Dope EP' [Crux Records]

Got to admit I haven't been on top of our inbox for a while, juggling a number of production alias's means I have to jump between sign ins and that's just too much effort for a 'losing faith in this' blogger like myself.
Anywhore after a quick rake through there was a number of releases that stood out for me. First being this release on Crux Records by The Rox.

For me the best track is the roeVy remix, but that said the rest are all solid techno tracks.

The Rox rock! After a very successful remix of Ostblockschlampen on Crux, The Rox are back debuting their EP Dope!  A monster of an EP with 3 classy originals and 2 of the best remixes we have heard in awhile. The EP ranges from future techno to pumping electro w/ a bit of a tech house nod. The title track Dope opens the EP with obsessive percussions and chopped voices, the bassline is rough and conceived for big venues complimented by an unexpected piano filled melodic break at the end.  U, Me & Chopper is a dreamy yet smooth take on house with a tropical flare and percussive attitude. In the final track XL is sexy lil number that is all about the arpeggio. The remixes are true gems on this EP. We have the mighty American duo roeVy dropping a whipping and madly driven techno tune followed by the wonder boy Destrox with a hectic take on the original with electrified horns over a techno / electro backdrop!''

Whipping up support from the likes of Steve Aoki, Shinichi Osowa and Blatta & Inesha it surely can't be a miss.

To celebrate the release they have also released this exclusive mixtape featuring some of the best names in electro techno.

Friday, December 21, 2012

[Tracks] Best Track of the Year?

What is the best tune of the year? Gut instinct and popular opinion would say Julio Bashmore's Au Seve, which has been played about 70 billion times in clubs and parties all over the world since it's release. However, I want to pick something else.

There are many contenders; Claptone - Cream, Clouds - Consciousness, and Jamie Jone's remix of Cajeme's timeless classic Percolator are some of the tunes that have been enjoying repeated playback on my CDJ's this season. But that is just scratching the surface, it would take me days to list them all here.

To pin down my favourite, I might just have to go with Duke Dumont's No Money Blues. The Duke has excelled himself this year and has delved into a deep house sound that we didn't really here from him before. He also had a stormer with his The Giver track, with the Tiga remix being a personal fave of mine. Well done Mr Dumont, you are a WINNAR.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soundclash Live Sessions: The launch

A few months back we covered parts of the Soundclash DJ showcase on Monster FM. It was a complete success with chat on facebook and twitter trending throughout its four week term. This got a lot of people talking and most importantly showed that you lot can be interested in what talent our local scene has to offer!

So when it finished we we're left waiting on a follow up. Not to be disappointed Soundclash and Karma Lounge have got together to bring us something better. The Soundclash Live Sessions.
To explain, anyone that's into their electronic music will have heard of the Boiler Room. If you haven't you may be forgiven, but its basically an online live (visual and audio) stream with the worlds best underground DJ's playing all sorts of heavy electronic music to a room loosely filled with almost relaxed looking listeners (mouthful!). Well this is based on the same idea, but you'd be mistaken for thinking this is just a smaller scale Boiler Room. I know personally that those involved have put a huge amount of thought and work into this project and the outcome will no doubt be even bigger than that of the showcase!

The Soundclash Live Session will mostly focus on showcasing the work of local DJ and producer talent, blending footage between mixes, promotions and interviews with varying hosts each week starting January 4th and continuing every Friday from there on 7pm-9pm. Ally from Soundclash says:

''SoundClash Sessions will have its own website so you can watch the live streamed shows, chat on the forum and we`re even gonna have our own phone app so you can watch the shows while your on the move''.

Already gaining support from the biggest names in the Highlands, a launch has been put together with a line up of epic proportions. This inlcudes Polymath, Robbie Dunsmore, Alan Macpherson, Soundclash DJ's, Safehouse, Boomshank Redemption, Mark Mackenzie, Alottarythm, Mastershake, Stereo Crookz, Alan Grant, Andy Stone and Stephanie Lewicki. You'd be mad not to tune into that!

Make sure you keep in the loop and do the following things
- Like the page
- Attend the event
- Spread the word!

We'll make sure to keep our posts up to date and be back with further information on how to watch the live sessions. Until then get yourself ready for the launch!

Heres our JNS DJ Mr Boomshank with his Monster FM mix.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[New Release] - Alex Metric Ammunition Pt 2

Just a quick one guys but wouldn't want you jazzy cats to miss out on this! Alex Metric (I'M A HUGE FANBOY) has just released Ammunition Pt 2 which has enough bass to make your other half air tight. Here's just one track of the EP. Enjoy Guys, you'll be viciously throwing down on your box in no Time! x

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mackz - Unreleased Remixes

I never really use this blog to promote my own music, it's not what I started it up for but these are just songs would have never really seen the light of day otherwise so I thought why not give them away free on here.

Not going to lie, a lot of these are super old now and some at the time I thought not good enough to upload or they've done small stints on YouTube before being taken down. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't be shared, I'll let you all make your mind up.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mr Earbleed Soundz - Dangerous (Official Video)

I was speaking to Mr Earbleed tonight and it turns out he's got a new track and music video out!

Dangerous is a heavy electro-pop banger topped with smooth vocals from 'Babysol'. A singer who has a past of featuring on big tracks including Redlight's 'Lost In Your Love'. I've been hearing a lot from Mr Earbleed Soundz lately and he never fails to impress. Top notch production.

'I wanted it super trippy' he said. Shit, you weren't joking!

Dangerous is available for free download as of December 3rd. Make sure you get your mitts on it.

Mr Earbleed Soundz on -

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stanley Odd - Marriage Counselling

I really like a stir in politics, its sad but getting one round the English government really gets me hard. This isn't so much one sided, in fact I think Stanley Odd have gone in to this with the intention off giving both sides equally. One outcome is certain, Scotland England we're never meant to be married.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gearbox November Weekender @ Karma Lounge

November really is a mad month here in Inverness, and what better way to kick it off than with a hard bang? (Cheeky!)

The hardstyle label/clubnight will be hosting a two night party over the first November weekend at Karma Lounge with some of the biggest names in hardstyle and trance from across the UK.

''On the 4th of November Phil 'Desudo' Macdonald, the owner of Gearbox Digital & Radio will be turning 26 and he is celebrating in the biggest possible way. 

Huge names within the hard trance and hardstyle scene who are also associated with Gearbox, either as resident DJ's or producers for the label, will be travelling to Inverness off their own backs and playing for free, simply to celebrate the growing success of Gearbox and to meet the people they have been working with over the past 2 year''

Names such as Tranz-liquants, Kujin Fu, Lee Mac and David Rust will join the line up of around 20 DJ's for what will no doubt be the loudest night in the city.

All the information you need to know about the DJ's for the night can be found on the event page, I won't be re-writing bios for all twenty of them!!

Facebook Event page
Gearbox Digital on Soundcloud
Gearbox Official Website

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Justice Never Sleeps Presents Ado @ Karma Lounge

It was never going to be long before we returned with another Justice Never Sleeps club night after the success of the last two. But something tells me this one is going to be even better! Because this time we are proud to present one of the world's finest upcoming DJ's, the mighty Ado!

Having released his debut 'The Ultra' EP late last year on the famous Fake Blood's 'Blood Music' label, Ado instantly became a hit with producers around the world leaving names like Boys Noize, 2 Many DJ's, Crookers, Mr Oizo and Jack Beats (to name a few) praising the work of this Scottish based producer.

Not to stop there he went to release a second. Pressure was released in May on Turbo's digital division 'Twin Turbo' reaping just us much success as his last. Filled with deep yet some how more mellow techno tracks, Ado became a further success receiving further praise from the likes of Brodinski - ''Big tracks! Can't wait to play these in the clubs!'' and Groove Aramda - ''A-ma-zing.'

On 24th November he will be joining the JNS residents - Mark Mackenzie, Boomshank Redemption, Retrend, Connor Byrne and Esbjerg at Karma Lounge for what will surely be one of the biggest parties of the year.

You can also check out our interview with Ado from last year. The guy knows what milkshake he likes, no messing.
Justice Never Sleeps interview with Ado from 2011

Make sure you've got what you need to prepare, some Ado beats and a fresh pair... we'll bring the party.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Event] Gary Beck @ UV (Filth/Ruckus)

Last year I went to see Gary Beck play Cake, and what would you know he's back in the same building but a different club. This time the Soma man is joining Filth and Ruckus in Inverness's newest nightclub UV.

For those who don't know Gary Beck is one of the leading names in the underground techno scene. Still young he can boast support from names like Josh Wink, Dubfire, Chris Leibing, Len Faki, Slam and Richie Hawtin! In fact 'consumed' was signed to Richie Hawtin's 'Massive' label in 2008. After touring South America and Asia he debuted his first Essential Mix two Junes ago at Rockness next to Green Velvet, last year saw him return to the festival again.

We've actually caught up with him last time he was here and he was kind enough to give us an interview, hopefully no buckfast spills this time!

We're sure this is going to be a night to talk about
From the main act to the support its a all round good line up!


Serving Up Some Justice #12

Holy balls its been a while since I've done a SUSJ post! Last one was in July! Anywhore, its back and like a small squirrel I've been packing little treats into my cheeks and storing them for the winter (Not those cheeks).

Before I start I want to let you know there will be no use of the word 'hype' within this post from here on in. That word is now banned from the website.

Lets spare the foreplay and just get into it shall we -

Big release from Moveltraxx, Rogerseventytwo remix stands out.

Seriously can't get enough of Blawan this past couple of weeks, the guy has mastered this dark sounding techno/house sound. Hide They Bodies.. has to be my favourite of his right now though, especially playing it loud enough to warn the neighbours away. Also check out this one 'And Both His Sons'

Had this on repeat the other day, real sexy bass dips and crisp drums. If it doesn't get em moving they aint worth it, or they're disabled, hopefully not the latter.

Heres a Glasgow producer by the name of Magil. Digging some of his stuff lately, nice house vibes and cool vocal inserts.

Another Glasgow/Inverness producer Debukas with another outstanding EP. We actually have an interview from last year with the cool cat himself, check it out here.

I know who Shadow Child is but I'm not allowed to say, well more I would rather not say because he's a legend. Big stuff happening including remixes for Sub Focus, A Trak, Zinc and Zombie Disco Sqaud. This ones his latest release.

The original was real nice, the sort you'd take home to show your parents. The remix is filthy, the sort you'd have to book a travelodge for.

Fifteen year old producer from Leeds getting love from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and a little hate now and there from others. 'Boss' and his remix of Four Tet's 'Jupiters' are a must listen.

On a more sort of uptempo electronic note, this was sent over by 50/50 Records owner Reklaw. Smooth harmonies and heavy poundings.

So that's it for now, I won't abandon it again for too long this time.

Remember to send in any demos/promos/previews or just anything you think we'll be into.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Interview+Gig Preview] Hostage @Karma Lounge

Next Saturday (20th of October), Inverness based club night Get With It will be bringing up one of Scotland's hottest names at the moment, Hostage, to Karma Lounge Inverness.

Hostage has been tearing it up at the moment having been featured regularly on Annie Mac's Friday night Radio 1show, as well as having played at Fabric in London last weekend. His latest EP Traffic which was released on Black Butter Records, did pretty damn well by going to the top of the Juno UK Funky/UK Garage charts soon after coming out.


Justice Never Sleeps has caught up with the man himself to bring you an exclusive interview ahead of his Get With It gig:

Well done on your latest EP “Traffic”, are there any other things you are working on or doing that you can tell us about?

Hello, thanks. Yeah, remixes and my next EP for Black Butter Records. Traffic ep was a bit trippy weird, this next ep has a firm dancefloor oriented sound. 

How would you describe your sound to someone that has never heard you before? 

Bass, house, some techno, a suggestion of breaksy rave, funky, dark. When I play out in the clubs I think my sound is often quite a bit harder than some of my productions. Especially when I play in Scotland. Get the techno on! 

What are your favourite tracks at the moment? 

All my fave tracks from last week are mixed here: 

Your beard is amazing, how long did it take you to grow it? 

All my life, it's both practical (warmth/UV protection) and impractical (eating soup). 

How long have you been djing/producing, and have you got any advice for any budding producers that are looking to get signed? 

I've been DJing and producing for about 20 years. Just do your thing, do what you like, have fun, don't be scared to try something new.

And finally, what's your favourite flavour of milkshake?

That's a tricky one. I had a strawberry one at the weekend, and as soon as I started drinking it I wished I'd ordered a chocolate one. I'm sure if I'd ordered the chocolate one it'd have been the other way round. a 50/50 choc/strawb would be the ultimate I guess.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you next weekend, we'll have to try and hook you up with some sort of strawberry/chocolate milkshake combo for you rider!


Hostage is at Karma Lounge, Inverness ,on Saturday 20th October with Support from Get With It residents Polymath, Boomshank Redemption, Abraham Thunderwolf and Mykol Blyth. 

Tickets are £5 in advance and are available from the following places:

Karma Lounge
Mania Clothing
Yum Cafe 
or any of the Resident DJs 

Non advance tickets are £8 on the door. 

Facebook event page here:

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Dose Of Alternative #3

Isn’t the last year leading up to the end of the world shaping up to be a great one for music? Well if there's anyone working in Retail out there they'll probably welcome the end of the world, I would have. Look on the bright side guys there's only 70 days left.... or on that day nothing happens then follow this link here. So I've got some great music for you here, first if you class yourself a rock fan and don't know who Reuben are then you should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Because ex members Guy Davis and Jon Pierce (has now left) went on to form Freeze The Atlantic after Reuben split. So here we go!

Freeze The Atlantic

Forming in late 2008, ‘Freeze The Atlantic’ have been making rock music and enjoying rock MusicStarted initially by Andy Gilmour from ‘Hundred Reasons’ with Jon Pearce and Guy 
Davis, from the band ‘Reuben.

They quickly signed up second guitarist and long time friend Tom Stevens (Archie and the Instincts) and started writing brand new material. After a UK tour in 2010 with ‘Attack! Attack!’ featuring Liv Puente (Laruso) on guest vocals, the band recruited singer Chris J Knott (Twelve Titans). This year also saw original member Jon Pearce leaving for pastures new with the band drafting in bassist Sean Shreeve (Spectrum 7/Talking Endlessly), resulting in the current line-up.Their new album Speakeasy is just out and apart from being incredible all the way through, its holds moments of shear awesomeness that take me back to the days where I first discovered awesome music in my early teens! I have listened through it countless time now and am loving it more and more through every play through! 

Coheed and Cambria

The powerhouse band consist of Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Josh Eppard and Zach Cooper. Having had many changes in their line up over the years hasn’t hurt their chances at success, boasting over 900,000 Likes on facebook which I just found out, although that is never a measure of how popular a band is, I mean Coldplay have 23 Million and their shit but its still impressive in its own right. They are a weird alt rock outfit who you really have to go and listen to because I can't really explain their music in words. Did you know all of the album, song and lyrics are based on the story from a Comic book that Claudio writes himself?

Guess what? apparently Coheed and Cambria think Soundcloud is to mainstream... 

Royal Republic

Looks like these Swedish bastards have done it again with their follow up album Save The Nation. Formed in late 2007. The band consists of guitarist/lead singer Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bass guitarist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson, and yes.. their from Sweden. Balls out garage style rocking out as what is expected from these guys, in 5 years they have had huge success and if you haven't heard of them yet then it was only a matter of time.

Keep Fighting the Good fight, because if you don't. Who Will?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sutherland - Selector

Digging this house stuff from Edinburgh producer 'Sutherland'. Thought I had posted this before but turns out I hadn't, wasn't until I checked our inbox that I noticed. To get a real feel for his music go to his soundcloud.

Kimbra ft Mark Foster & A-Trak - Warrior (Fighting Lightning Remix)

Another one from the dropbox, this funky little present from Inverness based 'Fighting Lightning'. I heard the original of Warrior about three or four months back so I'm surprised to see stems for the remix competition only coming out now but not disappointed to see it come back with varying styles; mostly because of that amazing vocal.

This is the first I've heard of Fighting Lightning, I like to think I'm on top of hearing new projects around here but this one slipped me by. Anyway he's a blogger and I like that so give it a listen and if you find some time also check out

Monday, September 24, 2012

[New Release] Fighting with Wire - Colonel Blood

Well it's been a long time coming but "Fighting with Wire" have released their longly anticipated album "Colonel Blood" through "Extra Mile Records" today, this Irish trio hailing from Derry draw on many influences sounding like a mix up of Weezer and Biffy Clyro with a little bit of classic southern balls out rock thrown in as well for good measure. I've only had one listen through the album but it is by far one of the best things I've heard this year, expect these guys to get some serious attention in the near future. Since its just brand new I haven't been able to share any of the tracks off it but if you have Spotify then you know what to do you clever cats.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A dose of the Alternative #2

Sorry for the long break there guys, just finished my move to Glasgow in my new flat which is not a absolute shit hole so this year is off to a good start already. So I just a few updates for you guys on some awesome music! First though, guess what I did today?..... No it wasn’t that it was that I bought my first ever copy of mixmag! In a day and age where producers are requiring are trying to draw on skills from every genre in the music industry it made sense for me to polish up on my electro scene knowledge, who knows... I might even take to the decks some day but less of me, here's the music!

First of all, The new “Circa Survive” album is out and it is sounding phenomenal of these neo-progressive masters (yeah I don't like using specific genres names either). I have followed them since their “Juturna” album which was released way back in 2005 and it is so refreshing to see these guys rise to the popularity they hold now whilst still keeping their true Circa sound for all these years. Their music defiantly grows on you as it first did on me so I highly recommend you give them some time to listen to their stuff!

Next up is “Exit Ten”'s EP Sunset, I really love this bands epic feel and Ryan Redman's singing style is defiantly unique and really gives their music a awesome edge. Their Previous albums “Remember the Day” and “Give me Infinity” are testament to these guys and a indicator of great things to come so check it out out if you like Balls out epic rock!

A little more close to home on this one, a band I have been a big fan of and have featured before is “Friday Night Lights” who have just released their brand new (not so brand new at the time of writing this because I have had my balls firmly and aggressively against the walls dealing with the increasingly amount of feudalistic activities our capitalist culture promotes) EP which is a phenomenal collection of music that for only being priced £4 there should be no reason for you not follow this link here to get your copy now! These Guys from Wick show that awesome music can be found anywhere. Below you'll find the song "The Only Nightmare I Ever Have, Is Waking Up Without What I Once Had"

[New] John Dahlback - Zeus (Original Mix)

I'm loving John Dahlback at the moment. This guys is producing some whopping electro/house stompers at the moment. Zeus is no different. Massive from start to finish, drop this and your going to have to pay the consequences!

[New] Skrillex ft Damien Marley - Make It Bun Dem (L.E.D Remix)

Local lit up duo L.E.D are back in business with this almost original take on Skrillex and Damien Marley's 'Make It Bun Dem'. A combination of commercial dubstep with electro, not unusual for the Inverness pair to produce something as strong as this.

Make sure you give the L.E.D your vote - VOTE HERE

[New] Herve - Night Turns Into Day

Newest release from UK producer Herve is this piano house banger 'Night Turns Into Day' from his new album 'Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down'.

It packs a classic vocal vibe for some good listening.

Monday, September 3, 2012

[Radio] Monster FM DJ Showcase

This month in the Highlands something new and very exiting is happening; A new radio station by the name of Monster FM will be set up for the month of September, and every Friday and Saturday there will be DJ showcase, broadcasting sets from the areas finest djs across a wide selection of genres.

Soundclash djs Teknique and Kaos Theory
Monster FM is run in conjunction with MFR and Radioskills and is used to give trainee radio djs, producers, programmers etc to provide the real hands on experience of working in a live radio station. It all began last year when Sondclash gentlemen Ally Ridgers and Ryan MacLean were playing at Rockness and were spotted by MFR dj Ginno who was impressed by the belting set they played. He got in touch with the chaps and asked them to do guest sets every Friday night in September last year. This year, for 3 hours every Friday and Saturday night , Soundclash will host a choice cut selection of some of the biggest names in Inverness such as Filth djs Ross Lyall and Andrew McGibbon, Polymath, Soundclash, The LED and more, as well as Justice Never Sleep's very own djs Boomshank Redemption and Them & Us. Should the show be a real success (it will), there is hope that maybe MFR may even create a show to run throughout the year on the weekends.

Lets take a wee looky looky at the some of the acts and what we can expect from this bunch of rapscallion rogers:

Stereo Crookz: Two young up and coming whippersnappers from Inverness, consisting of dj/producers Ross Calder and Shaun Leonard. Their set includes their favorite house and electro house tracks at the moment, edits, mash ups, as well as a previously unheard bootleg and their latest track featuring KRTS

Boomshank Redemption (me): Bit of a dick, but I can play some groovy bangers. Co-runs and plays club nights Get With It and of course, Justice Never Sleeps. Expect some deep house vibes to begin with, progressing to a more raw, electro edged techno set with plenty of mash ups and edits. Listen out for latest track, Todd Terry - Samba (Boomshank Redemption Remix)
Boomshank Redemption and Polymath

Polymath: Also a big chief of the club night Get With It, this man knows a thing or two about fist pumping techno and has had some pretty exciting releases such as his remix of Discopolis - Summer Nightmares, his track Sawpump and my personal fave, the bollywood belter that is Thangra. His set will be an energetic blend of some of the latest techno and house tracks as well as some of his own material.

Teknique: Teknique is one half of the Soundclash group and has supported the likes of  Dj Yoda, Toddla T, Jack Beats, Jaguar Skills, Noisia, Soul Of Man, Dj Moneyshot and Boom Monk Ben. For his set Teknique will be playing a pumping breakz mix.

Mastershake: Has supported big names such as Chase & Status and Fake Blood and has played at Belladrum festival in 2010 and 2011. Styles include breaks, electro, drum and bass and dubstep

Foliage: is the small-town boy with the big city sounds. Hailing from Tain in the Scottish Highlands, he has made quite an impact on the Glasgow scene in the last 8 years. His noisy styled vinyl sets predominantly feature breaks but he is known for dropping unexpected belters which catch everyone by surprise.

Alottarhythm: This Brazillian fella is a well known legend on the Inverness scene and is renowned for his soulful, tech and deep house sets. His set for the show brings what you some fresh cutting edge house without forgetting the roots that has made house music what it is. (You can also catch Alottarhythm live @Nocturnal Presents warming up for the legendary "Evil" Eddie Richards (Fabric/London) and DJ Q (Glasgow Underground) on the 6th of October @ Karma Lounge)

Alan MacPherson
Alan MacPherson: Joiner. Full on techno set.

BOSK Djs: BOSK is a clubnight run by a couple of Forresians (that's folk fae Forres, ken?) that brings local djs to medium sized venues around Grampian and the Highlands.

Them and Us: Them & Us are DJ/Producers Mark Mackenzie (also co-founder of this blog!) and Liam Macleod. In their short time together they have already supported Annie Mac, Simian Mobile Disco and Zane Lowe. Their set has been designed to appeal to electronic music lovers both young and old and includes an exclusive first play of an unreleased track as well as plenty of their own mush ups and set edits.

Foley Bear: Foley has been a professional DJ for over 20 years, and held residencies in Kavos, London, Brighton, Cambridge, Inverness, Reading, Kingston, Crawley and Southampton! He has supported tons of big acts including names such as Lisa Lashes, Tall Paul and dj Spoony to name a few. His time on air will be mostly hip hop with some UK garage

Soundclash djs: Soundclash (as previously mentioned) are djs Teknique and Kaos Theory and have supported the likes of  Dj Yoda, Toddla T, Jack Beats, Jaguar Skills, Noisia, Soul Of Man, Dj Moneyshot and Boom Monk Ben. In their set you can look forward to many styles of music from dubstep, breaks, electro and a turntablism bass fest!

The Led: In the past few years producer/dj duo the LED have been making a great name for themselves. Dressed in their iconic LED masks and suits they have supported the likes of Simian Mobile Disco and have had some brilliant releases and remixs. The LED consist of Stuart Moffat and Darren Malley and their style is a creative blend of cutting edge electro, dubstep and techno.

Ally Ridgers: Ally Ridgers (aka Teknique) returns under his real name this time to deliver a house and UK bass mix.

Filth djs
: Not many people in Inverness will not have heard of these guys! Djs Ross Lyall and Andrew McGibbon are known for bringing huge acts to Inverness such as Erol Alkan, Alex Metric and Jaymo & Andy George, the boys know how to throw a mad techno sesh! Their 2 hour set will be mainly electro with a some techno.

Highland Junglists:The Highland Junglists as the name suggests are about all things Jungle, but also play across a wide range of other genres. They consist of Dj Dropz, Dj Raboon, Dj Silent Assasin, Dj Essay and I am Kojak. Their 3 hour set will include drum 'n' bass, old skool D'n'B, jungle, dubstep, tech, dancefloor and freestyle.

Full line up:

7th - Stereo Crookz / Boomshank Redemption / Polymath
14th - Alottarhyhm / Alan MacPherson / Scott Langley
21st – Them & Us / Abraham Thunderwolf / Dj Jon (Vault)
28th – Ally Ridgers / Filth Djs 2hrs

8th – Teknique / Mastershake / Foliage
15th – BOSK Djs 2hrs / Foley Bear
22nd – SoundClash Djs 2hrs / The LED
29th – Highland Junglists 3hrs

You can the catch Monster FM dj showcase on 106.1 in the Inverness area or online at from 10pm to 1am every Friday and Saturday in September .

Check them out on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Free DL] KRTS & Lucky Cub - XOX EP

A nice free download to make your week - Vocalist KRTS teams up with producer Lucky Cub for a three track EP. Unlike a lot of Kurtis's material the Count Clockwork producer has brought a dark twist that makes for an aggressive yet pleasant sounding EP.

KRTS - Soundcloud

Lucky Cub - Soundcloud // Facebook

Monday, August 20, 2012

JNS's Top 5 Female DJ's

First of all it isn't sexist to admire and praise a female DJ on looks and personality if they have the talent to boot..y (cheeky!). Even as a male DJ I know that these attributes will always help make your name in the industry (I'll have to find some way of covering my ugly ass face I if I make I ever made it front page) but you can't have true success from that alone. One thing that I know for certain is a 5 can easily become a 9 behind a pair of CDJ's, that doesn't mean I'd love to have a DJ as a girlfriend, my girlfriend is a make up artist and I think I would rather it stayed that way - If she started telling me what songs to play other than 'one direction' I might start losing my edge.

Talking of make up artistry, its a mainly female dominated area although there is still a handful of men known to carry a few shades of foundation around - this is because traditional make up (excluding fashion) is aimed at woman and so they tend to pick up the interest. So why is it that in an industry like DJing that rely's on female inclusion on the dance floor, we don't have more ladies in the booth? I mean dance music isn't just aimed at men is it? Its live existence is for the most part down to the fact that many of us want to bump ugly's with the opposite sex and the only way to get that started is to attract them with some sort of sun dance routine. In other words we need girls to dance otherwise this sausage fest of a dance scene would become so intolerable that even Louie Spence would say there's too much cock to move.

Anyway, the following list is somewhat a tie up between the most talented and best looking DJ's I could think of. The woman in this list are great examples of how many female DJ's are at the top of electronic music scene. I honestly would have involved any female DJ with talent whether they were good looking or hideous but I all I've managed to find are beautiful woman. Sadly I think this shows up whats wrong with the industry.

So before I get into a rant about sexism and dance music let us continue to dribble and drool over the goddess's of the decks.


Well I couldn't of started with a more controversial option! As a Playboy model it was never going to be easy to argue her case as to why she should be in this list. Tits out or not the girl can mix, been listening to a few of her mixes today all of which had some tasty tracklists. She's DJ'd at some of the biggest fashion events on the world including Mac Cosmetics Fashion Week party in New York and even Donald Trumps birthday bash! Even a cheeky TV appearance in the US on reality show 'The Girls Next Door'.


Gina Turner

Not a lot of info kicking around on Gina Turner but from what I've listened to I think she really should be up there with the likes of Annie Mac. She's worked with some huge names, credibly Laidback Luke and Style Of Eye. Take a listen to her stuff here, also recommend a read of her interview with Chemical Jump.


Nina Kraviz

Used study dentistry in Moscow, now she tours the world over playing music she loves. Nina is a fine example of how persistence and passion can sometimes pay off. Her Deep House productions are flawless and her DJ sets have people booking her left right and center. I got to say 'Ghetto Kraviz' is one of my favourite tunes of the moment, the hypnotizing vocal is just brilliant. Not to mention her looks.


Annie Mac

Yeah, you can't do a list on female DJ's without including the Mac! Annie Mac is known around the world for her show on Radio 1 and her DJ appearances from headlining festivals to presenting some of the best club nights in country. I actually had the pleasure to warm up for her in Inverness, joined by an entourage of friends she was incredibly down to earth and fun (She even gave us her Champagne!). Some achievements of hers include the success of her 'Annie Mac Presents..' releases, Mixmag cover CD, TV appearances including presenting on 'The Culture Show', 'Top Of The Pops' and appearing as a guest on 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'.


Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles has not only prevailed as a successful DJ but her productions are top notch, something which for me pips her over Annie Mac for the top spot. The London born producer heads two other projects with reasonable success, those being 'She Is Danger' with Lena Cullen and her dubstep alias 'Nocturnal Sunshine'. She's recently made the cover of Mixmag in a female DJ special and was asked by Radio 1 to make the famous 'essential mix' which later was voted the best essential mix of 2011. Under 'She Is Danger' she's remixed Massive Attack and Gorillaz to name some and won pretty much all the awards you can ask for as a DJ including - DJ Mags producer of the year 2011 and Mixmags Best Breakthrough DJ Award 2011. This year will no doubt see her impress and rise to the top!

Well that covers it for now, I know there are tonnes of female DJ's I am yet to discover so if you feel I've missed out someone then let us know!





Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to save money as a Band/artist

Hey Guys, hope your all keeping justice and peace in the right?
So I had a listen to a limited edition run of a album called “Medusa” by InMe today. It was limited edition because the band had recorded it entirely by themselves and it was mixed by them as well (Mainly Greg I heard somewhere). Although it wasn’t perfect it was still a mighty fine effort to make themselves and by doing that in their homes it probably cost them nothing! So this brings me to the point of the post. How can we reduce costs on the recording and production of a record? how hard can it be? Bob Dylan and Neil Young done it.

Well, I am about to go into my 3rd year of Sound Production and I can tell you, some of the best sounds I have recorded has been by me just fucking about with mics.

So here is a list of ways I think you can do it yourself!


Why not make it a Super awesome adventure of it and do it yourself? It took me about 6 faps of my pan handle to find this website and am sure you can find more if you try! Rental is cheap and will allow you to go nuts with no time constraints! I would advise you read some techniques first, you know can't hurt having a little bit of a idea before you go in ya know about recording? But this allows you to take equipment out and have a project with the band or yourself pushing your creative style and recording is always a fun way to spend the day!

Get some poor, dirty, lonely and desperate student to do it for you..

Well.... maybe just a student, It funny because I don't see enough people taking advantage of this but with most Sound Production or technology students there are most of them are dying to get experienced outside bands in for them to record in often professional and very expensive studio's using good equipment, I know I was last year and I was able to do that and the band benefited loads from it so you are both in a win-win situation!

Search for the engineer!

There are loads of folks out there who have their home studio's out there and are able to record bands in their homes! They often know what their doing and are willing to go to extreme lengths to soundproof rooms for their best sounds making studio quality records from the comfort of homes for a bit of silver crossing their palms! A band called Tubelord done this and got featured in Nuts magazine and are on to huge things from this cheaply done but well produced album! I for example do this (for details comment on the post) and I know loads of other folks who do it, now as a Musician looking for these people the best thing to do would be ask around and through a friend from a friend am sure you'll find someone, am not even kidding you will be amazed how cheap home audio gear is getting and why not do it yourself if your serious!   

A super quick post, I will probably follow this up with another post on more methods but am shocked by the amount of people who go straight to a studio to record so this was just a few idea's to think about! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Felix Cartal - Tonight ft Maja Ivarsson + Remixes

I've been waiting on this one. This single had the potential to be a massive summer track, when I hear those vocals I feel like I'm being touched up by angels. The original is good but I think once it gets to the chorus/drop it just loses my attention so I'm glad there was really strong remix selection to release with it. Botnek had my vote before I'd even heard the others, these guys are on fire right now! Seen them in Glasgow and they had people hitting the roof with mostly originals and remixes of their own.

Other remixes on the release come from Autoerotique, Hot Mouth and Jay Fay.

The Hot Mouth remix is a second favourite for me. Its a good one to just move to, maybe not something I'd play out to get people jumping but it scraps the big breakdowns for some solid electronic cuts.

The Autoerotique remix is a big banger but its rounded synth squeaks remind me too much of Knife Party (something thats been getting on my nerves with electronic music lately). Still I can't fault it as a remix.

Jay Fay's remix is also decent. I wasn't keen at first because its slowed down moombahton banger but I guess its good to hear a completely different take on the song. Asides from that its an absolute banger!