Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Mix] Skrillex 'The Mothership' Mix & 'Live @ Rockness Mix'

Whats that? You like disgustingly filthy drops? Well then you have come to the right place! Although I may be getting sick of Skrillex I will never deny that he is one of the best producers at the moment, and as most of you know he puts on a sick show! So here I left you not one.. BUT TWO mixes!

The mothership mix is all the filthiest drops Skrillex could find put into a mix, some his own and some you'v probably heard before but you put this on at your nans next party and there will be more piss on the floor than in the mens urinals at the Portland.

The Mothership Mix by Skrillex

tracklist is after the jump!

I have also left here the mix he did live at Rockness. I wasn't there because of lack of funds (Im skint) but I saw a lot of people asking for it on Facebook recently so I thought I would leave it here

  Skrillex - Live at Rockness Festival (Scotland 06.10.2011) by JustDoHits

and you can also download it here

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