Thursday, May 12, 2011

Serving Up Some Justice 2.0

Since we'v been posting a lot of events and interviews to get the page running i thought it was about time for another 'Serving up Some Justice' post just in time for the weekend. I've been listening to a shit load of fresh electro and a little dubstep recently so hopefully this post will filter out all the crap ones and leave you only with the HOLY SHIT WHATS THIS!! tunes. So turn on your swag, grab a bitch and have a good weekend.

Thought it was a reference to the Power Rangers kids program from years ago which actually made me and my mates watch the whole of the first episode before heading out. I dont think it is.
Skrillex - Disco Rangers 2011

Take that old 'Boogie Nights!' hook from the 70s and add some lung wrenching bass and you get this! Those flare wearing white afro bearing disco heads would be turning in there graves I tell you!!
Alex Mind & Far Too Loud - Bring Back Boogie (Original Mix)

Every so often i let a dubstep tune back into my life, this one made it because its... well.. bass power.
Bass Power V.4 (The Frim Remix)

Dirtyloud doing there usual by making me rape the shit out of the download button.
Dirtyloud ft Sirreal - Needle (Original Mix)

Never heard of them before... but i'm glad i have now!
Dskotek - Machine (Original Mix)

The Wolfgang Gartner one man tribute band with another banger.
Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze (Original Mix)

Ado was giving this one out free because he reached a thousand followers on Soundcloud, like they say, the best things in life are free.
Ado - Multiply Me (Ado's Total ReReReCall Mix)

Not a killer but something catchy, like herpies. Except its a really good song.. maybe should have just said that.
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix)

And a HQ radio rip which i don't usually post but the original of this track was always a favorite of mine plus Nero has put a twisted dubstep feel to this one, not your usual wob wob shite feel but a go insane and punch a seal in the face feel.

Justice - Stress (Nero Remix) HQ Rip

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