Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Tracks] F**k Rockness! I'v found some Pop Tarts!

So you've not gone to Rockness.. your bank account has run dry and your sitting aimlessly staring at the Facebook home page while your asshole friends post status's about their one off music experience which they seem to think makes them experts on who is 'good live'. However think about it, do you really want to wake up to the smell of stale urine, would you rather be charged £6 a filth infested burger and in return have to walk a mile to take a shit to then sit in someones excrement and find out everyone has stolen the toilet paper. At least when you make your way back from the shops today you won't trip over some guy ropes and impale yourself on someones camping chair which broke the minute they sat in it. At least thats the way i'm starting to see it! Oh yeah and to to top it off I found some Pop Tarts in amongst my college bag today.. Result! So look on the bright side people, your better off here where you can help yourself to these tasty numbers and sit back in the comfort of your own home. And when Belladrum comes around, maybe it will be your chance to live like a homeless refugee. Enjoy!

*(To download  press the arrow on the top of the player or follow the external link below it if there)

Some Moombah in this one, Im not usually a fan of Moombahton stuff but this is bouncing!

  Aylen - Drop The Bass (Original Mix) by Aylen

Local Producer/DJ's the L.E.D done an awesome job on this one! Really hoping they keep up this sound.

  AWOLNATION - Sail (LED Remix) by TheLED

Thortron keeps the cap locks on and fucks shit up with this, shit to sniff glue to! Although don't, you know maybe just have a few shots of vodka or something.


This is a new one of mine. Really just a bootleg to give out free so don't expect much!

  Lucky Date - I love The Way You Move (Mark Mackenzie Bootleg) by Mark Mackenzie

Our friends Count Clockwork sent me this remix the other day, nice cut ups and distorted bass going in it. Take advantage of the free download!

  Missy Elliot - Get your freak on (Count Clockwork remix) by Count Clockwork

Solid electro, so solid it makes stones look like candy floss. Yeah thats right I used a metaphor, wanna fight about it?

  Tecktologic - We Can Dance Tecktonik (Funkk Frikz Remix) by FunkkFrikz
Downloads exceeded - So download here

Best tune for last. I've always been a fan of the original of this track, but this just blows it out of the water. Real bouncy electro with that choppy fidget feel. Definitely has a place in my next set.

  The Squatters - Superfly (Aniki Remix) by aniki
Download link exceeded - So download here

Also I would like to say good luck to the Filth DJ's Ross and Andrew, The L.E.D, Polymath, Abraham Thunderwolf, Soundclash DJ's and Audiolife for their Rockness sets. Its good to see local talent finally making an appearance at the festival.

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