Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 7.0

Mila Kunis, I would destroy you.
This week has to have been one of most exciting weeks of my life, a lot of stuff going on right now behind closed doors and it feels like things are really taking off. A couple of days ago I finished my new track with Fresh'n'Juicy from Belgium and its ripping up a heap of attention from some credited artists and labels and with it comes five remixes (on there way) which has introduced me to some awesome electro house producers. So Iv'e been snooping around Soundcloud a lot more this week (something I don't often get the chance to do) and found some undiscovered bangers so please feast upon the selection of filthy bass!

Certified Bangers

This is a f**king stormer of a track called 'Sick As Hell' from an unsigned producer I found on Soundcloud called Scrug, Still can't believe its not been picked up yet by a label. I have a copy but unfortunately I can't share it with you all since it would compromise his chances of it getting signed.
Preview!! by Scrug

Jamie D is a electro house producer from Sydney, he has been working with Mr Soundz from London on a number of remix projects including this banger! They will also be remixing my new track 'We Change' so keep an eye out for that. (Unfortunately no download here either)
Ryan Enzed - Skyscraper (Mr Soundz & Jamie D) Royal Fetish Remix Comp by Jamie D

OK time for some free downloads, someone Iv been listening to all week is Prototype Raptor, his remix of Cthulhu Sleeps had me raping the replay button and now his mash up of this well known Gartner track has got me settling down with it and investing in a joint loan in order to pay of our reasonable sized mortage payment. Need I say more!
Wolfgang Gartner - The American Epic (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg) by PrototypeRaptor

Another artist doing a remix for our latest release, shit is crazy!
Killbass - Galactica (Original Mix) by KILLBASS

Oh my bejezus christ, fuuuuuuuuuu- serial klllers Data Junkies with a tune that will get you wet behind the ears. (Again, these guys are remixing our track 'We Change' also)
Psycho Dragon Circus Choir (Original Mix) by Data Junkies



Theres no release date yet but Dirty Red Records have signed our new track and it should be out soon. Fresh'N'Juicy is Belgian producer Belasco who came up with the chords in his track Acapulco, after handing it to me to remix we then made it the original and changed the name to 'We Change'. Remixes come from Data Junkies, Connor Byrne, Mr Soundz & Jamie D, Killbass and Paulo Pacco.

Again Im useless with release dates but here is a new remix from local Polymath that im digging a lot.
Now in stereo - Away (Polymath remix) by POLYMATH

Monday, September 26, 2011

[Electro] Knife Party - Internet Friends (Mark Mackenzie Remix)

A bit of selfish promotion here but I thought since the track has reached its download limit on soundcloud I would post it up here for free download. As some of you may know I had a close scare with this track this week as some dodgy twats tried to claim it and sell it under their name but as always Justice Never Sleeps.

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Mark Mackenzie Remix)

Big stuff on the way soon with the EP and also finishing some work with Belgian producer Belasco on a new track and remix.

Follow me on soundcloud and download more free tunes > Mark Mackenzie Soundcloud

Noisia - Tommy's Theme

Face melting Dubstep from farty bass gods Noisia, out today on everyone's favourite label run by a deceased rodent, available only on Beatport.

[Album] Sacre Noir - 'Her Volatile Condition'

Was looking through my messages and realised I had accidentally missed one from an Edinburgh band called Sacre Noir. Like all artists that contact us I gave them a good listen, and well lets just say I'm glad I had a second look.
Immediately I had a further interest into hearing more as I like to listen to bands that do something a little differently and come up with defining sounds that seperate them from the usual four chord nightmares you hear playing every week. I should say though I don't think its everyones cup of tea, but if you have any sense and interest in real music I would at least give them a look over. The slow and powerful vocals from singer/songwriter Carrie Beattie shows they have a lot of experience and force behind there music that gives you a sense of confidence from the first listen and the deep bass sounds, haunting piano chords and flickering snares and hi hats make for a solid sound that can send a shiver down your spine and a thought to your brain.

''Sacre Noir is the brainchild of Vocalist / Producer Carrie Beattie. The sound has developed from a trilogy of demo recordings EPs featuring found percussion and field recordings, and has since progressed to an intense live show combining loops, live musicians and Carrie’s distinctive, sometimes haunting vocal.
 2010 saw the release of debut album ‘Her Volatile Condition’ - earning rave reviews and leading to a re-release in 2011 to include digital formats and a repackaged CD for the USA, Europe and iTunes markets.''

Make sure you check them out and if you like what you hear then purchase their latest album.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Le Castle Vania - Awake Remixes


Le Castle Vania has been teasing us for the past couple of weeks with remixes of his new single Awake and it seems like he saved the best for last with this utter monster of a remix.
Here's a preview of the original as well.

Catch the whole EP out this Tuesday from Always Never Records

[Tracks] Soothing Sunday

A trail of destruction, a pounding headache and a sickening smell of last nights kebab topped by a sweet feeling success and regret.  Its fair to say you didn't waste the weekend although you spent it wasted however what to do with your sunday night? Well you could lead by example, buy another bottle of poison and front the pussaaay patrol! Although I've seen a sunday line up and ain't pretty... or you could make some munch, a cup of tea and download these head soothing miracles they call music. And trust me... I will be gentle.

 Got to love a bit Siriusmo, just stumbled back across this one tonight.

  Blaue Sonne by Siriusmo

I love this song, the original was amazing and this edit just reminds me of christmas last year. Its a tricky tune to remix because you don't want to spoil the feeling but this one just gives it that soft touch and no more.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) [DL LINK IN COMMENTS] by Das Kapital

Glasgow Producer Koreless is someone Iv recently discovered and Feedback Junkie below also both killing it with some awesome kick back tunage.

Jacques Greene - The Look (Koreless Remix) by Koreless

Stranger (vocal version) by Feedback Junkie

And especially for this post I've uploaded a remix I've kept to myself for a while, this song is one of my favorites of all time and I had to make an attempt at an edit so don't say I aint good to you. You can only download it from here. Its rare that I make tracks like these because of the DJ'ing and incorporating my music into my sets but a friend told me I should get back into making some experimental stuff and so don't be a dingbat if I come across all 'Free Tibet' on yous in the next we while.

Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyns Bittersweet vs Mackz's Festival Morning Mix) 

I thought to finish we could all use a bear hug.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New single out from Glasgow legend Rustie

New single by Rustie, taken off the forthcoming album Glass Swords (out on October 2nd). About as massive as this being my first post on here.

Purchase it here, available as a download or sexy etched vinyl released on Warp.

[Tour!] Ignite Records

Hey Guys! Truly a awesome Gig in Hoots and tour through Inverness! Its going to be a totally awesome night folks with some incredible music! for £40 quid you can get Travel from Glasgow to Inverness, free entry to the gig, free accommodation... THEN free accommodation and transport and entry to the gig in Skye! Jesus folks! that's a lot for your money! either contact me or go straight to Ignite Records here to buy tickets! (in fact just go to the website, that's were I'd tell you to go!)

You can check the bands here!

[Release!] Sonny Marvello!

Hey Guys! Long time no see I know! but I have only recently got internet and I've been turning necks and bouncing checks since my move to G-town, so its all been a bit balls to walls of late! but this post has certainly been worth the wait!

Our Friends at Ignite Records are delighted to announce "Sonny Marvello's" d├ębut Music video for their song "Tiny Little Sparks"! Having just been released tonight! you'll be some of the first people to check the video out! for fans of "The Beatles" or "The Blur" you'll love them! Also Its worth mentioning that Ignite Records are hosting a jizztastic Gig in Inverness on the 7th of October at Hootanny's! with Sonny Marvelo, Cities and Skylines and Stations! so come along folks because its going to be a mad one!

For a link to the video follow this link here

[Coming Soon] Feedback Junkie 'Evil Logan' EP


Feedback Junkie a.k.a Thomas Livingston is someone I met down here in G-Town. From the first song I listened to on his soundcloud I knew his production style was something I was going to like, its different but not in that ''emmmm it different sort of way.'' but different in the sense that every song has something unique and exciting to listen too, his synth work is flawless and an obvious attention to detail in his drums and effects has resulted in an overall very satisfying listen. So last night he told me he has been working on a new EP that he is hoping to release sometime soon and I was very anxious to get a snippet of it so he has kindly made this 30 second sample for JNS that will set the pace for this new release. We'l keep yous up to date with the release as soon as we know.

Also I recommend checking out the tunes he already has on his SoundCloud because some of them are pretty awesome plus there is a few freebies in there!

[Fresh] Connor Byrne - Ayla (2011 Remix)

After a short spell of producers block JNS DJ Connor Byrne is back with an outstanding remix of 90's classic Ayla (remember Kev and Pery?). The days of effort and attention to detail that I have witnessed Connor putting into this track is reflected in the song. Bringing together a classic melody that will bring back flashbacks like soldier in nam to almost any old time ravers with a fresh driving bassline this track has the potential to reside in every big players cd wallet. Trust me, I was on stage last night at the Arches when he played this one out, shit got crazy! Also he tells me now that he has finally found the free download option on his soundcloud account that there will be plenty more freebies on the way! So get it downloaded and hit him up with some feedback or follow.

Connor Byrne - Ayla (2011 Remix) by Connor-Byrne 

Video of Connor Byrnes Arches appearance will be up soon. Stay close for more updates on gigs and promos.

Monday, September 19, 2011

[Podcast] Netsounds Unsigned with Count Clockwork

A lot of great things to say about Netsounds Unsigned, its a brilliant representation of emerging talent round here and its also an awesome listen. I don't know why I haven't made a post about it yet! Well if your not a listener I hope this makes you one so I can make up for some lost coverage.  Wasn't long ago that dance music of all sorts was almost non existent on local radio or podcasts and recently I've been really excited about what the future holds for the genre here. So our insane electronic friends Count Clockwork have been featured on the latest podcast with an interview and a play of their latest release 'Whorehouse'. Have a listen to full podcast and share! Also while we are the note of podcasts and radio myself and Connor Byrne will be starting a monthly show on a online radio station in representation of JNS although nothing is secured yet we will be bringing yous some live mixes very soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 6.0

Wow am I hungover, and its only Wednesday. Believe it or not i'm going to see Pete Doherty playing at the Barrowlands in Glasgow this Saturday since its just round the corner now! Just thought I would share that thought with you... Anyway last night I finally got a good night out and went to a place I didn't really want to go on my first night out in Glasgow but I went to the Garage which is like a sort of half cheesy and half classic nightclub for those who don't know. It was decent, im not going to lie. There was something amazing enough to keep me in there through such shite like Chris Brown and Barbara Streisand and that was the drink prices! £1 for a vodka and Coke. Now as you can probably tell this resulted in me packing my arms with multiple drinks of which many people thought I was sharing.. was I fuck. An hour later I was crunking my shit to Get Low. So it was a good night but I need something filthy to wash all that clean pop shit out of my ears so we come to another Serving Up Some Justice post. So please enjoy my selection of cochlea grinding madness and if you find somewhere with cheap drinks and good music give me a shout.

Certified Bangers

Thieves - Pousser (Original Mix)
Push it aaaaaah haha remember that vocal for sure!

Gigi Barocco - The Rhythm (Original Mix)
The first drop is tasty, the second is delicious.

Pretty Lights - Know The Truth (Original Mix)
Interesting mix, can't say much more than that.

Felguk - Jack It (Original Mix)
Its got that swag, you know the one that makes you want to jack.

F.O.O.L - Krieg (Original Mix)
F.O.O.L kill it always.

Killing In The Name Of (SebastiAn Remix)
I know its old but I only just found a good quality copy!

Feed Me - Cotts Face (Original Mix)
last couple of weeks this bad boy has been keeping me occupied on the train every morning.

Death To Kids - Cornflakes (Original Mix)
I'l be honest, the drop isn't that interesting but the sampling is just EPIC haha 'Its not a tumor!''


Ados got a new EP out on the 26th. Its sounding mental as always. I met Ado when we interviewed him for the blog and he was a sound dude, also his set was just fucking awesome, bodies everywhere. So this EP has my respect!

Ado - Age by thesubs-blog

Was excited to hear Porter Robinson has released his new EP Spitfire and I can safely say it is banging! I really like how he hasn't restricted himself to one genre and the EP is really a great mix of his own takes on Electro House, Dubstep, Trance and Moombahton. Also the remixes are ace! I recommend listening to Knife Party's remix of Unison, its shit hot.

Spitfire by Porter Robinson


Not much been happening production wise as far as I know but there is some stuff going on that I should be posting about it.

First of all when I was at my mate Natalie's to seek urgent help finding a band for my course recording, she showed me this interesting band called Team Kapowski who I had never heard off maybe because they are pretty new but I was so surprised to find out their from Inverness! They have a sort light hearted take on there music and come across as a sort of happier Bloodhound Gang. Iv'e only found one good quality stream of there music though so not much to listen away to, still you'l see what I mean. And apologies for not being on top of things sooner.

Team Kapowski Facebook

Also our friends the L.E.D have entered a competition to get their excellent remix of Awolnation signed by Red Bull records so if you have a second get on the link and have a listen if you haven't already ... then vote.

Vote and Listen to the L.E.D's remix!

If anyone has any new stuff they would like me to write about and post then don't hesitate to hit me up with a message on my facebook which you can find in the links section or my email address.

Monday, September 12, 2011

[Photos] Justice Never Sleeps @ Cake

Things didn't look to great. Ten minutes before curfew we weren't seeing the numbers we needed, all the regulars were at 'the rave' and the usual suspects had made there way to there usual choice of club. We had a last ditch attempt with some flyering, the reaction I got from some people was as if I had just taken a massive curling shit in there boots! One person told me to ''f**k off unless you play Afrojack all night'' and another one tried to make a terrible attempt at knocking the flyers out my hand while screaming 'NO!' like I had offered him a dead dog. Saying that there was a lot of nice people too... and one intimidating homosexual man who wouldn't take the 'stranger danger' scream as a hint that maybe his hands were a little too near to someones crotch.

But then like a miracle from the man himself people turned up !!! ... or maybe its just logical that people always turn up minutes before curfew.

Im not just saying this because its Justice Never Sleeps. It was an awesome night! The people that showed up just owned the place and everyone had a brilliant time. It helped that we all get thrashed and danced half naked but the decision to bring all the DJ's on downstairs was a good one.

I would like to say thanks to Cake, to the DJ's (Liam Macleod, Alottarhythman, Alan Grant, Ross Calder, Kyle and Greame from Turn It Up) and a special thanks to Ashley Payne (Boomshank) for doing most of the work in organising the other night!  Also thanks to Margret from Highland News and Jamie from the Inverness Courier for some great write ups in the run up to Saturday night. Our man Euan played responsible long enough to get some brilliant photos of everyone and so you can find them all here on Facebook if you wish to tag yourself or you can have a wee swatch off them here!

Keep an eye on the blog now for more nights which we are currently organising!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Event] Justice Never Sleeps @ Cake TONIGHT!

Its on people! Tonight is our first club night at Cake with an awesome line up its sure to be a great night. Spread over two rooms there will be Electro, Techno and House and don't forget shit loads of alcohol! The line up is as follows - 

Main Room:

TURN IT UP DJ'S                          10-12
CONNOR BYRNE                        12-00:50
MARK MACKENZIE                   00:50-1:40

Room 2:

LIAM MACLEOD                         10-11
ALOTTARHYTHMMAN              11-1
ALAN GRANT                              1-FINISH

Tickets are £5 unless you get in before 11 which will get you in half price. So make sure your in early so you can get yourself some jager bombs and get even more fucked up! We'l be there all night hopefully and I'm going to be DJing so come and say hello if you want! May also be doing another video for this one, so put on your nicest shirt and remember to trim your mono!

Friday, September 9, 2011

[Introducing] Interview with Esbjerg

Louis Buick (Right)

Say Hi to our new writer Louis Buick from Count Clockwork! Hes already paid for himself by grabbing this interview with Producer DJ John Lees a.k.a Esbjerg. Until we have Louis's account up and running I will be posting his post... if that makes sense! I'l leave the introductions to himself so for the moment read the interview!

John Lees a.k.a Esbjerg

  Where did the name come from? Esbjerg is a danish town my dad visited a few times, and a fairly uncommon username online. Thought it sounded prety cool too haha.

How would you describe your sound to anyone that hasn’t seen you live? Well I guess it varies depending on the people there and suff, but ideally it's heavy electro a (I know planisfear hates the term electro) and just big kick drums and basslines, keep people up and moving!

What’s your current set up for producing/DJing At the moment it's just cdj's, but one day I will have a live set up for some events!

Favourite producer at the moment? Even if he is one of my best friends, Planisfear is going to be huge, Etnik is also a massive favourite of mine. The collab they have going sounds massive and can't wait for the full version.

Biggest guilty pleasure? It's probably the Afrojack remix of kickstarts. Always gives people a massive surprise.

If you could only listen to one genre for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Really into acid house right now and have been for a while, 303win!.. But having said that, into metalcore and stuff like that right now.. Bit strange but it's pretty different!

If you had the chance to play any festival which would you choose and why? Would love to play I Love Techno. Loads of people into the same type of music I'm into seems like a whale of a time.. One day!

Is there that one track that you have to play every time you dj? Ooh.. That's kinda hard, but I guess I always do end up playing some Gesaffelstein somewhere. Fanboy of Hatred I guess!

Plans for the year ahead? Going to try and get as much play time as I can this year I guess, going to get serious about producing too, get my stuff out as far as possible.


      Esbjerg - Run (Original Mix) FREE DONWLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD

Sunday, September 4, 2011

[Article] First Candle On The Cake

All I can remember was that green laser shining through my eyes and out the back of my head like some special effect on an old dotor who side kick thats just been shot on the dancefloor. Seriously, ask me to recollect my first memory of Cake and thats all I can remember, that and the overwhelming feeling that I had found my place of rest: all be it resting with one of the biggest sub woofers known to man blasting through your chest like a double barrel shotgun. And its only been a year!

Having only turned 18 last year, my club life is only as long as Cakes name but it wasn't the first club I ever went to. No, because there was a time not so long ago that there was only one place you could go and at seventeen, armed with my brothers passport and my best 'make me look older shirt' I made the mistake everyone should make in their life once. I followed the crowd and went to... well if your from Inverness you'l know where Im talking about but for the sake of keeping the JNS name clean I will call it 'TopFourty2TopFourty'. Don't get me wrong, I had a good time there! Yeah the music was crap and there was A LOT of arseholes but I was with my mates, I was underage and most importantly I had never been to a club before. But then, I became of age and my night was no longer dependant on my brothers friend who one time played five a side with one of the bouncers at 'TopFourty2TopFourty'. So I went to Cake.
The only way I can describe this move is like this: having recently moved to Glasgow we have made a lot of tripes to IKEA and you don't visit there without going to the restaurant upstairs and getting some Swedish meatballs. Well the first time we went we waited for ages in this long que, we got to the end eventually and got our meatballs and they were tasty. Second time we went we weren't in such a rush. It was then I noticed hidden behind a large shelf of cakes and refreshments there was another que, this one had no one in it. Well I joined it. Turned out I got tastier meatballs a lot faster and the woman who worked behind the counter were much friendlier, I even got time to choose a dessert without some uptight Asian woman ramming her tray up my arse because she never got the drapes she so desperately wanted. (Not a hate on Asian people, she was actually Asian!) But the point is once I had experienced the fast line that only the smarter people knew about I was never willing to back to waiting in the slow line. And in some wierd and far off way this refers to how I chose Cake.
I immediately knew that this was the place for me. That I belonged with the two steppers and the buckfast slushies. Im glad I made that decision because not only did I meet some of the soundest people I know today but it made me the DJ I am today. And I don't just speak for myself when I say that. Its the little things that make a difference sometimes and this is where Cake excels. With people who actually care about music behind the running of things and there get to know mentallity, they have won themselves a lot of faithful clubbers.

However there has been a painful and well known past with this particular venue. Not Cake but the clubs which once occupied the rose street building. Although I can't see Cake going the same way there is an ever lasting fear that if we were to lose it that it would be the last time. You don't have to look far to see the consequences of something like this happening. If you were to look at the article Euan wrote about Downtown USA this week you will see how much effect the loss of venue has when not only does it helps local acts but brings in the names we'd never see otherwise. Again though, I can't see Cake going the same way but its important we don't take it for granted.
I know I don't. Nights at Cake have been some of the best moments of my year. There over priced cans of Strongbow haven't stopped me getting wasted at every opportunity and given a chance I'l show off my pish dance moves to anything whether its fidget, electro, house, techno, minimal or chilled out rhythms on a Sunday.
See the thing is, whether we know it or not, the club you choose reguraly on a friday or saturday night can say a lot about your personality. A lot of my friends still go to the cheesy clubs in hope of finding some 'dirty' with a spade full of fake tan smeered acorss there face just so they can shag the ogg boots off her. And you know I don't hold that against them, maybe if I wasn't so awesome I would be out swigging blue wkds and purchasing many lacoste polo shirts with my dole money. But you'l probably find just as much va jay jay in Cake on a Saturday night, and for the people who have a passion in music and club life, well you don't have a tricky decission to make. Because its not only a club to me but a life choice.

And so on behalf of Justice Never Sleeps I would like to say Happy Birthday Cake and don't blow all the candles out at once.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

[Scottish Rap] Scotland Stand Up Vol 4

Scotland Standup Mixtape 4 Cover Art

Your Scottish, worse, your from the Highlands where a four floor building is considered a sky scraper and church obsessed oldies run the high street stricter than any blood or crip and to top it of you can't even say butter properly... so this means you'l never be a rapper right? wrong! Scottish Rap has to be one of most sketchiest of genres around. I know for a fact that anyone who presses play on a Youtube video made by a Scottish rap artist is cringing before the loading line even makes an appearance. However, every so often you get someone who raises the bar. The problem is that there is not enough market and exposure for these people yet, which is real ashame considering most of the good rappers spend years perfecting there lyrics and flow and have a real pride in what they do to then be shot down by some ignorant arsehole who doesn't know his Big L from his Lil Wayne. Thats why I have great respect for sites like . If you love rap the truth is you'l always be happy if your getting some substanstial feedback on your tracks, but many give up hope on the dream of becoming famous. Now not to put anyones hopes up to far, this could all change very soon. Years back I can remember people slagging London grime off something rotten and the UK rap scene was in termoil. Then the US threw us some favours when all they could come up with were some commercial born ghetto faking trainer and gold wearing excuse for rappers who only rapped when Gaga was done her second chorus. It was like some poorly executed tribute to Biggie where they forgot the lyrics and natural swag. And so when London Grime became commercial we saw the likes of Wiley with Roll Deep, Tinchy Styrder and Tinie Tempah hitting the top 40. When people got bored of there brag injected US inflicted pop music, people started looking north for the answer and so acts like Kid British and Rizzle Kick started rolling in Youtube gold. My point is, if Scottish rappers play there cards right and start working towards attracting a larger audience you may get the success further down the road because this scene is constantly moving and looking for new things. But when it comes along you better make sure your ready because in good old Scottish style they'l take what they need and leave us with nothing before you can even say contract.

Back to what I actually intended on writing in this post! A mate of mine who I've done some recording work with has managed to get himself featured on the Mixtape formentioned above with his track Evident recorded with KD. Paul Scott is from Inverness and has been recording raps for years now. Its a great achievement for someone from this far north to get on this and hes not the only one from Inveness to do it. Sherbit Mgoff and Brude also feature on the Mixtape. So follow the link and download the whole album for free or just the guys tracks, its up to you.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

[Article] Death Of The American Dream

By the name of the title, I would forgive you if you thought I was about start a really in depth synopsis of the American deficit but I of course refer to a little old venue called “Downtown USA” in Inverness that has sadly, been closed for a few years now.
Before I go any further I wish to mention that I don’t really write articles, I am neither a journalist nor a writer so bear with me, as I am trying my best. If you do have any complaints, please email where you concerns will be carefully considered.
I have started to see a trend in small Rock/Punk/Hardcore bands that are travelling Scotland starting to appear, their touring poster's look a little like this
No Inverness? Why is that? Not too long ago we were almost a certainty on that list, Is Inverness beginning to earn itself a name for people not turning up to upcoming bands? I have been disappointed with great bands like “Bronto Skylift” playing and only being able to pull in 30 people, about 10 of which are pub regulars and have just heard a racket upstairs. These bands anywhere else would pack a small venue out with enthusiastic rockers and moshers, again since the days of “Downtown USA” mosh pits are as rare as a woman knowing her place.
Recently me and an old friend were talking about Inverness and its music scene and we soon found ourselves reminiscing about the good ole’ days of Downtown USA and the more we talked about it the more we came to realise just how fucking awesome that place really was. For those who were regulars they will understand what I mean when I say we have lost something truly special, but for those who weren’t a part of it let me try and explain.
You see Downtown USA was a place that that was run by music enthusiasts, it was a venue that every week without fail would pull in Local fans of Local Rock/Hardcore/Punk bands. Downtown USA was a 14+ venue and held about 150 people, which I think was vital to its success because this brought in a whole new crowd of music lovers and it would fill out easily, it was always busy no matter who was playing. It was also a place that loved promoting music so there were new bands playing every week in front of a mixed audience of people supporting their local music scene; now some of these bands were absolutely catastrophic and some were great! For those people who were regulars there, how many times would you hear the cover of “Rage Against the Machine’s – Killing in the Name of” In a night? A safe option for the new bands the get the crowd moshing. We saw great bands like “Curio” and “Deviate” emerge and Downtown USA would fill out with people to see these bands play. Something the great local bands are struggling to do today. In fact it seems the only way they get a large crowd is by supporting a much larger visiting band. It also played host to some great bands such as “Inme” and “The Gallows” who were the last “big” band to play there in 2007.
To say it helped the underground rock scene was a understatement because essentially it WAS the scene, and when it closed its doors for the final time, these genres suffered greatly and have never been quite the same as they once were in Inverness.
For a while, it was either “Ironworks” or “Mad Hatters” to see these Genres’s play, “Ironworks” supported this scene with its “Unleashed” nights but we could never dream to fill out its 1000 person capacity and made it painfully empty sometimes. “Mad Hatters” has held some great gigs in it but sadly weren’t able to compensate for regular local band slots and the irregularity of gigs and its 18+ restrictions meant that a lot of people couldn’t go, including myself back in the day.
So I feel that this is what is missing sometimes in Inverness, we need to find ourselves a venue people where this can happen again! In fact! I got myself so worked up am doing something about it right now! C’mon people let’s do something about our declining music scene!!

Written by Euan Coe

[Radio] Jordan Blyth on Muck FM

Turn It Up DJ Jordan Blyth will be playing on Muck FM tonight at 8. Make sure you tune in for some nice house and electro.

Muck FM