Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Tracks] Wet Wednesdays

The wettest day of the year and its the one day I'm stuck with a pair of base Chino's. Just so I make this clear, I'm not your stereotypical chino wearing, blog writing, music snobbing wanker. Im worse than that.
Anywhore, heres some music to make us all feel better, I've got a random selection of genres so hopefully its fun for all the family. After all it is Wednesday so the weekend is like another 8 days away. 

You know when you hear a song and it makes you want to go out and get paaaashed out of your tits. Modek you sexy bastard!

Polymorphic - Opposition (Modek Remix)

Another Modek remix that should get you moving.

Blatta, Inesha - My Lady Don't Mind (Modek Remix)

Production beauty! This is some original style, if its down your street then its in your house up the stairs and making sweet love to your sock drawer like the filthy beast it is. Make sure you check out KOAN and purchase some tracks. 

Koan Sound - Funk Blaster (Original Mix)

Catchiest vocal hooks I've heard in a good while. Reminds me of the two bears a little.

Nelski - Dancing (Original Mix)

I'm loving this more and more each day. At first the bassline just seemed a little cheap for me but now the vocal cuts and melody have just got me. It helps that I'm a little smitten at the moment but see for yourself!

Overwerk - Buzzin (Original Mix)

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