Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Tracks] Wednesday Whoppers

Whats happening you dirty dingbats!? Needing some free downloads up on here since yous all seem to be losing wood. Don't worry I have the cure, get yourself on these. Its alright, you can thank me later by liking my fan page Mackz Facebook

First up I got this cheeky number from Chemical Jump which seemed to be the only song on there worth mentioning this week. Its a remix from Moguai of that good old humdinger of a tune by the bulimic boy himself. Shake what your mama gave yaaaaa!!!

Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) Moguai Remix 

This I kind of stole from WheresMyElectro, so credit to them for finding this one. Although the mixing of the Bond vocals in this are pretty dodge the song itself is dyno! The finger plucking bass is sooo addictive and the drop is magma with the one shot trumpets! Yeah Buddddddy!

Whitenoise - Thunderball (Original Mix)

I saw this one on YouTube a few weeks ago thanks to my brother. Since then it has been ripped down, from what I've heard the backing track may have been stolen. Stolen or not I still think the vocals are perfect with the track and if I was the owner of the original I would still consider releasing it with them on it. If it is stolen I apologise for not crediting the name of the artist but its too good not to post. The girl Azealia Banks that raps on this bad boy must says the c**t word about a million times which for some weird reason gets me a little excited.. but it is a damn catchy tune when the lead hits!

Azealia Banks - 212

And saved the best for last, just found out I had a couple of this guys tunes on my hard drive that I hadn't looked twice at and so when I was shown his latest stuff today I kicked myself in the face. Had to flex a little first but I managed.

NEUS - Wasted (Original Mix) 

Stick around for some more music posts! And I'm back in Inverness for the week so if anyone has a gig that they would like us to have a snoop at would be good if you could hola by using my facebook or email address in the links section.

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