Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Metalstep] Disposable War Pigs (Celldweller Mash Up)

'Death to all puppies!' 'I'l break your face!' 'RAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!'.... just some of things you'd probably hear having a conversation with man. No, Im only jay k'ing with you, but in all serious this track is insanely good. Can't say I've heard of Celldweller before but im guessing he's as dark as a Joseph Fritzel bedtime story with mash ups like these. Even typing his name into google images made me wee a little. So I have to say the last while has seen me shine more to heavier material, I mean Iv'e always liked a bit of metal because of influence from my baggy jean years but shit do I like to rock out with blackberry out nowadays!
So take Metallica and Black Sabbath and mix in a little gorestep and you end up with this. (Insert insanely unpopular rock on gesture here)

P.S. Its a free download so maybe he isn't that nasty after all.

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