Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cake is Dead, Long Live Cake!

It was only a month ago that we posted a happy 1st birthday to Cake. Exactly one month on and the announcement has been made that come the end of October, it will shut down. I can't say how much I am devastated by this. But I won't say goodbye yet.

The decision was published on the Cake fan page this afternoon followed by hundreds of shocked DJ's and music fans all saying there farewells. Its no shock however that Cake have hinted it is not the end for the Quake sound system or the legacy of it name and people. While the electronic music scene grieves for its loss I will be saying goodbye Cake style. Make sure you do as well and get the most out of this month.

Off course I will be making a much longer post when the time comes.. maybe give it three days after the last night.

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