Sunday, August 5, 2012

Justice Never Sleeps @ Belladrum Tarten Heart Festival 2012

So this has been my first post in a while as you can tell, I know its not good but hopefully you guys as well as the other JNS team can forgive me for being a lazy fat ass and I reassure you am back on it providing you with something alternative every week.

Now if you readers haven't been aware, one of the best festivals Scotland has to offer has just been underway. The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival is done for another year and consistently gets better, The JNS team and DJ's were there this year in full force delivering beats so sick they had our body juices frothing! And as am sure you will hear about everyones views on this awesome weekend I'l let the DJ's who know electronic best cover that front, as for me I wanted do something a bit different and tell you who made my festival this year from just some of the amazing music I've heard this weekend from genres we don't usually feature, but things are about to change regarding that! So here is just a fraction of some of the bands I saw and although everyone delivered a huge show these guys are the ones who done it for me!


One of the first bands to play on the Friday at the Hothouse Stage but was a performance that stuck with me the whole weekend. Sincere lyrics and huge catchy choruses led to a performance that had me singing their songs for the rest of the weekend. This 3 Piece have been going from strength to strength in the Scottish music scene and its no wonder why, I knew they were going to be good but not that good!

I was unable to share their lovely tunes but just follow this link here to listen to some outstanding stuff!

Treacherous Orchestra 

Definitely Something you wouldn’t expect to find on the blog I know but fuck it..This 11-Piece instrumental folk band are impossible to pinpoint because they draw on so many influences ranging from funk, techno, rock and many others making their music an awesome experience. The atmosphere at their gig was one of the best experiences from the festival and I am delighted to have been part of it, a great slice of the diversity found in Scottish music.

Frightened Rabbit 

A 5-piece band that I know loads of us were looking forward to this weekend, the firmly rooted success they've had in the UK and the US is easy to understand with honest soulful lyrics teamed up with the harmonies and addictive hooks they make something quite special. Their performance was an outstanding measure how a good live gig will always be the best way to hear music.


A 6-piece balls to the walls Classic Rock band who are locals to the Highlands of Scotland, their powerhouse gig at the Seedling Stage that I honestly thought was too small for Roadway's live performance which could have easily rivalled that to any main stage act this weekend. Huge, Raw and Epic are the words that spring to mind describing these guys, and their dedication to music and fans is something that is amongst some of the highest I've seen making very powerful and personal gigs to anyone lucky enough to see this cats live!

Stanley Odd 

 A 6 piece Hip Hop act hailing from all parts of Scotland, I have been following them for a while now but by some cruel twist of fate, any local gigs played has collided with something meaning that this Tartan Heart was the first time I have seen them live, and I am disgusted I haven't seen them sooner. Having only caught 5 hours sleep over the past 2 nights and trying to nurse a hangover with more alcohol the last thing I thought I would be doing would be bouncing through the entire set and generally krunking my shuffle from left to right but thats exactly what happened and I wasn’t the only one either. A blend of harmonic female vocals and truthful raps featuring heavily on modern day culture teamed up with huge beats made a bouncing atmosphere, it is often the small tents and performances that make such a genuine connection between act and crowd which is what makes those special moments at a live gig and this was one of them!

Hopefully guys you liked this bit of alternative posting, and I promise you my next post isn't going to take so long! Peace.  

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