Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Introducing] Interview with ''Count Clockwork'' + EP Preview

Last night was the Boomshake Festival themed party at the Bothy. Among the mist of upside down tents, glowsticks and freshly face painted drunks was the Producer/DJ duo ''Count Clockwork'' taking to the decks. A night which i have to assume from the pictures was a brilliant one! (I couldnt get in because the place had reached full capcity just before the curfew!) Coming across their soundcloud just a couple of weeks  back, I was surprised to think this was the first I was hearing of them. Desperate to find out more about them I challenged them to one of our interviews! 

Q: Where does the name Count Clockwork come from?
''General drunken banter, Louis came up with it for a laugh and it eventually stuck.''

Q: If you had to describe your sound without saying what it is what would you describe it as?

Q: If people come to see you guys DJ, what sort of music should they expect to hear?
''A mixture of everything really, gritty beats with savage drops''

Q: What was the first track that got you into electronic music?
''Da funk''

Q: What is the track that has the potential to put you off electronic music?
''Hearing “Dirty Bit – Black Eyed Peas” is cringe, not sure if it’s enough to put us off electronic music but it is definitely a hated tune.''

Q: What is your Production Setup?
''Only a computer with FL Studio 9 Producer Edition XXL for the moment, gradually buying more equipment.''

Q: What is your DJ setup?
''Laptop, with Traktor 2, hooked into a Numark Mixtrack Pro. Sometimes we’ll have a mixer with effects on it just so we can really go to town when we’re playing. Hoping to invest in something we can use to create our sounds live too.''

Q: What is the best night you’ve ever played and why?
''Probably the Millburn Academy afterparty in the Ironworks. Mainly because the sound system was brilliant and the place was packed with all of our friends from school, also because everyone enjoyed the night and the atmosphere was great!''

Q: What are your views on the music scene in Inverness? (Specifically Electronic music)
''The electronic music scene in Inverness is growing! Its standing pretty good at the moment with a few producers making names for themselves such as Polymath and The L.E.D who are both doing really well. Having “Rockness” so close by is good too as it gives local producers/DJ’s inspiration.''

Q: If you had the power to change one thing about Inverness nightlife what would it be?

Q: What do you both plan on doing for the next year?
 ''Well we hope to have a bigger name for ourselves, we’ll be based in Edinburgh and Glasgow by next year so hopefully that will give us more opportunities to get more popular. Also hoping to do more work with “CrackHouseRecords” in Paris as they have recently signed us so we’re both looking forward to that! But mainly just keep partying and enjoying life as it comes.''

Q: Anything we should be looking out for soon? (E.P, Album, Parties?)
''The new ” Whorehouse EP” is getting released through CHRecords very soon! Our first EP which we are excited about. A big summer fest party which we are in talks with right now, cannot reveal any more on that at this stage.'' 

Q: What’s your favourite milkshake?
 ''Kelis’s milkshake is the best. It always brings us to her yard..''

Keep your eyes peeled for the new EP 'Whorehouse'' from Count Clockwork and heres a wee preview courtesy of the guys to get you excited!

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