Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ambiance @ Cake Tonight

Its Sunday, your probably suffering a major headache and smelling of self pity and regret while aimlessly watching Bargain Hunt. Maybe the last thing you want to do is go clubbing. However fear not! Your Sunday is has now been saved! Tonight is Ambiance night at Cake Nightclub presented by Alottarhythm and NorthSoundScape. What better way to spend your Sunday than get drunk and chill! Kicking off the night with Chill & Dub then progressively moving through to some house then Psy and Goa Trance its bound to be a good experience! Line up includes Pluto, Aurora, Alottarhythm, Mark Mackenzie (Myself) and Lithuanians Juste Stina & Eron Severrinov with a Psy Trance Special!

So heres some examples of what i'l be playing tonight

Doors open 7pm and close 3am

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