Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Exclusive] Interview with 'ADO' @ 'Get With It'

If there is anything I like doing more than being smashed out of my tits two step raving in Cake, its being smashed out of my tits two step raving in Cake to the blistering electro sound that is Ado. Inverness was turned up to eleven last night as the 'Get With It' night commenced with Scottish Producer/DJ Ado headlining. ADO (pronounced Ayy Dough) runs the massively popular 'Ctrl Alt Defeat' night in Dundee, his face melting electro style tracks and remixes have caught the attention of some of the worlds biggest DJ's including Fake Blood, Kissy Sell Out, Count & Sinden, and The Subs. So I managed to catch up with him after his set and fire a few of the standard questions at him.

So what did you think of tonight?
Ado: ''Good fun man, good fun, i was told earlier on that people up here in Inverness like their music harsh, so I got to play a lot of my own music you know because a lot of my own music is very tough. In some cities you'v got to watch what you play but when you come to some of the smaller cities you always seem to play harder like...
Polymath:  well when we were talking earlier on you were saying that when you play at home usually you got lay off a little..
Ado: Yeah, yeah thats right but it was good, i got to play a lot of new stuff and test some new stuff out.

Alright. So if you had to describe your sound with out saying what genre it is what would you call it?
Ado: ''ehh stupid! stupidly heavy electro! no, (laughs) thats calling it a genre.. i would say stupid.
(Polymath jokingly argues with Ado about the kicks in his music which somehow brings us on to Rockness)

So your set for Rockness, do you think you'l be playing a very similar set to what you've played tonight?
Ado: Nah, well I mean it depends. Because im playing the VIP tent so it depends on the venue im playing and the crowd that im playing to. If people are digging it il play more of house set or a groovier set you know rather than a full on... im surprised actually that I got to play the stuff I played tonight all the way through the set, people get up to dance not just to bang their head on the dance floor. But yeah I imagine it will be a more house, techno .. and groove based set.

Well done on the newest EP with Wax:On, is there anything you can tell us about stuff your doing now or in the near future?
Ado: Thanks (laughs) yeah theres a lot of stuff I can't say anything about yet but i'm doing loads of remixes just now and working on a lot of original stuff as well with a couple of awesome labels that i'm looking forward to working on but its not set in stone yet.

So for anyone reading this who is looking to get signed as a producer, have you got any advice for them?
Ado: emmm well I don't know I mean i'v only just been signed myself but if I had to say anything it would be just bust your arse in to gear you know. You've got to put the time and effort into it to get anything out of it.. i've been at this for some time now around 15 years and i'm only starting to get more offers now, so yeah just bust your arse seriously work hard put the time and effort in. And also love it, because if you enjoy it then thats half the battle.

And finally, whats your favorite milkshake?
Ado: awww man, vanilla! just plain Vanilla.

You can listen to Ado's latest work on his Soundcloud page and catch him playing at the Rockness festival this summer!

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