Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm not supposed to be writing about bands because thats Euans job on here but last night I went out to watch KOBI play the Summer Showcase at Ironworks and what followed was a night of amazing talented bands one after the other that really had me thinking.

So after a thrilling four hour train journey home from Glasgow yesterday I decided to take a walk into town to watch some music and first up was the Ironworks for the brilliant Summer Showcase. I have to give this a mention since we don't really cover these sort of gigs, the showcase has been running for a year or so now (as far as I know) and its done a brilliant job of highlighting some of the cities most talented musicians. I go along as much as I can when its on because it never fails to surprise me - there's usually around three or four bands on a week - its a great way of uncovering the scene with a couple of shows.

I did however take some time on my leisurely stroll into town which unfortunately meant I missed the first band on which was Naked Red, I'll catch them some other time! Setting up were the now resurrected KOBI with a new brass addition to the band that had originally come together for their Belladrum main stage performance. The sound of loud talk was hushed by a slow vibrato from lead guitar that marked the start of the performance and immediately heads turned to the stage. Finishing with their new single 'Fight' - a progressive instrumental that hits harder than a tyson left hook - you can sense theres a real energy behind the music. The addition of a trombone player really makes this song come out, lead singer Gary holds back from mic for this one that has you thinking there's more to come. They continued to fire through a perfect performance including their newest song 'Eye in the Sky' which for me was the best of the night. Not the first time I've seen them play but again they didn't fail to impress.

KOBI on Facebook - Soundcloud - Bandcamp - Twitter - Website

Next on was The Little Mill of Happiness. Knew nothing about them before they came on and after hearing them I can't believe that! A band that sounds and looks like a wall of guitars they certainly had me interested. There's a dark feeling that runs through the performance but that doesn't stop some people moving their feet to a couple songs. 'Article of Faith' shines out as their best song in my opinion, its a song that I could easily picture in some bad ass american movie where the actor wields an almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels and doesn't give a single fuck. Decide for yourself.

The Little Mill of Happiness on Facebook - Soundcloud

So with that the showcase came to a close for the night but my night was nowhere near finished. At Hoots it was only getting started. Meursault, a band from Edinburgh had been tipped to me as something special to listen to and they weren't wrong! With just over two thirds of the room filled you can't help but feel disappointed with that turn out because this band could be and have been selling out venues across the country. They won't be playing shows like this for long by the sounds of it but it was good to see a lot of the local music heads there to watch including Radio 1's BBC Introducing presenter Ally McCrea. Definitely recommend you give them a listen and if you get the chance to go to a live performance don't miss it!

Meursault on Facebook - Soundcloud - Website

The rest of my night became a blur. Went to the Market Bar, tried argueing Daft Punk and Deadmau5 have had more effect on modern music than The Beatles, much to the amusement of Netsounds Unsigned com-padres Jamie and Murray - not as funny as Murrays stand up routine though.

So there I have done a little write up on some bands, think I would do it more often but the Indie scene doesn't really let people like me in. I think there is some initiation process involving chinos and ironically cool knitted loose jumpers.





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