Monday, October 10, 2011

[Tour!] How the Tour went!

Well first a huge thank you to those who came to Mad Hatters in Inverness last Friday! Good to see a lot of familiar faces there! And a big thank you to Hootanny's for letting it happen!

I was lucky enough to take part on the Ignite Records tour that left from Glasgow, our first night was in Inverness, where we enjoyed the fine Taste of Black Isle Beer and Desperado's to the early morning with you guys and what a Gig it was with Stations , Sonny Marvello and Cities and Skylines all putting on stellar performances!

In the morning some us got up, I was not one of them... for the first night of our tour we went pretty hard with you Invernesian Folk! we did eventually get ourselves on the coach to Skye to play at Saucy Mary's where after a tactical power nap by most folk, we rocked it up on the high of 1 - 0 to Scotland and American college students, not kidding about the Americans either! Another sensational show where much dancing and drink was involved and the whims of all our problems disappeared into a fog of booze and sin for another night!

And in the morning we hopped onto that coach again to return to our day jobs and regular lives! It's easy to lose yourself into the good times and I think that this weekend holds as example of how music can be such the powerful medium it is, I for one would like to thank the Venues! Haggis Tours for their Bus and Alley our Driver! Ignite Records! (Fin (For organising the whole thing!) and Sam (for waking us up so we could be on time!) and the bands for their Tremendous efforts! and Finally the most important folk of all, yourselves! with so much of your support we packed out the venues as am sure you know and made some great times!

On behalf of the bands and Ignite records I'd just like to say, THANK YOU for your support and we'll be seeing you again soon!
All in all the weekend could be described as some bands put it.... NO BAD!

Pictures and Video's to come soon!

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