Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[goNorth] Them & Us ft Emma Hay @ Ironworks

Tonight and tomorrow see's the Inverness city centre riddled with upcoming acts as part of the highly respected goNorth music festival. As a local electronic music blog we would have liked to have bring you more on this but as we tend to know a lot more about things that go blippy bloop bop and not very much on those things that have strings with the big hole in the middle we thought we'd shine a little light on one of the only electronic acts playing the festival... and what do you know I happen to be part of this act.

Now I'm the first to moan about self promotion, seriously I would have been more than happy to find some time in what has been one of the busiest months of my life to write about other DJ's and producers but looking through the list of performers I was shocked to discover we are apparently the only act that will be showcasing our productions on the wheels of highly expensive plastic. So to make sure we didn't piss off the 'their just pressing play' types any further we finally did something we've been looking to do for a long while, we brought in a singer! Not just any singer but Aberdeens Emma Hay, a female songwriter who has been writing and performing her songs under the radar for the last couple of years. She's no stranger to our productions, she's actually worked with myself in the studio before and its not long before we release the new material we have been working on with her. That new material includes 'Diamonds' the new single from Them & Us yet to make its debut tonight at the Ironworks.

If you sitting there thinking 'Them and who?!' then here's a quick bio about us here including a pretty damn accurate quote from myself:

Them & Us are teenagers Mark Mackenzie and Liam Macleod a producer duo who since the end of 2011 have supported the likes Annie Mac, Simian Mobile Disco, released their debut digital single, The Bomb and recently uploaded a remix of a Rachel Sermanni track that received praise from the Highland singer/songwriter and proved to be extremely popular with online listeners.

For the first time their electro fuelled set will include guest vocalists, the idea to augment their live set with vocalists has been something that the duo has been considering for some time.  “We have been working with a pool of singers on our new material to bring another dimension to what we are doing.  It makes sense for us to try and replicate the energy live” said Mark.

Mark and Liam are set to follow up their debut single release with “Life’s Too Short” which is set to drop this summer on Dave Spoon’s highly respected Televizion label associated with releases and remixes from Pete Tong, Japanese Popstars and DJ Zinc. 

Them & Us have also been selected to appear at Bfest in Wick in August as part of the goNORTH Festival Tour, a full schedule of tour dates will be announced to tie in with the release of “Life’s Too Short”.

So if your in Inverness tonight, make your way along to the Ironworks for a 10pm start to our set. Its free entry and over 14s!

And if you come up and say hey I might even purchase you a cold pint or a fruit shoot depending on your age off course!
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