Monday, May 9, 2011

(New) Deadmau5 - Catbread + HR8938 Cephei

Whether you love him or hate him you have to admit Joel Zimmerman has been an inspiration for many producers and has been a superstar DJ now for many years, however from the majority of critics i hear talking about his last album 4x4=12 they seem to think he has lost his touch. I bought the album and although i wasn't too keen on the dubstep turn towards the end (progressive electro artists shouldn't make dubstep) I wasn't to fussed by it although it lacked what 'Random Album Title' and 'Lack Of Better Name'' had and that was songs which you could attach emotion to (gay i know). His new material (which im guessing is part of an upcoming album this year) has got that feeling back. Looks like hes not just showcasing his new sounds but actually writing music, something which is hard to find in electronic music nowadays.

Catbread is your average Deadmau5 Electro banger, not up with Ghosts N Stuff or Some Chords but its representing some pretty catchy rift throughout!

HR 8938 Cephei is the type of music people grew to love Deadmau5 for. He made this after finding out about the incredibly huge star named HR blah blah cant be bothered writing that shit again haha. Wasn't really catching on to this at first but iv come around to appreciate it now.

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