Monday, July 4, 2011

[Exclusive Interview] Gary Beck @ Cake

Gary Beck from Soma, Bek Audio, Edit Select, Saved, Figure, Electric Duluxe
Well this weekend was something else! Cake was the venue of choice this weekend as roboTone and Audiolife presented underground techno maverick Gary Beck. I had the responsibility of you bringing you all an interview with the man even though I was out celebrating my birthday (So I was drunk as usual), I ended up DJ'ing for a bit in room 2 which was great fun, so I missed a small part of his set but for the majority of it I was there and so I can safely say it lived up to my expectations! For someone who had been supposedly hassled all night for interviews he was a good sport and gave us a few minutes of his time to do this small on the spot interview.

Q: What did you think of tonight then?
A: ''Tonight was good apart from a few problems at the beginning, needles jumping..emm half a bottle of Buckfast on my laptop which made it crash! *(laughs) but yeah it was good fun, the crowd were right up for it and so yeah i enjoyed it.''

Q: So a good first impression of Inverness?
A: Well I've played Rockness a couple of times before but yeah I guess you could say that.

Q: So is there anything coming out soon that we should know about?
A: E.P on Drumcode coming up in two weeks, also just making some releases on my own label, plus I got a single on Soma coming up which is like a big cheesy track *(laughs) so that's coming out on the 11th of January *(not too sure if the date is right, too much noise in the recording) 

Q: So do you mind if I ask, whats your production setup at the moment?
A: Yeah man, I love my microKorg at the moment, its such a basic thing to use but it really makes up with the basslines you know, really got it the way I want it. I've got a lot of hardware because I only use a very basic software program, I've got a Roland RS70 which really works well with tribal noises

Q: Nice, so whats your favourite equipment for DJ'ing live?
A: (about 30 seconds of laughs as some drunk guy gives us what is possibly the greatest display of someone falling over and over again!) haha eh yeah where were we.. yeah traktor scratch, laptop with vinyls and controller..
yeah, some controversy over laptop setups, heard a lot of good about Traktor though.
well i love vinyl, you know just the feel of it but Traktor is good because it doesn't jump

Q: Ok, if you could give advice to people who want to get where you are, what would you say?
A: Just produce, you'v got to produce nowadays. It seems that you won't get any big gigs now of you don't produce music. And just, even the most basic software can work you know, don't feel that you have to use your abletons and all that. Just remember that really but you have to produce.

Q: and finally.. Whats your favourite milkshake?
A: Awww chocolate! 

Thank You to Mr Beck, and you can check his latest releases and tour dates here on his myspace.

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