Saturday, October 1, 2011

[Review] The Side Fairwell Gig @ Ironworks

'Life is unfair' is a too familar phrase amongst musicians in this kneck of the woods although I've always believed if you work hard enough and believe in your music you'll get to where you want to go... until last night. The Side have been one of the most successful bands to come from the north, supporting Texas, Simple Minds and even Bon Jovi at the O2. There music has made its way across Europe and into the Mp3 players of many fans. Yet I can't help but feel that Inverness has let the side down. Now I'm not criticizing the local scene (Iv already been in trouble for that) but Im simply saying there seems to be some intentional/unintentional favoritism going on in certain places that if changed could lead to a lot more local musical growth. I'm not pointing fingers as Im just not that connected when it comes to bands in Inverness so I wouldn't know for sure but I get the feeling that certain acts seem to be getting a lot more push when others rely on there selfs and other cities for booking. I should point out at that I'm not talking on behalf of 'The Side' just generally commenting as a spectator. Im sure many of you will disagree and agree infact there is probably some fat sod spitting out his donut in disgust right now as his reads this (Don't take that as an insult on all you readers, im sure you live a very athletic lifestyle and your diet is as clean as jewish porn film). Be it or not, The Side are an amazing band! I even got myself a free DVD and Album on entry which regretfully I lent to a friendly friend of a friend to hold within his abnormally huge pockets who within ten minutes swigged 10 shots of Sambuca and was soon swigged from his feet as the bouncers dragged him and my free CD/DVDs out the back door. Still I was relieved to know my 'prentending to drink lots of shots while throwing it over my shoulder' technique was still intact.. the man standing behind me wasn't. When the performance started I could immediately tell this was a band that had put years into playing together  and as a result there sound was as tight as a ... yeah you know what, my mum reads this so I better lay of the similes. Last night I felt the emotion on there faces and unluckily the sweat of the Keyboard players chest as he ripped it from the stand and played a crowd leaning solo on his now adapted keytar. As this was the first and unfortunately the last Side gig I'l have ever gone to it was strange that I found myself singing the words to songs that I had heard maybe only once or twice (bare in mind I don't usually listen to this type of music). So I am genuinely sad to see them go.
However this is not where I stream tears of eye liner into my signed band merch and scream endlessly like a teenage girl at a Westlife renunion, no. Mainly because I don't have any signed merch, but seriously I can't see any of them giving up anytime soon, and why should they? Whatever any of them go on to do I would like to wish them the best of luck and lets hope the next successful band that comes along get the local support they deserve.

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