Monday, August 1, 2011

[Exclusive Interview] Debukas @ Cake

This Saturday was a great impression of the people involved in the scene up here. After being informed of a little musical heads get together hours before kick off at Cake, me and Euan both got our asses in gear and brought along our cameras in order to make the best of a rare situation. Although some of the local DJ's seemed to be absent due to over seshing or because other reasonable excuses, there was still a great amount of familiar faces as well as some that myself and Euan had never met. Among these was a friendly man by the name John a.k.a Debukas (pronounced De-boo-kas). Hours before having seen his name on the poster supporting ex Altern 8 star Mark II for the night, I had ventured into the web to listen to some of his music and I'm very glad I did. Debukas is one of the very few 'Live' club artists available and after listening to his very finely produced work it was hard to believe he could play it back live. As if it stopped there, I also went on to find out that the smooth vocals over his tracks were also done by him. This all makes for a solid sound that Debukas greatly put as 'a soup'. You can see him making this soup here.

So we sat down for a beer and a chat and interrogated him J.N.S style. Here is what he had to say.

So for tonight's set we should we expect from you?

Well, its only my second live set so I'm still trying to sculpt it in to (laughs) usually when I make something I would be like all over the shop. It will mainly be a representation of my recording material... So whats basically happening is I'l be using Ableton to kick up some drums, basslines and stuff like that and I've got the Moog synth and a mic, so a combination of those elements. Its a sort of half jam half moving tune that I've made, I don't want to be just like playing all my tunes.

So do you plan most of your set?

Well, aye kind of. I don't really have too much time to do that, 'just sort of go with the impulse of the crowd?'... yeah I like to do that.

If you could describe your sound without calling it a genre, what would you describe it as?

Eh.. I'd say... its sort of like a.....if it was a soup, (laughs*) then it would be like a Detroit-y kind of Chicago-y eh base. Not too heavy, like you can still move after it, it doesn't weigh a lot because its got air inside it. No heavy lentils or anything. (best answer to this question ever!)

So have you got anything coming out soon that we should know about?

Yeah, iv'e just had my first EP come out on 2020Vision, so we'r looking at a second release which is going to be .. well we'r sort of deciding over how many tracks at the moment so you know, working on an album basically which would come out around the start of next year. Ehm another single coming out in September or somewhere around that. And whereas the first EP was four original tracks this one is going to be one track and a remix, because I havn't really done the remix thing yet, so I've got a few people in mind you know.. its jus picking the right track its a nightmare. Because all my stuff is quite different so whats the track for the moment you know.

Ok, so the most difficult question of the night... whats your favourite milkshake?

... Im going to be controversial and say Banana.

Debukas left  and me looking like a twat right

So there you go, a man of few words yet so powerful. So you can listen to Debukas on his Soundcloud or his Facebook Band Page. I really do recommend listening to his stuff and if you get the chance to go see him live then go. His set the other night went brilliantly and it really adds to the show when you can watch him producing the music right in front of you. You can also check out his website which gives you all of the latest from new songs to videos of him jamming. Another thing, John is also a member of the band the Amphetameanies who are playing Belladrum this week, had a listen to their music on their Myspace and its definitely worth a listen!

You can download 'I am Machinery' here for free

  I Am Machinery by Debukas

And Iv'e been told that his podcast is also a great listen

  Debukas 2020Vision Podcast by Debukas

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