Thursday, July 21, 2011

Justice All over your Face!

When it comes to electro music, they have SoundCloud which lets be honest.... is SHIT HOT!... with bands, we keep going to back that ole' nutshell..... Myspace, 3 Years ago they told us "Its going to be dead in 6 months", and guess what, still ain't dead. So I apologies in advance that the best I can give you are links to some awesome bands that I and hopefully you soon, can't live without!

Mutiny On the Bounty - this 4 piece hailing from Luxembourg are AWESOME! they describe themselves as "straight mathy, time-signature-laden indierock/post-hc combining organic angularity with a taste for captivating melodies" and they are just about start to recording their Second album, so its about time you check out their first album! with songs like "Call me Cheesus" and "1,2,3,4 I declare a thumb war" they've got awesome taste of titles!

Disco Ensemble - Another 4 piece form Finland make the shit craziest sounds with their Guitars, their songs ranging from Hardcore Rock to disco poppy choruses there's something there for everyone! They have one album out called "Magic Recoveries" and have announced some plans for a second but there's a ton of new songs and singles available right now! I reckon their on their way to becoming pritty big so don't forget, you heard it here first!

The Devil Sold His Soul - Feel like stamping on puppy's? or maybe or taking a baseball bat to your next-door neibours cat? Well I have just found you a Soundtrack! these are 6 angry men have made some powerful music! I can't get enough of it! From the South of England they have just released a Album and are touring extensively right now! Their sound is huge and epic!

This Town Needs Guns - A long time favourite of mine! Oxford based Quartet who I can happily say, Sound like nothing else I have ever heard! Nothing to angry hear it pretty laid back and chilled but I think the guitarist is possibly one of the most awesome musicians I have ever heard! and their album "Animals" has all if its tracks named after animals! Check out "Elk" you won't be disappointed!

There's four for you now! I'l get some more for you shortly! If you want your band on here, drop me a email!

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