Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Dollar Dave - Forget The Now [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I wanted to play this one out on the Justice Never Show last friday on Sonar FM, just couldn't fit it into my shambles of a mix. One Dollar Dave a.k.a Dave Loyd from Edinburgh has been putting out some amazing tunes of late and has more than generous with the free downloads. Got to add I was mega surprised at Rockness when I had eagerly waited a long half hour while in one of the most ill forms I have ever been in to see Porter Robinson only to find his band Discopolis step out and play some tunes on the main stage. Luckily their a good band and so I wasn't as mad as I could have been but I still think there's a suspicious murder case in there somewhere, I mean has anyone checked up on Porter since? Anywhore this song reminds me of a bit of a Balearic house mix I heard a while back, its a beautiful summer relaxer and its free! Massive support for this track and really looking forward to what he has in store for the future.

You can also download One Dollar Daves remix of 'The Turning' for free

One Dollar Dave on Soundcloud and on Facebook

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