Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Introducing] Connor Byrne Interview + Exclusive Mini Mix

Whos this twazik? Well its only Connor Fucking Byrne! Connor Byrne is a producer/DJ from Inverness although he currently lives in Glasgow studying Sound Production and running his club night 'Why Not?' in Glasgows Nice'N'Sleazys. Hes only just turned 18 and yet he has already played the best clubs Inverness has to offer and his production skills are seamless So i fired a few questions at Connor and he made this banging mini mix exclusively for this blog!

If you had to describe your sound without saying what it is what would you describe it as?

Erm.. Bass driven ass shaking fist pumping here we fucking go? The next sub genre craze.

If people come to see you DJ, what sort of music should they expect to hear?
Erm, a good example I guess & one of my favourite tracks at the moment would be
Krafty Kuts - Sporty o lets ride (Ados wild style remix)
Or just check out my mix for an idea on what to expect

What was the first track that got you into electronic music?
Green Velvet - La la land. When I was young I used to sneak into my older brothers room when he was out to listen to his music and I found it, still a favourite of mine.

What is your Production Setup?
Two KRK Rockit 6 monitors & Sennheiser hd-25 mkII headphones, m-audio Oxygen 8 Midi keyboard, Flstudio 9, Reason & a wee bit of Ableton... oh yeah and a laptop!

What is your DJ setup?
Cdj 400's Numark 12'' mixer & again Two KRK Rockit 6 monitors & my Sennheisers.

What is the best night you’ve ever played and why?
So many to choose from but one of my favourite nights was the Culloden after party! Clubs and that are cool, but Decks, big ass soundsystem, some lights, an airhorn & about 400 bodys packed into a sweaty outdoor marquee?  You’re living the dream.

What are your views on the music scene in Inverness? (Specifically Electronic music)
Not very good the scene is there it’s just struggling to break through there's not many clubs in Inverness and what few clubs there are? There a bit pish. Cake & Ironworks are all Inverness have left off a true electronic music scene.

If you had the power to change one thing about Inverness nightlife what would it be?
Only one thing? It’s between shutting love 2 love down or Removing the curfew can't decide.

What do you plan on doing for the next year?
Working on some collabs as we speak more info will follow, going to really focus on getting my name out & just working hard in the studio maybe focus more on some remixing instead of my own productions except for that I have no idea what next year has in store... oh and possibly putting some big electronic music events on possibly throughout this summer or next.

What’s your favourite milkshake?
Butterscotch ... no wait strawberry! Shit I dunno!

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