Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[NEW] T.E.E.D - Closer

What else do you expect from the strange one man genius that is Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Another brilliant track!

 I'm not trying to prove a hipster point here but I can remember finding this guy on the back of a Mixmag CD (specifically Rob Da Banks Bestival 09 mix that featured TEEDs 'Bournemouth' track) and trying to find more on him through Youtube (I was still learning). The result was a couple of weird home made videos and one badly shot music video. Now you type his name into YouTube and straight away your flooded with music videos hitting the millions. He's definitely an artist who has stuck to his guns and made himself successful solely by making some good music and an interesting live show. I recommend watching his mini documentary on channel 4's 4Play (embedded below), watched late one night and was surprised at laid back and normal this guy was. He's a pleasant chap as some might say!

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