Saturday, July 9, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 4.0

Its not the start of the weekend for this post so I apologize for that but I do have some tasties here! Haven't been updating the page lately but I can promise you all its for good reasons, the new designs should be ready soon and I don't want to put too much up here before we get the site looking all shizz biz! I'l try and talk through as much of the tracks as possible.

First up I got some local tracks. Planisfear is a DJ/Producer originally from Inverness who I believe is currently studying in Perth. The first time i heard of him was when I picked up his 'The island' edit for a set of mine, since then he's improved lots and his remixes are gaining support radio 1's Kissy Sell Out, Rynecologist and Polymath. Although I still think he's still got a lot left in him for future originals.. he's still setting the bar for local producers. So here's a free remix from Planisfear and while you listen follow him on soundcloud!
  French Fries - Charlotte (Planisfear Remix) by Planisfear

Something I have to let you all know about is the release of Polymaths new E.P Curve. You can find out more about local DJ/Producer Polymath in our interview with him here but to put it short.. Its worth buying! I got to admit it took me a while to grow into this style Polymath has going on, but until you hear this stuff going off in a good sound system you can't judge. He's found his own unique sound at the moment and its working! If I could honestly be bothered writing out all the important names that have support for this I would but I don't have the time! So heres the preview for the E.P!

Before I start face fucking you with some japs eye splitting electro madness I want you to listen to these guys!  You may have heard of Rizzle Kicks already, they should be massive right now, but even I am confused as to how I only discovered through my brother last week! since then I haven't stopped playing their stuff. This is how I see it: I get sick of hearing 'grime' artists who rap about being brought up on the streets of London in a 'rap game', they rap about the same old shit whether they know it or not.. money, woman, cars and crime. And they make it all about how they had it hard..... and being from the Highlands where an old woman tripping over the first step in the Poundstore makes the front page of the news.. that can be hard to relate to! But Rizzle Kicks are your average guys from Brighton making witty songs that make you go ''yeah thats true!''. Catchy and likable makes every song of theirs a hit, and it won't be long before we see them topping the charts! Rizzle and Sylvester.. Thank you for bringing back UK rap as it is!

Anyway back to some electro!

I know I hate the original too. I heard a couple of remixes and I was willing to accept the fact that even the remixes were not worth listening to anymore then out of chance I accidentally downloaded the Porter Robinson remix off Chemical Jump and thought 'hell I like Porter Robinson I'l give it one more try'.. and Shiiiiiiit am I glad I did! This is the best remix of this track I've heard. It actually made me like those insanely annoying vocals and the bass, well take a listen! I will be playing this out.

Lady Gaga - Edge Of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix)

If you want to get Euan Coe the 'Coe' owner of this site excited (get it!) all you have to do is mention Alex Metric and so I thought I would post an fairly old song of his but still its a belter! This track is a great listening song and something I would be interested to see going down in a club. See for yourself.

Alex Metric - Gusto (Original Mix)

If you were into your electronic music last summer you'l know that the talk of the town was 'Coma Cat' a track that took everyone surprise.. I was not one of those people. I never got it and it annoyed me that everywhere I looked people were wearing it like a WeOwn t-shirt.. like they were they were the only people who had heard of it and understood it. Well now.. I get it. The little hook melody, its soooo catchy and just makes you want to adopt a panda and feed it your scrotum. It was the Will Bailey bootleg that reached out to me which you can download here free.. Who knows maybe I'l buy a WeOwn t-shirt this year!


A mix now! This is the latest mix Iv'e listened to. Royal K is a South African DJ/Producer who I can remember for his bootlegs back in the day. I was surprised to hear the professional qualities in his new tracks nowadays which you can hear here on his soundcloud. He's one of the kings of Fidget so please I hope you enjoy this mix of his!

Royal K - Turbo Disco Shit (Mix)

To round off the post im just going to leave a load of downloads. These should be to your satisfaction.. if not then come back when you'v popped your J.N.S cherry!

Lazrtag - Guess What (Aniki Remix)

Lazy Rich ft Karli - Feel That Beat

Avicci - Fade Into Darkness (Alex Prigenzi Edit)

Pretty Lights Vs Summertime

Rocca - Party Boppa (Mowgli Remix)

Justice - Stress (Liberty Redux)

Candi Station - You'v got The Love (Kelevra Remix)

Enjoy! and remember.. Justice Never Sleeps

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