Thursday, April 19, 2012

[Pictures] Justice Never Sleeps @Nova

TECHNO FOR DINNER, OM NOM NOM!!! Mackz snacking on a tasty beat.
Well what a splendid evening that was, and an incredible start to our brand new night at Nova, Inverness!

Massive thanks to everyone who came along, drank the bar dry and grinded out sexy dances with our inflatable animals. Special thanks to Justa Pliuškevičiūtė for being our photographer on the night and to the awesome Polymath, our guest dj.

We will be back soon with another night soon which will be even brilliant-er, so stay tuned for dates!

Our special guest Polymath
Boomshank Redemption, crocodile biting his ankles

blurry memories
Mackz, with a transparent arm. Not many fucks were given on this night!
Polymath emitting high spectrum super sonic bass waves. 12 people got face cancer after the gig.
Boomshank Redemption and his lucky sex sheep
You got any Madonna mate?
yes, yes I do.
Polymath and Mackz
Sexy sax man
Drink needs topped up!
Retrend and his dirty chat up lines, such a sleeze ball
see y'all soon folkers

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  1. Shame Justa never managed to get a pic of Roma slapping me afterwards...