Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 8.0

Been told I need to have pics of barely clothed woman to get you guys (and girls) on here. 

Hello stranger! Its been a while hasn't it? I feel bad about the lack of posts lately and if theres one thing JNS don't like, its letting you viewers down.. cigarette?.. So to make up for it I've fought through this sever case of man flu I have to bring you some of the dirtiest illnesses of the other sort, that meaning 'ill'/'filthy' songs for those who do not understand my poor descriptive writing skills. But first something to mention:
We didn't do a post last week on the closure of Cake. Not intentionally, to be honest we were all very hammered and I still haven't recovered from it. Free drinks have a lot to blame for that, also starting your pre drinks on Absinthe never helps. However there is no need for me to do a huge write up on this, last week was as good a send off as possible and if you were there you'l know.

Anywhore, here is some wank material for you all. (P.S Please ignore my random selection of players, its a new thing I'm trying out!)


I started losing faith in Crookers. This restored it!

Download Major Lazer Original Don (Crookers Remix)

Been a fan of Nirvana since my I started wearing pajamas! Got my oldest brother to thank for that, but somehow I never caught onto All Apologies, this remix just brings it to life for me.

Download Sound Remedy Nirvana - All Apologies (Sound Remedy Remix)

Classic, made even more intense! Fuck the Cadburys advert though, that shit is not smart. (Should point out WheresMyElectro found this one!)

Download Europe The Final Countdown (Andy's iLL Dubfix)

MJ showed me this banger, I don't usually post dubstep but this deserves a push. The verses are sick and you can't get tired of that classic Joker sound. Dubstep production at its best!

Joker - Back In The Days ft Buggsy, Shadz, Scarz

And a little extra, this is one of those tunes you know you could drop in any set easily. Its dee lish.. ish. Yeah I just said that. Mind. Is. Blown!

Will Bailey - Warhead (Eigo Remix)



With one half coming from Scotland and the other from Sweden I wouldn't put this under Local, but with there current world wide appeal why would you! Kevin Holmes and Robin Lindberg make up the the complextro Electro duo that is '2Complex'. The last month has seen them remix P Diddy and Keri Hilson to name some but there success is not based on this, there sound is at a all time popular high right now so catch them while there still growing. Here is there latest upcoming release, should say Kevin has let me know that the details of the original artist can not be named until sometime next month but we do know that the release is expected in January. Worth the wait if you ask me!

TBA - What Love Can Do (2Complex Remix) || Details coming soon!! by 2Complex


If you know your blogs, you'll know that Chemical Jump have just started a Mini Mix competition. Friend of JNS Alan Grant has just submitted his 5 minute long mini mix, would be awesome if you all checked it out and left him a comment and shared! Alan has always been good at his mash ups and this just proves that even further, its a good listen to say the least!

AlanGrant - Chemical Jump MiniMix by AlanGrant

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