Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Event] Ness Fest & We Love Bass

This weekend is going to be a busy one. One of the most unlikely dance venues will be hosting the most part of a widely anticipated Ness Fest. This is a event setup in aid of the Archies Appeal with some of Inverness's most popular groups including Audiolife, Filth DJ's, Safehouse, Bounce and Get with It. Not only do you get to hear some beasting tunage from 12pm - 10pm but you can also chow down some BBQ while your at it! And if 10pm is a little too early for you then you'l be glad to know the party doesn't stop there, instead it carries on at Cake. Im going to be honest here and say I don't know whats on main room, frankly I've been too busy with the stresses of being awesome this week to bother my ass to look it up... anywhore! If you head to room 2 by 10pm you can catch myself playing as part of the We Love Bass night from Soundclash, including JNS friends the Boomshake DJ's and residents Kaos Theory and Teknique. Bring some wipes, because it is going to get filthy!

As an apology for not posting enough music lately I will leave you with some mixes from the before mentioned. And at some point I will be sharing some nasty ass music with you all, because after all, we'r buddies... right?

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