Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to save money as a Band/artist

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So I had a listen to a limited edition run of a album called “Medusa” by InMe today. It was limited edition because the band had recorded it entirely by themselves and it was mixed by them as well (Mainly Greg I heard somewhere). Although it wasn’t perfect it was still a mighty fine effort to make themselves and by doing that in their homes it probably cost them nothing! So this brings me to the point of the post. How can we reduce costs on the recording and production of a record? how hard can it be? Bob Dylan and Neil Young done it.

Well, I am about to go into my 3rd year of Sound Production and I can tell you, some of the best sounds I have recorded has been by me just fucking about with mics.

So here is a list of ways I think you can do it yourself!


Why not make it a Super awesome adventure of it and do it yourself? It took me about 6 faps of my pan handle to find this website and am sure you can find more if you try! Rental is cheap and will allow you to go nuts with no time constraints! I would advise you read some techniques first, you know can't hurt having a little bit of a idea before you go in ya know about recording? But this allows you to take equipment out and have a project with the band or yourself pushing your creative style and recording is always a fun way to spend the day!

Get some poor, dirty, lonely and desperate student to do it for you..

Well.... maybe just a student, It funny because I don't see enough people taking advantage of this but with most Sound Production or technology students there are most of them are dying to get experienced outside bands in for them to record in often professional and very expensive studio's using good equipment, I know I was last year and I was able to do that and the band benefited loads from it so you are both in a win-win situation!

Search for the engineer!

There are loads of folks out there who have their home studio's out there and are able to record bands in their homes! They often know what their doing and are willing to go to extreme lengths to soundproof rooms for their best sounds making studio quality records from the comfort of homes for a bit of silver crossing their palms! A band called Tubelord done this and got featured in Nuts magazine and are on to huge things from this cheaply done but well produced album! I for example do this (for details comment on the post) and I know loads of other folks who do it, now as a Musician looking for these people the best thing to do would be ask around and through a friend from a friend am sure you'll find someone, am not even kidding you will be amazed how cheap home audio gear is getting and why not do it yourself if your serious!   

A super quick post, I will probably follow this up with another post on more methods but am shocked by the amount of people who go straight to a studio to record so this was just a few idea's to think about! 

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