Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 5.0

Finally, a tracks post! And fuck me sideways have I got some tunes for you! First I would like to announce some good news. Next month we are hosting our first club night at Cake with a selection of local DJ's that are renowned for their justice skills... yeah, save your pennies up boys and girls because its going to be LEGEN... wait for it... DARY! LEGENDARY! Its just a start for what is hopefully going to become a lot more parties and since we are looking to book some big artists for the next one, would really like everyone's suggestions for acts i.e someone affordable! not Deadmau5 or Skrillex you nutjob.
Anyslut, here are your must have bangers for this post!

Coming in at number.. no I won't do that. These guys have making some of the sickest tracks lately and to be honest I like to stay away from there moombahton or dubstep ones but when they make electro it makes me want to stop eating anything but raw meat. We can all relate to this track, I mean everyone has a stalker bitch they blocked on facebook and now she's hunting you down like a wild banshee. Turn up your speakers, grab a knife and start dancing because this shit is off the hook insane!

Continuing the theme here I've found this raw bastard. I can't wait until the next time I play a messy gig to put this on. Thrash electro at its best. 

This one I found courtesy of our friends on the other side of the water, Where'sMyElectro. Whether your a DJ or just got an awesome taste in music, play this far too loud! Just make sure you don't far-t too loud when you shit yourself to this one. Chuckle Chuckle!

Calming things down slighlty, I bring you Amtrac's 'Where You Go'. Starts fairly pleasant then slowly brings in some nice smooth wobbles. About half way through it kicks off though stepping up the bass a little. Its like spooning with electros beautiful sister then finding shes managed to tie you up in your sleep. I won't go into further detail but you can make the rest up when you listen to it.

Going even deeper into the chill this track has been by far my favorite all week. I have to say first time I listened to it, I wasn't feeling it that much but after a couple of good listens I'm really liking it. Iv'e always known Louis La Roche has been a favorite amongst many people for a while for some great productions but this puts his name back on my list of acts to keep an eye on.

Now i'm going to do that annoying thing which is putting my own track in my post. Sorry but I'm needing some listens before I release my first E.P and I genuinely think this remix isn't that bad otherwise I wouldn't be shoving it in your face like some obsessed Skrillex fan... yeah thats a dig at Skrillex listeners.. big woop wanna fight about it?! Anybitch heres my remix of Mord Fustangs 'Magic Trooper'. P.S if you have a soundcloud account please leave a comment letting me know what you think because I seem to have a lot of people downloading and just pissing off, it really helps to get feedback on these things!

Also just finished this remix of the track Knife Party made posted above, its also free to Download

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