Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Gig Dates] KOBI Scottish Gig Dates

For all you music lovers in the South of Scotland suffering from the cold, heres something to warm you up. Couple of gig dates from the Alternative Indie-Rock 3 piece that is KOBI.

Edinburgh     ---      @ Sneaky Petes      ---      4th November

Glasgow       ---      @ Club 520            ---      5th November

''KOBI are an alternative indie-rock band based in the Highlands of Scotland; in hiatus since 2005, a newly energized KOBI re-emerged early this summer with a fresh set of material and a renewed vigor to perform together. Having spent the time in-between developing as musicians and songwriters, the KOBI of 2011 are an altogether bolder, more coherent prospect all round. ''

 ''Having impressed at a series of intimate dates and a selection of key Scottish festivals across the summer, the band are rapidly developing into a powerful proposition in the live environment, and quickly building a strong following throughout the country. ''

KOBI Facebook

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