Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Event] Get With It .. Ado! ? (Wax:On, Ctrl Alt Defeat) @Cake

This one, I am looking very forward to. Ado to my understanding is from Dundee. His stuff has been in pretty much all my sets with his solid electro bangers and you'l find it hard to not come across any of remixes on the blogs. His label describes his new EP as being a ''Ketamine trip soaked in Red Bull'' .. thats got to be good. The support line up also looks very good including Producer/DJ Polymath who has been getting numerous plays on Kissys Radio 1 show recently. Bottom line.. if you like hard hitting electro and you live near Inverness, you will kick yourself in the face with your own fist if you don't go. Or i will punch you in the face with my foot.

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