Monday, August 20, 2012

JNS's Top 5 Female DJ's

First of all it isn't sexist to admire and praise a female DJ on looks and personality if they have the talent to boot..y (cheeky!). Even as a male DJ I know that these attributes will always help make your name in the industry (I'll have to find some way of covering my ugly ass face I if I make I ever made it front page) but you can't have true success from that alone. One thing that I know for certain is a 5 can easily become a 9 behind a pair of CDJ's, that doesn't mean I'd love to have a DJ as a girlfriend, my girlfriend is a make up artist and I think I would rather it stayed that way - If she started telling me what songs to play other than 'one direction' I might start losing my edge.

Talking of make up artistry, its a mainly female dominated area although there is still a handful of men known to carry a few shades of foundation around - this is because traditional make up (excluding fashion) is aimed at woman and so they tend to pick up the interest. So why is it that in an industry like DJing that rely's on female inclusion on the dance floor, we don't have more ladies in the booth? I mean dance music isn't just aimed at men is it? Its live existence is for the most part down to the fact that many of us want to bump ugly's with the opposite sex and the only way to get that started is to attract them with some sort of sun dance routine. In other words we need girls to dance otherwise this sausage fest of a dance scene would become so intolerable that even Louie Spence would say there's too much cock to move.

Anyway, the following list is somewhat a tie up between the most talented and best looking DJ's I could think of. The woman in this list are great examples of how many female DJ's are at the top of electronic music scene. I honestly would have involved any female DJ with talent whether they were good looking or hideous but I all I've managed to find are beautiful woman. Sadly I think this shows up whats wrong with the industry.

So before I get into a rant about sexism and dance music let us continue to dribble and drool over the goddess's of the decks.


Well I couldn't of started with a more controversial option! As a Playboy model it was never going to be easy to argue her case as to why she should be in this list. Tits out or not the girl can mix, been listening to a few of her mixes today all of which had some tasty tracklists. She's DJ'd at some of the biggest fashion events on the world including Mac Cosmetics Fashion Week party in New York and even Donald Trumps birthday bash! Even a cheeky TV appearance in the US on reality show 'The Girls Next Door'.


Gina Turner

Not a lot of info kicking around on Gina Turner but from what I've listened to I think she really should be up there with the likes of Annie Mac. She's worked with some huge names, credibly Laidback Luke and Style Of Eye. Take a listen to her stuff here, also recommend a read of her interview with Chemical Jump.


Nina Kraviz

Used study dentistry in Moscow, now she tours the world over playing music she loves. Nina is a fine example of how persistence and passion can sometimes pay off. Her Deep House productions are flawless and her DJ sets have people booking her left right and center. I got to say 'Ghetto Kraviz' is one of my favourite tunes of the moment, the hypnotizing vocal is just brilliant. Not to mention her looks.


Annie Mac

Yeah, you can't do a list on female DJ's without including the Mac! Annie Mac is known around the world for her show on Radio 1 and her DJ appearances from headlining festivals to presenting some of the best club nights in country. I actually had the pleasure to warm up for her in Inverness, joined by an entourage of friends she was incredibly down to earth and fun (She even gave us her Champagne!). Some achievements of hers include the success of her 'Annie Mac Presents..' releases, Mixmag cover CD, TV appearances including presenting on 'The Culture Show', 'Top Of The Pops' and appearing as a guest on 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'.


Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles has not only prevailed as a successful DJ but her productions are top notch, something which for me pips her over Annie Mac for the top spot. The London born producer heads two other projects with reasonable success, those being 'She Is Danger' with Lena Cullen and her dubstep alias 'Nocturnal Sunshine'. She's recently made the cover of Mixmag in a female DJ special and was asked by Radio 1 to make the famous 'essential mix' which later was voted the best essential mix of 2011. Under 'She Is Danger' she's remixed Massive Attack and Gorillaz to name some and won pretty much all the awards you can ask for as a DJ including - DJ Mags producer of the year 2011 and Mixmags Best Breakthrough DJ Award 2011. This year will no doubt see her impress and rise to the top!

Well that covers it for now, I know there are tonnes of female DJ's I am yet to discover so if you feel I've missed out someone then let us know!





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