Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 7.0

Mila Kunis, I would destroy you.
This week has to have been one of most exciting weeks of my life, a lot of stuff going on right now behind closed doors and it feels like things are really taking off. A couple of days ago I finished my new track with Fresh'n'Juicy from Belgium and its ripping up a heap of attention from some credited artists and labels and with it comes five remixes (on there way) which has introduced me to some awesome electro house producers. So Iv'e been snooping around Soundcloud a lot more this week (something I don't often get the chance to do) and found some undiscovered bangers so please feast upon the selection of filthy bass!

Certified Bangers

This is a f**king stormer of a track called 'Sick As Hell' from an unsigned producer I found on Soundcloud called Scrug, Still can't believe its not been picked up yet by a label. I have a copy but unfortunately I can't share it with you all since it would compromise his chances of it getting signed.
Preview!! by Scrug

Jamie D is a electro house producer from Sydney, he has been working with Mr Soundz from London on a number of remix projects including this banger! They will also be remixing my new track 'We Change' so keep an eye out for that. (Unfortunately no download here either)
Ryan Enzed - Skyscraper (Mr Soundz & Jamie D) Royal Fetish Remix Comp by Jamie D

OK time for some free downloads, someone Iv been listening to all week is Prototype Raptor, his remix of Cthulhu Sleeps had me raping the replay button and now his mash up of this well known Gartner track has got me settling down with it and investing in a joint loan in order to pay of our reasonable sized mortage payment. Need I say more!
Wolfgang Gartner - The American Epic (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg) by PrototypeRaptor

Another artist doing a remix for our latest release, shit is crazy!
Killbass - Galactica (Original Mix) by KILLBASS

Oh my bejezus christ, fuuuuuuuuuu- serial klllers Data Junkies with a tune that will get you wet behind the ears. (Again, these guys are remixing our track 'We Change' also)
Psycho Dragon Circus Choir (Original Mix) by Data Junkies



Theres no release date yet but Dirty Red Records have signed our new track and it should be out soon. Fresh'N'Juicy is Belgian producer Belasco who came up with the chords in his track Acapulco, after handing it to me to remix we then made it the original and changed the name to 'We Change'. Remixes come from Data Junkies, Connor Byrne, Mr Soundz & Jamie D, Killbass and Paulo Pacco.

Again Im useless with release dates but here is a new remix from local Polymath that im digging a lot.
Now in stereo - Away (Polymath remix) by POLYMATH

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