Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Tracks] Serving Up Some Justice 3.0

I haven't been updating the blog in the last while as much as I should of to be honest but we'r at that stage of deciding what we are actually doing with it and where we'r going at the moment. There is hopefully a lot of stuff happening soon i.e new artwork for the header, t-shirts etc. I'l be looking at getting some more interviews soon with local Producers and DJ's so if any of you would like to know more about a certain artist or would like to recommend someone to me for a 'introducing' interview then I would be happy to follow that up. Anyway back to the music! I've got a banging selection of tunes for you all this time and I recommend listening to them straight away because the last 'tracks' post I put up got taken down for some reason.

Starting off I'd like to take the opportunity to present local lads the L.E.D's remix of Dada Lifes 'Fight Club Is Closed' as well as my own. In this remix they've carried on their new dubstep sound from the last 'Sail' remix we posted of them.
  Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (LED Remix) by TheLED

Also you can download my remix here free.
  Dada Life - Fight Club Is Closed (Mark Mackenzie Remix) by Mark Mackenzie

Only discovered yesterday that Valerna is actually two people.. anyone that knows me will know I'm usually the first to correct someone if they say something like ''Oh Boys Noize.. they're awesome!''. Anywhooos! This track is tidy. Unfortunately no free download as of yet.. well none I can legally share with you. 
  Heavygrinder & Valerna - "HellHammer" by Valerna

Heres a remix of Underworlds 'Bird 1' from Scottish pair Clouds (Check out my interview with them here). If you heard this coming out of a good sound system you would freak... like rip the t-shirt of the person next to you. Or if your not like that then you would probably just be like 'I like this tune' and start dancing like most sane people.

Bird 1 (Clouds Remix) 320kbps

BOTNEK are some artists that I have now started taking seriously, the name definitely rings a bell and so I think I've probably heard a lot from these guys but i'm only just getting to get into that sound these days. If your into your thrash electro sound, then I don't recommend it, however if your a DJ or someone that appreciates good house music then take a listen. I don't know that much about them except they are from Canada... and like most house artists from Canada.. they're shit hot!

Another brute from Feed Me, this one 'Pink Lady' has got the 'Jodie' style intro with a massive bass drop that I love. His debut album 'Feed Me's Big Adventure' was signed by the Mau5trap label, and his newest E.P 'To The Stars' looks to be doing just as good.

Would also like to say if you have any of your own productions you would like me to post up on here then PLEASE let me know, I try to feature as much upcoming and local talent on here as possible but its hard to spend all my time looking for it. 

You can do that by dropping me your tune on soundcloud below
Send me your sounds

Or you can email me markmackenz at 
I have so many more songs I would like to share with everyone but its a pain in the hoop to get it all on here, so stay close for the next couple of posts! 

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