Monday, August 29, 2011

[News] Things Have Changed

As you can probably tell by the title of this post... things have changed. Don't worry though, its not like they raised the drinking age, or did they? Frankly I've been too busy to notice! Anywhore ''JNS headquarters'' as we like to call it has moved to Glasgow now, yeah moving up in the world. Nah, basically myself and Euan have now moved to Glasgow to study HND Sound Production becuase the North apparently hasn't developed an eductional purpose past farming and plumbing yet. So this will change how much we can report and film in Inverness, which I honestly am gutted by because I love going out in Inverness and everyone at the likes of Cake and Ironworks have been great in giving us access to artists and just generally appreciating what we do. On the other hand we are now in the place where big names play every week. Its going to take us a while to get some good material down here though, not only do I have to start all over again and look for DJ and production work down here but on top of living on my own and studying (also talks of a PT Job are circleing) theres just not enough time anymore to update this site as much as I would want to. So I would like to make an informal search for new writers for the blog, especially those in Inverness as a massive part of our intention is to help the scene up north whether thats booking acts or reporting on them.
So if your a massive local music enthusiast and you think you can write up posts at least once or twice a week then let us know! (You can find my email or facebook link on the link page)

In other news, we can finally confirm our first very own club night! Its in two weeks!!! (10th September) And where else but Cake. This is where it begins so make sure you don't miss it. You can find all the details about it here, and when it comes closer I will do a write up here just to make sure you don't miss it.

Oh and before I forget, there is loads of new stuff in the pipeline including a new website. This new one is a Flash website so it moves and shit! It is taking me ages to get it up and working because of the amount of work involved and time I have plus we won't launch it until we feel its the right time i.e when we have a larger team. Other thing is we are currently looking into T-shirts, the only thing holding us back is that we have a lack of good designers and me and Euans taste in fashion differs by a long shot so agreeing on a design has been hell, but when there ready we will be looking for casual models and DJs to wear them!

Also I would like to thank everyone who has shared this website, read it, complimented it, understood it and supported it for the last 6 months. Views have shot up since we started and I think it shows the area has been desperately needing a local blog mainly focusing on dance music. Seriously, you make us a shit load happier when yous do the simple thing of liking a post or sharing the word, so don't stop and hopefully on our first birthday in another 6 months we can afford a cheap bottle of bubbly and party like its 1974.

Thank You!
Mark Mackenzie

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